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    So, here's the deal. This is actually a sort of short background that I wrote for a character I made (sort of spur of the moment). The character is based off of the old Russian/ Slavic fairytale/folklore and the Ballet composed by Igor Stravinsky. While it is sort of based off of them, the story itself, like, after the defeat of the Immortal, is purely mine, so I wasn't sure if I should have called it Fanfiction or not. XD Feel free to edit/ change the title if you wish. ^^

    For the most part this is written in the Firebird's point of view, but there are moments that are third person. I hope you enjoy it. ^^ It's been a while since I wrote something like this. :3

    ** Note: I just realized this is more than 1000 words. >>; I have to break it up into parts. I apologize. I dislike making it broken into parts. D: **

    Eternity is a painful thing.

    To live forever is truly painful. To watch those you once cared for die and pass on to another life, while you stayed and lived thousands of lives? There is no pain greater than watching those you love die. What is even more painful, is that you were not given their love in return... after all you’d done for the person, after all you’d always do for them... for their entire lives, you’d do anything for them... and they could not give you their love in return...

    There is no creature in this land, or another, that you will find that longs for death more than I.

    I do not remember how I was born, and when that was. It was long ago, before the Princes and Princesses, before the Kings and Queens. When this land was filled with creatures and magic. When this land was of simple people. This is the earliest I can remember. And yet, even then, this is not where my story truly begins. In those times, my life was simple. There was no reason to question my being, because, I simply was. I was the Firebird, the Eternal Flame. I was the symbol of blessing and fortune, and the hope for rebirth and life for those who did not have the gift of Immortality. I was a symbol of hope, and the prospect for good fortune. Upon hearing my song, the land would bloom, and fruit would grow and ripen to be the sweetest you’ve ever tasted. So long as you were kind and truthful, was I gracious in return.

    And yet, many wished to capture me, for not only was I powerful in magic, but, I was also beautiful. I was a glorious Firebird, standing almost as tall as a full grown man, with a long slender neck and beautiful red, orange, and yellow plumage that sparked and cackled with flame a my wingtips and upon my long, glorious tail. In another time, I would be named the Phoenix, the Eternal Flame. My feathers were a treasure and gift for those who I had given them to, and often sought out by those who wanted them for darker reasons, because, you see, my feathers were the link I had to the humans. They were the connection I had to people, and only people of pure heart or kindness could attain them, at least, from me. There were many a time that feathers were stolen, in which case, I had done everything in my power to destroy them. Feathers could only be given to those worthy. And only the worthy would be given the gift of the Firebird.

    You see, my life before was uneventful. There is no story to be said about it, because there is nothing that would be relevant to the time today. There is only one story in my life that I remember well enough to tell, because it is the one story that I can never forget... and will have with me for the rest of my eternal life. I remember it vividly, as though I relive it time and time again. When I close my eyes, I can see everything, feel, smell, everything was as it was before... If I was able, I would live in that time, in that short moment of my life, and live it for all eternity, for those were the happiest times of my life... However, they were also the most painful.
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    It starts a little over a century ago, when I met a young and handsome Prince. His name was Prince Ivan, the son of a good King in another land. He sought out a bride for his Kingdom, so that he may have an heir before his Father passed. He had heard about the Thirteen Princesses of Kashchei the Immortal’s realm, and had come to claim one as his bride. Kashchei the Immortal was not an easy man to convince, though, and was a wicked sorcerer. Yet, our story does not begin with Ivan meeting Kashchei. Our story begins in the gardens of Kashchei’s realm, where the golden apples grew. The golden apples were a delicacy, the sweetest and crispest apples ever to be tasted, and one of my favorite foods of all. It was here, in the gardens, where Ivan captured me. I could have easily escaped, and in truth, I was about to. No one had ever captured me before, and it surprised me that a mere man could do so, so easily. Perhaps this was what intrigued me about him... Perhaps this was why I stayed... Nonetheless, I sat, and watched him. He was not a bad man, not that I could see. He watched me for a long time, admiring my beauty, and I let him. Many had done so from a distance before, so what difference was this, but being put in a cage? And yet, I knew that he would open those cage doors for me, and when he did, I changed.

