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Discussion in 'Black Moon Rising' started by Veelox Incident, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Veelox Incident

    Veelox Incident Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Not found anywhere else yet we have a title! Coming Spring 2017! Cover coming soon!
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  2. CloranTraveler

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  3. djmachale

    djmachale Author Staff Member Administrator

    And I'm in the middle of writing Book #3!
  4. CloranTraveler

    CloranTraveler Active Member

    Even more exciting!:)
  5. Phi Chisym

    Phi Chisym Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    WOW! I wish I could write THAT FAST! My life won't allow me to complete stories via high octane.
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  6. Shannon

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    D.J. MacHale: Human Typewriter
  7. djmachale

    djmachale Author Staff Member Administrator

    I've now got a cover for Black Moon Rising. I'll post it after the dust settles from the Curse of the Boggin tour.
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  8. CloranTraveler

    CloranTraveler Active Member

    I got to thinking about Curse of the Boggin today and how close we're getting to Spring. Can't wait to read Black Moon Rising!
  9. Orpha Peck

    Orpha Peck New Member

    Can hardly wait :p
  10. I might get it, because the books I have been reading lately are really boring, and they are supposed to be top releases "as mentioned by my local library". I'm looking for something new and refreshing.

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