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    How the Fall of the World Happened

    The need for ending world hunger became a major issue after several natural; yet, unnatural storms ravaged the world in one year. Crops all around the world were damaged and people were starving and dying of thirst from lack of nutrition and clean water – even in America. With permission from NATO, a global team of scientists worked together to create a new fertilizer that caused rapid growth in crops. They first tested the fertilizer in secured biospheres located in Arizona, California, India, China, and Ireland – with wonderful results. The foods grown through these experimental testing, after being checked, were sent to the worst countries in need of food. They also created new enzymes that were able to eat away contaminants in the water supply quickly so the need for harsh chemicals and huge water treatment plants were no longer necessary. This allowed for third world countries to cleanse their waters easily for quicker distribution. So far, after eight years of success, the world was on the path to ending world hunger for the very first time. Lands all around the world were becoming more fertile with the use of the new fertilizer, and water was not so difficult to obtain now with the new enzymes.

    Soon, however, with the issues of pollution, global warming, and the continuous unnatural phenomenon, others believe the Earth is retaliating – rejecting their aid and causing more spontaneous natural disasters to occur. Many did not believe in this – until the final day had come and the world suddenly became a madhouse.

    The fertilizer, the enzymes, and the effects of global warming and pollution worked against each other – causing strange side effects to occur, and soon turned the new solutions mankind created into poisons and plagues. The fertilizer and enzymes turned toxic and contaminated everything, causing the oceans to die and plant life all around the world to suddenly sprout like massive trees. Soon, after several years – the Allsky manifested to block out the sun, strange mutations began to show themselves - mutant animals attacking people. And then the horrific epidemic – Bioluminescence - suddenly took hold of people. No one knows if it was from the tainted food or water or the air now full of deadly pollen, but after several billion people died from the cause while many others seem to adapt organically or physically in order to manage – everyone believes now that this beautiful epidemic is not as beautiful as it seems. This caused the world to panic.

    Fighting broke out everywhere, for some countries blamed others for this reckless attempt to play god; but, unfortunately everyone was to blame, for the world worked together to create the quick cure-alls that were now destroying the planet. Now, there was plenty to eat – but the danger of eating the food being overly produced by the planet now was almost too difficult to handle. Either it can kill you, turn you into a mutant, or fill your belly. Either way, you’ll be contaminated with the fertilizer and eventually something will happen to you.

    Government falls, and the world goes into panic. Wars kill of nations, raids kill of cities. After so many years of this, tons of people escape the chaos to fend for themselves in the new wilderness being created through this mess. Soon, small territories are being shaped by groups of similar-minded people who just wish to survive with no troubles. These territories grow as old cities fall. Soon, the entire world map alters into territories, settlements, compounds, and walled cities – where Feudal Lords, once government officials, military strategist, or rich socialists, made their way up a righty ladder to assume the position of some sort of president. They make ways to help others and those others follow. Now, they’re searching for solutions to clean up the world’s mistakes, but the people of the world look upon them as another set of government bullies attempting to fix a problem with another problem.

    The Breakdown

    Due to a FDA Approved cure to world hunger, the rapid growth of all plant life overtakes the entire planet. Food becomes bountiful, so too does disease. When the supply over exceeds the demand, uneaten perishables rot into toxic carriers of plagues that soon ravages the earth and reduces mankind to a fraction of its former power. The toxic plant life overtakes the face of the earth, turning it into an alien landscape with the Allsky – an overarching network of branches and foliage that blocks out the sun from nearly seventy percent of the planet’s surface; casting darkness onto the world below. Bio-luminescence, a chemical evolution to certain plants and animals due to the growing darkness of the earth, is prevalent throughout the Groundworld. Most believe this Biolumi is deadly to all that contaminates it, but there’s no fact to this fear. Nevertheless, Survivors avoid anything with the lamination, fearing the spread of the plague.

    Mutants & Cannibals – the plague contamination and radiation have caused various mutations, which brought on the cannibalism. Raiders Gangs – groups of mutants and cannibals - developed throughout the dead cities, attempting to gain control of small pockets of Survivors for a new type of reign. The need for a cure and civil reform is required in order to save as many people possibly. NATO is attempting to assist the world’s militarizes in order to control the Raiders who cannot be tamed or medically saved. They wish to heal the mutants who can be saved, decontaminate the earth, stop the psychotic rapid growth of the plant life and harvest what is edible, managed the animals of the planet that are mutated or wild, and eventually regain the trust of all with their efforts. After all, it was their call to rush such a dangerous ‘fix-all’ experiment upon the world without fully considering all the consequences.

    From the various territories that sprang up for protection against Raiders, Feudal Lords claimed their name to power seized within the vacuums of these lost cities around the world, and Survivors hide behind them and the new set of laws chosen for them. Barely twenty years after the fall of the world, only wisps of the world’s technology remain – along with the skeleton of the suddenly long dead empire of humanity.

    Within several Survival Villages and Safe Cities, hidden from the public who consider science and government a taboo topic, several scientists, engineers, and doctors have created an underground communications network to share their research and findings about NATO’s cure for world hunger. After many years, they’ve come up with a reasonable solution to reverse the effects of their cure – but they’re missing several ingredients that, unfortunately, they fear no longer exist. Through their network, they inform others of their needs and the entire world searches for these vital natural chemicals.