    I can still remember the expression on his face when I took my human form. Ivan was so startled, he had fallen on his rear and gave a great shout of surprise. He would tell the story to his children, later. I thanked him for freeing me when I knew that he didn’t have to. He merely replied that it was the right thing to do... That it would be a shame to keep such beauty caged. It warmed my heart to hear him say those words to me. For a long time, we spoke, sharing stories, though, most of the time spent was answering the endless questions that Ivan seemed to have for me. He was kind, gentle, and so eager to learn... He was open minded, and sought better things for his people and wished to find a bride that he would love and would love him in return. He had dreams, a wish for a future filled with joy and happiness... and I found myself wanting this for him... Wishing and praying alongside him....

    We had become good friends in the small time that we spent together. It was in this time, that Ivan had met the Thirteen Princesses. They had come to the garden to pick the ripened fruit, only to be met with the surprise of two handsome men, speaking and enjoying each other’s company. It was in this time, Ivan told me, that he had fallen in love with one of them... Shortly after this time, when it came time that I had to go, and answer the call of a kingdom far off, I hesitated, because my heart longed to stay. So, I plucked a long, and sparking feather from my tail, and gave it to Ivan. I told him, that should he ever need me, pull out the feather, and call upon my name.

    And so, I left.

    What happened to me in this time does not matter. It is what happened to Ivan that continues this story. Ivan fell in love with one of the young and beautiful Princesses that lived in Kashchei the Immortal’s Realm. He learned that Kashchei was keeping the Thirteen Princesses as his own, and planned to wed each one so that they may bear his heirs. The Princesses could not fight back against this man, for he was powerful, and frightening. So, Ivan approached Kashchei the Immortal, and asked if he may have one of the Thirteen that he possessed. Their talk turned into a violent quarrel, that eventually lead to Kashchei attacking Ivan, sending dreadful and shadow like creatures after him to chase him off. However, despite being chased off, Ivan returned to try and help the Princesses. Kashchei learned of this, and in anger, sent more shadow creatures after him.

    This time, Ivan stood his ground, and pulled the Firebird feather from his robes, and spoke my name. This was all I needed... All I had longed for, to return to Ivan again. And yet, I didn’t realize what I was being called for, and when I was summoned to his aide, I used my magic to stop the shadow creatures, and make them fall into a deep sleep. Kashchei tried to bribe Ivan... Seeing my power, my beauty, Kashchei wanted this for himself, for the Immortal man was old and ugly, and sought beautiful things. For a moment, I thought that Ivan would actually give him the feather. It was the easy way out, a most human thing to do... and yet, Ivan was noble and just, and without hesitation, denied Kashchei the Immortal. Angered, the Immortal man attacked once again, but this man would not harm Ivan... Not my Ivan. I protected Ivan, and distracted Kashchei with a spell that made him dance, until exhaustion set in to make him sleep. I told Ivan that the reason why Kashchei was immortal was because he had sealed his Soul in an egg. Find the egg, and break it, and Kashchei would cease to be. So, Ivan set out to find the egg in the Immortal man’s realm and Castle. He found it, and with a strong arm, broke the shell, and shattered the soul inside, leaving Kashchei on the ground, without life.

    The Thirteen Princesses were freed, and I was once again reunited with Ivan. However, I did not realize what I felt for Ivan until the Prince took one of the Princesses to be his bride. My heart shattered, and I felt a pain that I had never known, until that moment. I returned to the land that Prince Ivan had come from, and the day before my friend was to be wed, I approached him, and prayed that he would understand...
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    º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º


    The Young Prince turned to him, and he flashed a brilliant smile that seemed to light up the room. Though he was the Firebird, the Eternal Flame, he could not think of a more beautiful and remarkable person than this man standing before him. He had never known this feeling before, this feeling of admiration and care. He had heard it spoken among humans so carelessly, and yet, he seemed to understand, now, why it was spoken and why it seemed to take such high standards among them. Because, it truly was a feeling that could not be compared, and there truly was no other word for it other than the one it was given.


    He loved this man, this human. He wished with all his heart for everything that he wanted, everything that he saw in his Kingdom and wanted to accomplish to come true. He wanted all of the best for him, and wanted nothing more than to provide the blessing and eternal happiness for him and his kingdom. He knew that if faced with death, he would face it without fear, so long as this man could live. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for him... And yet, he was scared. Ivan was to wed a woman... a Princess... And what was he, but a mere bird....

