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Discussion in 'Black Moon Rising' started by Veelox Incident, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Veelox Incident

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    Not found anywhere else yet we have a title! Coming Spring 2017! Cover coming soon!
  2. CloranTraveler

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  3. djmachale

    djmachale Author Staff Member Administrator

    And I'm in the middle of writing Book #3!
  4. CloranTraveler

    CloranTraveler Active Member

    Even more exciting!:)
  5. Phi Chisym

    Phi Chisym Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    WOW! I wish I could write THAT FAST! My life won't allow me to complete stories via high octane.
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  6. Shannon

    Shannon Honorary Garbage Can

    D.J. MacHale: Human Typewriter
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  7. djmachale

    djmachale Author Staff Member Administrator

    I've now got a cover for Black Moon Rising. I'll post it after the dust settles from the Curse of the Boggin tour.
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  8. CloranTraveler

    CloranTraveler Active Member

    I got to thinking about Curse of the Boggin today and how close we're getting to Spring. Can't wait to read Black Moon Rising!

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