Pendragon Audio Pronunciation Guide

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126 Comments on “Pendragon Audio Pronunciation Guide”

  1. Lead Traveler says:

    hey dont feel bad. i pronounced almost everything wrong. actually everything wrong except bobby pendragon, mark diamond, and courtney. so five words out of a lot more.

  2. Quinn Hanley says:

    What teritory is Saint Dane from?

  3. pooploop says:

    these books are very confusing but they are very injoyable

  4. aja says:

    i am not inlove with bobby!!!!

  5. fiona says:

    i am a huge fan of bobby pendragon plz keep them
    coming!! what territory is sait dame from?
    who is his acloypus thing who reads his journals? i need to know! i will be watching your vidos!

  6. fiona says:

    pooploop has not read these books i no i live with him

  7. Challenger Orange says:

    wow i got so many wrong especially acolyte that one i was way off, Just finished book nine can’t wait to read ten!!!

  8. Sierra says:

    I only messed up Quillan. I pronounced it Kill-on. lol and Saangi, I said Sayn-gi. Wait Aja I said Ah-Jah. the girl who gave me the books told me Faar was Fay-are. I KNEW it was just FAR!

  9. IchiruFanGurrl says:

    I only got Bobby Pendragon, Courtney, Mark Diamond, Press Tilton, Saint Dane, Elli and Nevva Winter and Jen plus Remudi right the rest I got wrong :/ But I got Telleo, Vo Spader and Loor right too 🙂

    I always pronounce Siry’s name Sir-ee and Lorque as Lor-quee
    And I always thought Ibara was I-bar-aa (long a)
    and I always pronounce Courtney’s last name as Chet-wyndee (a long E at the end of Wynde)

    Quillan was Quil-an (a short i instead of a long i)

    And Alder to me was Alder with long A like aa-lder)

    Denduron to me was Den-dur-on

  10. Kasha Dimond says:

    I got almost everything in the 7th, 8th, & 1st wrong. Everything else, im clear on.

  11. Emeline says:

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  12. GOCLORAL says:

    Wow, no one has posted here in a long time.

  13. Me says:

    I only mispronounced Siry (I thought it was See-ree) and Aja (I thought it was Ah-jaa) :b yay me!

  14. MarkDimondrocks says:

    what i pronounced wrong=
    pretty much everything in book one
    about half the things in book 6
    about half the things in book 8
    and i pronounced courtney’s last name wrong

  15. Bobby says:

    I pronounced the majority of things wrong. The one I’m most upset about pronouncing wrong is Halla, cause it appeared most in the books…

  16. ChickenMan2273 says:

    I got most words right because I’m boss like that.

  17. Bablu says:

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    Stellar work there everyone. I’ll keep on reading.

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