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    NOTE FROM THE GM: With finally being done school and seeing sparks of activity around the site. I decided to write an rp. It's a simpler plot but I thought it would be a nice lax one to possibly bring back more activity. Won't start for a bit, just because I don't know what the interest will be for it. I will still make another character if there is enough interest. This is open to everyone. Even if you've never done it before. I encourage any questions. -Empire


    On the night of planets converge, evils of olde shall arise upon Avalon. Enemies must let go of hate or else the realm will fall into eteranl darkness.

    Avalon is a mythical land once known for its valiant knights and master wizards. It has been many millenia since mankind has touched its sacred ground and it is now ruled by an even greater creature. The dragons.

    At one time, the dragons lived in peace under the kind rule of good and fair king. Dragons of all elements cooperated peacefully until dragons invaded from the Under Realm. The Shadow Dragons were merciless in their conquest and would have gained complete control had the Light Dragons not emerged from their own realm. The dragons of the Ether Realm banished the invaders back to the Shadow Realm then returned to their own realm, never to be heard from again.

    The dragons of Avalon were safe once again, but with no more king, a new chaos broke out. The dragons could not agree on a new ruler and tensions rose until the land was forced to be divided into different lands. While this put an end to the violence, there has never been the same peace as there once been. The odd dragon has tried to seek the Ether Realm in hopes of restoring Avalon to its former glory, but no one seems to know how to reach the realm. At the same time, the Shadow Dragons wish to make a return.


    Ice Dragons of the North
    The masters of ice and snow. These dragons are studious creatures who spend a geat deal of time studying the stars and mythologies of Avalon. Of the races, they are considered the most resiliant due to living in intense colds. Their scales are various shades of blue.

    Thunder Dragons of the South
    The masters of lightning and storms. These dragons are volatile and aggressive who spend time challenging one another to competitions of skill and strength. If one is befriended, a Thunder Dragon is considered the greatest ally for their strong morals and loyalty. Their scales are various shades of gold, yellow and amber.

    Fire Dragons of the West
    The masters of fire and volcanoes. These dragons are craftsmens and artisans. Using their fires they craft anything of glass and metal to the finest quality. Fire dragons always find new ways to be creative , but should be feared if they choose to battle. Their scales are various shades of red.

    Earth Dragons of the East
    The masters of earth and nature. Earth dragons are natural healers and protectors of nature. They try their best to live a passive lifestyle, but if any endanger their forests an Earth Dragon will is even more frightening than a Thunder Dragon. Their scales are various shades of green and brown.

    Light Dragons of the Ether Realm
    Mysterious dragons capable of wielding light and positive energy. They have only ever been seen when Shadow Dragons are around. No one knows where or how to reach their home realm. Their scales are various shades of white.

    Shadow Dragons of the Under Realm
    As mysterious as the Light Dragons, little is known about them besides they take pleasure in chaos. They have command over shadows and dark feelings, It seems like their realm is sealed off from Avalon, but they have managed to cross into the dragon realm before. Their scales are various shades of black.

    You can make as many characters as you can handle.
    No god moding, powerplaying, etc.
    Keep swearing to a minimum
    If you have any ideas for the story, feel free to share. This is for everyone.
    Any questions don't hesitate to ask


    Age: Hatchling 0-100. Youth 100-300. Adult 300-900. Elder 900+
    Race: Which of the dragons? If a Shadow or Light Dragon that's in Avalon, have an explanation in history
    History: Their background
    Other: Anything else


    Name: Rune

    Age: 120

    Gender: Female

    Race: Light Dragon

    Appearance: A pearl white dragon with silver eyes and a silvery membrane for wings. For a dragon halfway through adolescence, Rune is on the smaller side. Almost mistaken for an older hatchling at times. However, her eyes reflect a maturity beyond her years. Between her two horns there is a single, undecipherable, silver rune which is how she got her namesake.

    History: Most of Rune's origins are unknown. A family of Earth Dragons had come across her egg while exploring an older forest. At first they were confused by its coloured and wondered if it was another animals until it hatched a Light Dragon. That left further questions, but as Earth Dragons, they decided to raise her as one of their own.

    Rune loves her family and felt like a genuine Earth Dragon until the day she met more of the dragons. There was a lot of alarm at the sight of a Light Dragon. A handful took that as a sign of the return of the peacekeepers. Others feared it as an omen that Shadow Dragons would return. She tried to shake off the thoughts but the more she grew, the louder the whispers grew. Especially when her powers manifested. Eventually Rune made a decision to leave the forest and learn about the rest of the world and even her own kind.

    Other: N/A
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  2. What if i'm interested, but have no idea what to do for RPs?
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    I can help you out :) It's pretty easy to learn and a lot of fun (though I am a tad bias lol). Basically anyone creates a world/story idea. In this case my story above. The creator is the GM and in forum based rping, mainly just approve charactersm make sure people don't get too carried away and guide the storyline where necessary. If you're with a good crowd of rpers though, it can almost be run by the whole group to make a better story.

    People who wish to participate then create a character for the rp using the provided templates. In it you can tell as much or as little about your character and even keep stuff hidden so it is revealed in the story. So with Rune, you get the gist of her back story, but I didn't tell the full reasoning of why she isn't in the Ether Realm. All that matters is you make a character that fits in the universe of the rp. In this one, everyone is dragons. Only things you can't really do (more just because it is annoying) is making characters too perfect. Having flaws and room to grow during the rp is far more fun. They don't have to be listed in the template but generally when you begin writing you'll have an idea of how you want them to interact.

    For actual rping itself, best way to describe it is like when you read a book and you read a character's perspective, how they react to situation and how they speak to others, except you're writing it. In role playing everyone takes turn posting as their character first few posts are generally establishing their whereabouts and meeting up with other characters. Everyone writes from the perspective of their character (third person perspective mostly). But once characters have met, then they usually begin their adventure. From then on the interactions are ongoing.

    That's the brief version of it. There are other things to keep in mind like combat with another character. I have a copy of an old RP guide from the old TPA site I'll message you. Definitely more detailed and better at explaining this. If after reading everything and you still want to then make a template and I'll let you know when the rp begins. It requires a few characters first. As I said, I'll make another probably and control NPCs but I didn't want to get ahead of myself if there wasn't enough interest.
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    Think you could send that guide to me too?
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    Sent it to you. Ultimately, the best learning tool is getting thrown into a role play. If you're both still interested, feel free to make characters and we could just run a 3 person rp and allow others in if they are interested too. I'm confident after a few rounds of posting you will understand the format. I can make a few more characters too, or if there was some other kind of genre/theme you'd be interested in? I dunno lol. I felt if one started going, more could pop up after. The challenge is starting lol.
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    Mmkay, LaBerge.
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  7. There needs to be more people...

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