Morpheus Road Interview/Podcast

I did an interview about The Black for the show The American Perspective with the host Judyth Piazza. It was both a radio interview and a podcast. You can follow this link to give a listen:


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5 Comments on “Morpheus Road Interview/Podcast”

  1. Julia says:

    Lol, Judyth sounds so…seductive o_o

    And that’s cool that you play guitar. I play guitar, too (:

  2. eelong rulz says:

    I’m going to watch and listen to it as soon as I can! My parents are having a Rec Room Sale (like a garage sale only in an apartment building) and I have to help!

  3. veelox0 says:

    I loved that when Judyth laughed D.J. would just kind of respond like it was another question…D.J., you should try skydiving 😛

  4. Deverish says:

    i agree with you Julia that Judyth sounded really seductive, but i think that’s because she had a bit of a southern accent.

  5. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    This blog entry was posted the day before Jeff Conaway died

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