    This day and age, humans are not on top of the food chain anymore. Animals are faster, larger, more dangerous and the only thing humans have against them is their use of tools and basic weapons. To travel outside of civilized locations without some sort of armament or reinforcement is just plum crazy. Also, the large population of displaced mutants (Raiders), those who were forced out of enclosed habitats, controlled settlements and territories, and military compounds; are just as bad as the wild animals are. Most are cannibals, and would soon eat your ear off than listen to you attempt to reason with them. It is always safer to travel outside civilized locations in a large entourage with a trusted Guide at lead.

    Guides are members of an unknown guild who’s pledged to keep the Surviving citizens safe from Raiders, Mutants, and other unknowns as they travel between safe zones. They are the backbone of the rebirth of travel, commerce and communication. There are a few Guides from unknown locations who have far more knowledge about the Allsky then most – they are rare, for they are Natives – the few Survivors who have naturally adapted to the earth’s changes and have successfully lived within it harmoniously. They are Biolumis, but have no side effect except for a ‘rash’ of lit patches upon their skin.


    A small group of Herbalist from Rivertree has come across ways to harvest the needed ingredients necessary to possibly end the Allsky epidemic all together. But to travel from their location, across the darkened, desolate, and dangerous lands under the Allsky to the newly capital city of Rhimes is expensive – they’ll need a Guide – a good one they can afford. The one they find, the only one within their budget for such a dangerous mission, is a Biolumi Native – and a very strange one at that. He’s known to all in the area as Blue Fox, because the Biolumi markings upon his face make him look like one. Blue Fox has his own agenda for taking this group of Herbalist to clear across Groundworld; they’re just his ticket to get there.
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    I have a female scientist in mind for this one, but I'll need someone to create the character Blue Fox - someone who would like to CoGM with me on this, and a few other travelers and scientist who are going to Rhines.

    This plot is a bit of romance, scifi, corruption, and danger. Here's some of the character/subplot ideas that others can play with.

    There's a hidden religion within the Raiders who seek a certain gem among the countless slaves they snatch up from the caravans - a divine sacrifice. Their leader tells them this is the way to true world purity.

    All the world despises NATO for what they've done to the world - but they're falling into their plans as NATO's attempts at forgiveness are actually plots to cleanse this world for the better. Why feed the billions who have bit the hands of their owners? Clear them out and save the world for those who deserve it.

    There's a small group of Rebels in Rhines and other Survivor Cities that believe NATO and other government groups are plotting to destroy the world, only to rebuild it for themselves. They are attempting to collect in Rhines in hopes to stop their efforts before they begin the next phase of their plans... IF there are any plans. Then again, they might just be on the right track with all of their conspiracy theories... Or, they're just Lumicrazy!

    From the caravan of scientist traveling to Rhines, there among them is a spy.

    The Natives are dying, but not from Biolumi, and it's up to Blue Fox to find a cure... And so he shall.

    I really don't have a clue about what to do for this thing... I've run a few similar concepts, so I'll have to collect my notes on territories, maps, and whatnot from them at a later time. I'm stuck on a lousy laptop and all of my notes are on my big computer that's in the shop. Sucks, but that's what happens. So, I'll try to get stuff up, so those who are interested can look it over.
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    Strong Side:
    Weak Side:

    My Charrie
    Kerinna (Keri) Gott
    Image Coming Soon

    22 year old female
    Appearance: Tall and curvaceous – 5’7” and mostly leg; hair is a dirty blond, with light blue eyes and fair complexion.
    Orientation: Straight

    Occupation: Hearbalist/Healer Student working part time after hours at an old rundown doctor’s office, and works full time at the Kitchens as the Inventory Record Keeper.

    Possessions: Has a journal where she writes her thoughts and another for all of her herbology notes, a few study books and letters from her mentor she keeps nearby – helpful quotations and reminders about new plants discovered that should never be forgotten. She also carries a metal box with a sample of the original formula her mentor created that has proven successful in breaking down the cause of the overgrowth of the earth’s plant life.

    Likes: Helping those in need. And, in spite the fact that the world was overran by then, she still liked the neutral plant life that were born to nurture and heal. The few created were visions of her mentor, and his knowledge of life before The Fall is how he was able to harvest such healthy greenery.

    Dislikes: People who move their lips and lies fall out, and rain – she’s not thrilled about the damaging rains that continues to spread the toxins the plant overgrowth has created.

    Her Fears: To die before she can save her family, and to die by this disease caused by the very plants she adore.

    Personality: She use to be full of life and a total goofball, but after her parents’ and her sibling’s passed due to the plagues attacking mankind, and she took responsibility for her and her surviving family members – Clair (14) and Jack (10), Keri has turned into a really harden, pained, no nonsense young woman to keep things in line.

    She fights to maintain some resemblance of a happy family, as well as, fights to keep poachers, renegades, and scavengers away from the settlement that has been her home for as long as she can remember. Her focus is now to keep her little family alive...but after her and her mentor, Dr. Derick Heinsmen, discovered something amazing dealing with the Allsky, Keri realized that the only way she can truly keep her family alive, is to help keep everyone alive.

    Strong sides: She's strict, not so much to avert fairness but enough to command control in a situation and maintain stability within the box she lives in. Being in control of her situation is what she takes pride in, but it falls within the category of nurturing & organization, not authority. Her control comes from within the realm of care and cultivation of plant life and siblings.

    Weak sides: A strong leader, but her inner struggles and her lack of knowledge about the rest of the world are her weakness; lowering her self esteem when faced with a situation outside her normal control. Anything outside of her comfort zone causes a lack of control which she is uncomfortable in confronting alone.

    Skills: Has skills in herbology and mineralogy for medicine, and has developed a method of harvesting plants without the complete use of water or soil throughout its maturing. Keri is also an intermediate nursing student under Dr. Derick.

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