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Discussion in 'SYLO - The Movie' started by Veelox Incident, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. Veelox Incident

    Veelox Incident Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I thought it might be fun for the community to come up with ideas for references to D.J. other works that would work well to subtly hide in the background of scenes in the SYLO movie. For example:

    The Pendragon or Morpheus Road books sitting on a shelf in the corner of a scene.
    A Ravinian star grafitti piece in ****SPOILIER SYLO BOOK 1 ENDING HIGHLIGHT TO SEE***** Abandoned Portland.

    Anyone else have some ideas? Maybe some AYATD references or something subtle like the tower of terror/Pendragon reference?
  2. That would be so perfect. I love Easter eggs like that. Maybe they should include like someone wearing a Traveler ring.
  3. Veelox Incident

    Veelox Incident Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I was thinking about that, and what with if the President (His first name is Robert) was wearing a traveler ring??

    Another one I had was to have the glass ball full of Alexander's Blood from Morpheus Road be sitting on a counter somewhere as a ornament or whatnot.
  4. Shannon

    Shannon Honorary Garbage Can

    Actually, my friend Hannah and I have a great headcannon for this, although it's not one of DJ's other works - I remember when Ken Feit first appeared in the book, he was just a nameless guy with a notebook. Right after the first death. As an anime nerd, the first thing I thought of was Death Note.

    It would be hilarious if his notebook in the movie actually was the Death Note. It's a small enough detail, the average person wouldn't notice. But if one nerd with a Tumblr sees it, something's going to explode.
  5. John Melloy

    John Melloy Member

    What if someone passes a door with the star symbol on it? Or something like that
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  6. Creighton

    Creighton Member

    Tucker could have a poster of Pendragon in his bedroom. Um ... or maybe like a miniature model of a quig? Perhaps DJ's favorite quig? Maybe Tucker Pierce has the flair for art and modeled it out of clay himself? This is a really interesting idea. I think it would be nice to see because it's not tying the stories together as far as plot but DJ fans will be able to spot them. Like the Disney Pixar movies do a lot of.
  7. djmachale

    djmachale Author Staff Member Administrator

    I put lots of Easter Eggs in my books. The Never War/Tower of Terror was a big one.
  8. Veelox Incident

    Veelox Incident Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Maybe down the road, if Tucker/people go back to greenwich (part of my theory for the next couple books is that they'll have to go back to Tuckers home town to find out what his father was really working on). There could be a road sign for Stony Brook?
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  9. KingChozo

    KingChozo New Member

    I think in book two when there in the library have Tucker read a Pendragon book. By the way just finished book two and can't wait to read the next book.
  10. Lights

    Lights Member

    I would love to see easter eggs in the movie. I think the door with a star carved on it is a great idea. Maybe have that on the door to Tuckers bedroom with a quick exchange from his parents about "that time he carved a star into his door. we were so mad." This would also avoid any confusions about them being in the same universe.

    Other than that, DJ as the Author speaking at the end should happen (someone mentioned that one somewhere, too).
    I'm bad at thinking of these but if I do I'll post them here.
  11. Shannon

    Shannon Honorary Garbage Can

    I think I might have been the one that said something about the author cameo. Because, of course, that's nearly mandatory. I love when those happen.
  12. Veelox Incident

    Veelox Incident Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I could see DJ being a SYLO guard or something. Or maybe even Tucker's Dad? It's a relatively minor role?
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  13. Shannon

    Shannon Honorary Garbage Can

    I may or may not have fancasted Brendan Fraser as Tucker's dad *cough cough*, but I could totally see that.
  14. empire_c2

    empire_c2 Active Member

    Author cameos are the best. I think it would be most amusing if it was a generic character with one line or something. So like veelox said with the guard. Or if it covers the whole trilogy one of the survivors or something. Many options. It's like how Stan Lee always has his cameos in the marvel cinematic universe.

    Including stuff from the other series as easter eggs would be great too. Love the star on the door idea. Or even if he had one of Marsh's later comics from Morpheus Road.
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  15. Shannon

    Shannon Honorary Garbage Can

    I love the comic idea - that could easily be placed on a desk or something.
  16. All of Halla

    All of Halla New Member

    I love the Traveler Star idea on Tucker's door. Also, Tucker could be shown walking, and he accidentally kicks a Traveler ring or something, because he's walking through a small level of trash that's accumulated since the departure of humanity.

    I also agree that DJ should play Tucker's dad. It's not a super big role, but it will definitely get the fans excited.

    “Because that's the way it was meant to be.” - Bobby Pendragon and Press Tilton

  17. You're in for a wild ride.
  18. All of Halla

    All of Halla New Member

    That's good too. I think it would be cool if there's an Easter Egg in each movie, like Tucker's room in the first, the library in the second, and maybe Tucker accidentally kicking a Traveler ring or something in the third one.
  19. I_ LIKE_SYLO

    I_ LIKE_SYLO New Member

    make feit wearing the travler ring!!

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