How Shannon drew Marshall Seaver

A very talented reader created an illustration of Marsh and I thought it would be fun to post it.  I think she’s great.

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103 Comments on “How Shannon drew Marshall Seaver”

  1. liv says:

    probably because of school i might not because i have soccer and school and im on student council so if im not on you guys understand dont you!!!

  2. britt says:


  3. Mozartghost says:

    Because I shapeshifted into my evil alter ego and ate her alive.

  4. liv says:

    yeah really im pretty sure i would have feel that !!! or did??? and i made it on today but you never no 8th grade and homework on the first day! 🙁

  5. liv says:

    hey what does your ater ego look like and could you please explain to me what am ater ego is isnt it like an evil twin type thing???

  6. Mozartghost says:

    An alter ego is someone else you transform into…
    Like Saint Dane’s alter Ego Figgis.

  7. liv says:

    oh then i wouldnt be aboll to pick you out anyway

  8. liv says:

    wait i spelled able wrong man i need to work on that

  9. Zack says:

    that was crazy awesome

  10. liv says:

    yeah it is isnt it

  11. David says:

    Wow! That was absolutely awesome. I have never seen anything like that before. Great talent. Hope you pursue it.

  12. liv says:

    yeh she should i wonder if she even knows its on this blog???

  13. Marina says:

    Someone should post a comment on her video on Youtube and tell her!

  14. Steve says:

    DJ, what is the system used to make this? is it special to that type of computers? was it downloaded? was it done by a pro? I want to do it!

  15. LoorRocks101 says:


    Are you really into movie-making?

  16. LoorRocks101 says:


    Nvm. Do you really like to draw?

  17. Marina says:

    Yeah, my friend, Kasha the KLEE (obviously that’s her username), has a program just like that and she makes really cool things! Now that I think about it, maybe she should post her drawings on Youtube too! 🙂

  18. LoorRocks101 says:


    Oh my gosh, ya! That would be a really good idea.

  19. LoorRocks101 says:

    I bet she would get tons of views/

  20. Marina says:

    Totally! 😀

  21. liv says:

    i dont know if she wants to do that though she might not want a bunch of strangers looking at her work

  22. Marina says:

    I don’t see why not. If she’s proud of it, then she should show it.

  23. LoorRocks101 says:


    I agree.

  24. liv says:

    if shes proud of it and there is always the credics

  25. Marina says:

    But it would still be a great oppertunity. And there are critics with everything but it doesn’t mean that it should stop you. 🙂

  26. liv says:

    true if she wants she should totally go for it

  27. ??? says:

    …wow. i didnt know people actually use book sites as a social networking site.

  28. ??? says:

    whatever. im sure this person (if she is INDEED a kid) will go far with “her” art.

  29. jerk says:

    cool illistration.

  30. Shannon says:

    dude! i saw something about it being on your blog a while ago, but i thought it was a reference to Facebook! 0.o i discovered this while looking through my YouTube honors tonight… i feel REALLY REALLY honored :3

  31. Lily Snow says:


  32. david says:

    im only 10 and finished both the light and the black. i HATE

  33. david says:

    im only 10 and finished both the light and the black. i HATE WHAT THEY DID TO THE ORIGINAL COVER!!the color on the original light book reminded me of the blood in the crucible. i want to see The Light in movie form! see what cooper looks like. Oh and shannon, perfect. i want to have a career as an artist and an author but i pretty much suck at drawing and i have written 3 novels. anybody know how to draw a skeleton cyborg that has a pick?(i liked the idea of the pick. when DJ said it first,i thought slow,painful death is better for you when ur murdering)shanno give me tips please!im pulling an all-nighter to finish my latest book 180 Days Of a Ghost. he looks like a mix of marsh and “chicken coop” Blue eyes,black hair. a bit on the nerdy side. all of my features(like black hair and blue eyes) Kai Mintino is his name

  34. david says:

    DJ, I haven’t read Pendragon. I’m kinda scared. I loved the”Skeleton Creek” Series until the author came out with another book called 3:16 or something. I hated it. I don’t want to waist my allowance. I want to see somebody say”WOW EPIC BOOK”or something before I go out and buy it. You’re an awesome writer and I look up to you so I don’t think it’ll be hard finding that. Good luck on writing the next book. I hope it’s not titled “The Blood” or I’d freak out

  35. david says:

    … They are making a movie to The Light,right? I wanna see,Sydney,Ree,Coop,Coop’s “Summer Girlfriend” Marsh, and in The Black I wanna see Maggie

  36. david says:

    check it DJ here is a chapter of an idea I came up with:
    I woke up in a dark room. Mist was everywhere and it was humid. I wasn’t scared. I mean, I live in Jersey. This is like my beach house at night. But when I got off my back I fell unconsious…

  37. david says:

    … And woke up in an old Steak-N-Shake. Everything was covered in the same mist in the dark room. I saw a security camera in the right corner of the ceiling. I took out my phone and dialed my girlfriends number. No signal. I put it away and looked up to the camera. It had a little red light by the lense. I walked up and the camera turned away. My instincts were to just walk out, but something was deffinently wrong. What is a modern security camera doing in an ancient fast food joint? I stood on the counter and went to disable it. POOF! Flames surrounded the body of the digital device. From what I saw, the light was flurescent. I’ve learned that flurescent bulbs bur extremely hot. But the lights were a foot and a half from the camera. I went and fanned out the fire with the ripped sleave of my shirt. But it caught on the wire and used it as a fuse. I ran out of the old chain restraut and I saw it had a big smiley face, in red spray paint. I saw Jessica,my 3 year old sister about 50 feet away and ran as fast as possible. She faded away. Loud laughter filled the streets. I looked around and…

  38. david says:

    i bet only 43% of the people posting on this wall don’t know why there is blood on his hands.

  39. david says:

    did i like make everybody run away from this blog?
    gosh i hate the people who think kids cant read. ive read over 300 books i the past 5 years of my life. what am i too young to post? oh and the blood is from the crucible

  40. david says:

    i did make everbody leave. i feel like im at the school lunch table again…
    ;_; 3mo face. just like meh

  41. david says:

    up in the older comments it said britt. reminds me of britt in the book…

  42. david says:

    @mike@ilove it is associated with the crucible. he cut himself with the glass shards. the blood on his hand and floor is from(AHEM! IF YOU HAVENT GOTTEN PAST
    Greats Blood. (MORRE SPOILER)the crucibles(6) are used to hold in Damon

  43. ??? says:

    i have a crush on this girl named katelyn kelly. i think she likes me and she keeps barging into my dreams. i dream about partying on a boat, she comes in and we end up in what i imagined the galileo is watching the stars and talking.
    what do i do? she doesnt like beig annoyed and she doesnt admit embrassing things!

  44. david says:

    and david is my name 😮 thats awkward…

  45. david says:

    Im screwed if she reads the blog
    was never here

  46. david says:

    I feel so lonely…

  47. david says:

    imma live cuz everybody thinks i suck…

  48. ScrewSaintDane!!lol says:

    that was acually anmazing!!!!!! WOW!!!!

  49. rand says:

    What’s this song?

  50. ?!?!?!?!? says:

    please make a movie of it!!!
    but make the pendragon one first so morpheus road makes sense (;

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