    “What is it, my friend?” He asked, smiling. Always smiling. He could never remember a time that face showed an expression of hostility or anger... nor any kind of negative emotion. He was always so kind and gentle... And he prayed that he would be just as kind and gentle with his heart.

    “Ivan... I need to tell you something.”

    He could sense the hesitation in his voice... He knew that something bothered him, and his expression was now concerned.

    “What is it?” He asked, his hand rested on his shoulder. His heart lurched in his chest. “What is wrong, Seraph?”

    The way he spoke his name... He wished so that he would say it again, but with that same love he had when he spoke the Princesses’ name. It was not the same... and hesitation stopped him from speaking right away. His eyes averted for a moment, before he looked to the Prince, a vulnerability there that he had never seen in the powerful creature. “I...” His voice was soft, small... “Ivan... I’ve always thought of you as a friend...” The Prince nodded, drawing closer. They were good friends, and he wished they would stay as such... “But, I realize now... I... I love you.” This surprised the Prince, and he blinked, his eyes wide for a moment. However, before he could reply, Seraph drew closer to him, his movements slow and unsure, until, finally, their lips met. The Prince did not pull away. He could not, for, in truth, he did love Seraph as well... but this love that the Phoenix held for him... he could not return... But, perhaps, he could give him this one gift of kindness.

    He pulled away, his heart a mere flutter in his chest. He was so anxious, so nervous. What would the Prince say to him now? How would he react to his bold advance? The Prince stood there, and he could see in his eyes a gentle gaze, one that held so many emotions... He could already feel his heart dropping. He did love him... He could see it... He loved him... but he did not love him the same way as he did... The Prince opened his mouth to speak, but the man gave him a gentle smile, and held up his hand. “It’s okay.” He told him. “I understand.” His voice was oddly strong, despite the pain he felt in his chest. “Despite this, I hope that we can remain friends.”

    The Prince smiled, nodding. He was grateful... for the Prince was kind enough to love him at all.

    º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º º

    Ivan and his Princess were wed the next day, and they lived together to rule his Father’s Kingdom after his passing. Before the King passed, Ivan and the Princess had birthed an heir, and they named him after the King, in his honor, in hopes that he would be just as good and kind as he. As for me, I watched over them, and often visited my dear friend, that I loved, no matter what happened, no matter the time that passed. It did not matter to me when Ivan grew old and his skin wrinkled and his sight blurred. It did not phase me when other young men and women came to win my affections, for my love was only for him. He often tried to give me men and women to choose from, and said that perhaps you will find love in these... But I merely told him that my heart was where it should be. He did not argue, but merely smiled. No one would understand the love that he and I shared. Not even his Princess, turned Queen, truly understood, and yet, she was kind, and did not find spite in the closeness of Ivan and I.

    Yet, Ivan was human, and I, an immortal... So, when the day came when Ivan grew ill... It was understood that in his old age, it was time for his passing. I was called to his side. Despite the pain I felt for Ivan, despite my own fears of seeing him this way, I came to his side... for I could never deny the one I so loved with all my heart. We talked of the first time we met. He asked me to tell him of where I lived... where I came from, and I told him. Upon the highest of mountains in a land far from here, was where I lived, and where I came from. I knew that this was not where I was born, but this was what I remembered the best, and I what I called my home. The mountain was beautiful, lush with life, forests so green and trees that touched the skies, waters that were so blue, they put the sky to shame. This was my home... This was where I was from.

    And he whispered to me: “Can you take me there?”

    I could feel him fading, and for the first time in my life, I felt the wetness of tears in my eyes.

    Of course.

    He smiled, just as he always did with me. He motioned me closer, and I leaned forward as he pressed his lips to my forehead. The tears ran down my face, and I could not stop them, no matter how hard I tried. There was no greater pain than this... Not even when he could not return my love... He smiled, though, and looked to me with a gaze that I had longed to see since the first time I had said the words to him. “I love you.”

    I will always love you.

    When Ivan died, I took his ashes to my home, and upon the tallest mountain, where the tip reached beyond the sky, and past the clouds.

    I set him free, and we flew together, one last time.
  4. Epic.
    It took me a little bit to get into the story, but once I did, I got sucked right into it. Amazing, amazing penmanship. Especially at the "confession" scene. I reread it about two times just to experience it again. Absolutely epic. 5 stars!
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    wow amazing post

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