Pendragon movies?

Discussion in 'PENDRAGON Forum' started by Courtney, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Shannon

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    The wait is never good. For anything. Anytime (although my least favorite waits are albums until they get leaks 2 weeks before the album comes out).
  2. Lights

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    Waits can be good for building anticipation which often makes your experience more enjoyable than it would otherwise be (not that it would be a bad experience otherwise). But other than that waits blow
  3. Sarah

    Sarah New Member

    Movie is a good idea ... But our imagined characters would be ruined!
  4. Shannon

    Shannon Honorary Garbage Can

    Not necessarily . . .
  5. Blake

    Blake New Member

    I enjoyed reading the books very much, I wish to see a movie for each individual book, I just want it to go along the storyline of the book and not wander off on things that never happened or happened totally different
  6. pararescue2017

    pararescue2017 New Member

    a movie wouldn't be half bad as long as it followed the plot line to the best it can.
  7. Human Torch 2

    Human Torch 2 New Member

    I also believe that The Pendragon Adventure series would make excellent films, if done right.

    The problem with doing Morpheus Road first is that it is a sequel/spin-off of Pendragon, and The Blood in particular builds on what was The Soldiers of Halla's big Reveal, as my fellow Tropers would say. While, say, The Hobbit can get away with this by virtue of both originally being a standalone book in it own right and being as well known as The Lord of the Rings, Pendragon, while relatively obscure (I tend to refer to it as the Battlestar Galactica to Harry Potter's Star Trek when describing it to those who aren't familiar with the series), is definitely more well known than Morpheus Road (Which would be the Caprica to Pendragon's BSG).
  8. Veelox Incident

    Veelox Incident Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I could see that, but they are not completely dependent on each other. You don't need to know Bobby's story to get with the ending of the Black. It can stand alone. I'm just saying from an execution standpoint a company is much more willing to do a trilogy/1 movie, then 10 individual movies.
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  9. JCallaway

    JCallaway New Member

    From someone who works in the independent film industry, that's not necessarily true. A good producer would look at the marketability of the established book franchise and add in the weight of knowing that if the first film does well, getting the screenplay for the second, third, etc etc would be easy. Factor in the amount of YA novels that are being translated to the big screen, and I don't see any reason why a Pendragon series couldn't be done with 10 films. The trick would be getting a good actor attached to it, and getting it going fast. Your biggest concern is the aging factor. The Harry Potter films took place over a year, so it was natural for an actor to age over the course of all 8. Pendragon takes place over the course of only a few years for all 10 novels. That'd make for a pretty intense shooting schedule, or a really old Bobby by the end of it all.
  10. Nexol Havinzes

    Nexol Havinzes New Member

    I really do hope that they make the books into a miniseries, as it would allow the time frame of each episode to be as long as it wants (Like Sherlock as far as run time) and still keep the actors looking as old as they were. For the age, I'd bump up Bobby, Mark, and Courtney's ages to 16, as it makes it more appealing toward an overall audience (hence why they did it with Percy Jackson). And for the books nine and ten, they could do a Raven Rise and The Soldiers of Halla part 1 & 2 for each book, making the series into a total of 12 episodes.
    If not a miniseries, then turn it into a regular TV series and have the first episode end at the part when Bobby becomes unconscious and Uncle Press is taken away (considering that the run time would be half an hour), that way you can have the intro with Bobby and Courtney, the trip to New York, the first encounter with Saint Dane, and the quig chase on Denduron before the episode ends. That'd be plenty for the audience to be invested in and make them want to know what happens next! Let me know your thoughts; I really think that with some effort the books can be adapted successfully into a visual medium!
  11. Veelox Incident

    Veelox Incident Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I'm not sure if that has been posted in this thread but D.J. is currently in the process of writing the first draft of Merchant of Death for the big screen alongside a few other projects. There's a post about this in the Pendragon section under Merchant of Death Screenplay. D.J. shared what he envisioned the first scene might be like at one of the book tour stops and it sounds quite intriguing and full of excitement. (I won't disclose details as it was said in semi-confidence.)
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    I remember that site so well. Definitely brings back good memories :)
  15. Stephen Veldhoen

    Stephen Veldhoen New Member

    I agree with you but now a lot of the Authors are getting involved by writing the scripts themselves because they know that a lot of screenplay writers change things and don't follow the books. Also can someone help me in how I can write my own messages in this blog. I am a new member

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