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    Yeah and 3-D green screens could up the production cost, although Denduron is a good starting point because it requires a lot less CGI and more of a medieval setting, which is good to get the studio execs on board.

    I also agree that as long as the actor is good and within the right age range I'll be happy. No matter who they pick someone won't like it so it's better to just pick the best actor for the job.
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    That's true. I'm always happy as long as I can watch their performance and the character from the book comes to mind. Even if they don't look exactly how I imagined, I always look for their overall interpretation of the character :)
  3. Yes, acting is the first priority.

    But also, with appearance, the characters have to kind of fit the age range too. 'Cause there's some movies that make the characters a little too matured for their parts and it takes away the appeal. (For example: the cast of High School Musical--all of them had to be at least in their freshman year of college.)

    I understand that with minors, movie staff has to be mindful of hours spent filming with those actors, but it may be worth casting minors if a movie is looking for a specific target audience. (Just kid-movies in general, not concerning Pendragon directly.)
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    I tend not to mind actors who don't seem quite in the age range, I am willing to suspend my disbelief but I do I think they should at least seem like high school kids i.e. Andrew Garfield in the new Amazing Spider Man didn't seem anything like a kid in high school. I think for a starting off point I'd personally like a 16 year old Bobby and an actor as close to that as the studio can get. I think if they started with a fourteen year old it would either be starring an actual fourteen year old, which is a risk or someone who obviously isn't fourteen. Sixteen is when the line can be blurred sometimes and it would be easier to cast someone older, in my opinion, based on my high school experience. I mean Harry Potter did cast young leads but I think they were extremely lucky in finding kids who were able to carry the franchise for so long.
  5. They were extremely, extremely lucky. Isn't that strange that the Harry Potter kids grew up doing the movies of the series for almost ten years? It's almost if they were "born" for the parts.
    Not that they were, though. They had lives too.
    But, how did they manage school, paparazzi and general teen stress all at once?? Sheesh.
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    I think you guys should hold auditions, because sometimes kids can look older (basically taller) than they truly are. That way, the age range might appear a little blurred, and then it might look like they didn't age much between each movie / TV show. Since the first half of the book series happens in less than two years and all.

    “Because that's the way it was meant to be.” - Bobby Pendragon and Press Tilton
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    Good point, All of Halla.

    Kind of like how some people can look younger then they really are.

    And I agree, auditions would be great if possible!
  8. It would be interesting to see a video of the auditions/screen tests, too.
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    Very true. That's why I think that the range for possible ages should be broader, like the casting could be 12-16 for the main four. It's better if they look younger than older, as the actors will be older by the conclusion of Soldiers of Halla.
  10. They've gotta have personality, too. If they're trying for Tucker, a whole lot of "spunk".
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    Couldn't agree more. Personality is essential.
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    And an update on the Pendragon screenplay. This process has been even longer than SYLO. But for different reasons. (In this case, I wrote the screenplay myself) We're with a couple of producers but it feels a bit like slogging through molasses. It's amazing that any movie gets made, ever. So there's no real movement or announcement, just to say that I'm keeping the fires burning.
  13. CloranTraveler

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    Fingers and toes crossed!

    Whatever should happen, I'll always keep saying: this is the way it was meant to be.

    And so we go :)
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    Nice to hear an update. I hope we get to see it come to life before too long. :)
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  16. My gosh, that's so much work...
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    Jumping on this thread kinda late… must say I was obviously very excited to see that something is in development! I wanted to share my thoughts on things.

    The image I had had in my head would be a TV series, the first few seasons each covering two books per season (if aired on television, there would be a midseason break between the two), then the longer books get full seasons, and maybe a TV movie for the final book. Though I suppose that does rely on the show surviving for 4+ seasons, which can't be relied on.

    The way I've always imagined the Merchant of Death being played out in a movie/TV was that it would start with the basketball game where everyone is at first excited, then confused, wondering of the whereabouts of Bobby. Then there's the progression of Mark getting the ring, and going to school, where everyone is upset about the match, and Mark receiving the first journal. When that happens, we see Mark reading it with Bobby's voiceover of "I hope you're reading this, Mark…" as the story starts to fade into everything that happened to Bobby, and we see what transpired there (this being the first time we actually see or hear from him).
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    I think that's a really great idea! I question I've had though, is whether Bobby's journals are going to remain the exact same as the book (with the Mark and Courtney scenes slightly shortened to compensate) or whether those scenes will be shortened with the ones in Stony Brook being of the same length. This is of course, assuming everything can't fit in one season.
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    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!
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    Has there been any news since this? I'm super excited to hear.

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