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  1. Me too. I told my brother about Press coming back and I got so excited Press is hands down my favorite character in the books.
  2. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn New Member

    Spoilers!: I thought the woman with Press all the time in The Blood was Osa
  3. djmachale

    djmachale Author Staff Member Administrator

    And Loor made an appearance in The Black. It was brief, but she was there.
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  4. Mike

    Mike New Member

    The connections are crazy but must have been brilliant to write, right? You must've have got such a kick out of writing their respective scenes, venturing to old territories so to speak (pardon the pun). I (or should I say we as the readers, as you can see by everyone's posts) loved the returnees. It was awesome and gave me (us all) an incredible sense of excitement and a familiarity only briefly touched upon in the two previous Morpheus Road books. :)
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  5. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn New Member

    It really did O_O I cried at times too XD
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  6. djmachale

    djmachale Author Staff Member Administrator

    I didn't plan on doing that at first. I only had Marsh come from Stony Brook for fun. But as I got deeper into the story I saw how the mythologies of the two might connect, so I just decided to go for it.
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  7. Collision236

    Collision236 New Member

    Well Press is one of the most awesome characters ever created, so its hard to not get excited for him!
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  8. CloranTraveler

    CloranTraveler Active Member

    I second that!
  9. 116unashamed

    116unashamed Member

    As soon as I read "or somebody's uncle" my first thought was "Press". My second was "The 'heaven' is Solara"

    I do have a question, though: was the dark-skinned woman watcher with Press Osa?
  10. John Melloy

    John Melloy Member

    I think there are two times when a dark-skinned woman appears. One time it is Osa, the other is Loor. I may be mistaken though, it's been a while since I've read them.
  11. 116unashamed

    116unashamed Member

    It's been a while since I've read them, too.
  12. djmachale

    djmachale Author Staff Member Administrator

    Loor is in The Black. Osa is in The Blood.
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  13. 116unashamed

    116unashamed Member

    Ok. Thanks for clearing that up!
  14. empire_c2

    empire_c2 Active Member

    Finally done the trilogy (would have been done ages (years) ago but I had issues finding the second book). It was fabulous! I really enjoyed the adventure and the Pendragon tie ins. Any time Press is around you know it will be fun, the Blood or not. I think what I liked most was the closure. It wasn't about defeating a specific enemy or one person being the hero - it was about humanity, and proving good is what mankind still wanted. The events between Damon and Marsh at the end were my particular favourites. Yes I know Damon was words that I cannot post on here, but it was big character development for him and Marsh.

    Thanks for writing this story, DJ! I've been now having fun imagining concepts of the after life for stories.
  15. djmachale

    djmachale Author Staff Member Administrator

    Glad you liked it. I too loved the resolution with Damon...which in some ways wasn't a resolution. At least not in the "bad guy is vanquished" sense. With all of my stories I try to illustrate that it's tough looking at life as black and white. There is good, and not so good in every situation and in all of us.

    Wait'll you see how that plays out in The SYLO Chronicles!
  16. Lights

    Lights Member

    Speaking of that in SYLO, it seems like the adult themes are more obvious, or at least expressed in more of a mature way, in that series compared to the previous two so far. I'm pretty excited to see how that develops in the next two!
  17. Ruilin96

    Ruilin96 New Member

    Since all Travelers are Watchers too, I always wonder what kind of Watcher Bobby would be like.

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