Discussion in 'General Comments' started by dimaria, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. dimaria

    dimaria New Member

    I was wondering where you're all from. Mostly because I wanted to know if I'm the only one who's not from the US.... I'm from Costa Rica! Where are YOU from?
  2. Veelox Incident

    Veelox Incident Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hi dimaria,

    I'm from the US but I know we have a few users on from Canada and a few through Europe. Not sure about anywhere else.
  3. I'm from the U.S. How's Costa Rica doing right now after Hurricane Irma? Scary stuff...
  4. empire_c2

    empire_c2 Active Member

    *waves from Canada*
  5. Arsen01

    Arsen01 New Member

    oh, interesting in what country do you live .)) ??

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