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  1. Kayla Nicole Tenney

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    Once stories are posted, they will be listed here in order of author name so it's easier to find what you're looking for. ^^

    When posting a story, here is the suggested title format:
    [Fanfic- Pendragon] My Awesome PenTen Fanfic
    [Original- Fantasy] Sweeto Fantasy Story

    To explain, you have [Fanfiction] or [Original]. Then it's [Fandom] or [Genre]. Finally you have the title of your story or some other catchy title. This makes it easier for readers, and easier for me to put in the index. (If your story title is different than your topic title, be sure to put your story title somewhere in your first post.)

    These are stories based off of already published works, such as books, movies, video games, and music. Sorted alphabetically by fandom (with D.J.'s works first) and then author username.

    Pendragon Alphabet Poem by AngieLS

    Six Faces by crusader1776

    Digimon Destinies by empire_c2

    Legend of Zelda
    Real Courage by Kayla Nicole Tenney

    Warhammer 40K
    Rally the Scytherunner by WolfQueen (May not be appropriate for younger readers)

    Original Works
    These are stories that are original to the author, and not based off of, or similar to, something else. Sorted alphabetically by genre and then author username.

    Fairy Tale/Folklore
    The Firebird by mavrick

    Everything I Ever Wanted by AlexCarr
    The Epic of Alius by Alpha Centauri
    The Six by Nadia_12
    The Bwa' Kwellian by Veelox Incident

    Short Stories by Anthem
    Wilde by Shannon

    The Society by Dado
    Death of an Angel by Pendragon_Fan_01

    Descent by pfunk92
    A Lion's Fear by Zayde

    Collaborative Apocalypse 2013 by the members of this website
  2. Excellent.
  3. Shiku

    Shiku Active Member

    So is this section going to be strictly fanfiction? Will their be another section for just straight up writing/poetry and what not?
  4. Kayla Nicole Tenney

    Kayla Nicole Tenney Fanfiction Mod Staff Member Moderator

    There were original works in the previous Fanfiction section, so I don't see why not. I'm going to post my original stuff and non-Pen/MR/SYLO fanfics. Actually, I'm going to post one right about now. ^^
  5. Shannon

    Shannon Honorary Garbage Can

    This almost makes me want to post the first couple chapters of something I've been writing for a couple of months now simply because I want to know if people like it. That will tell me whether it's worth continuing or not . . . =3
  6. Kayla Nicole Tenney

    Kayla Nicole Tenney Fanfiction Mod Staff Member Moderator

    The first update has been made. I won't normally announce when I make updates, so check back every week or so. Also, be sure to give the author your comments!
  7. Kayla Nicole Tenney

    Kayla Nicole Tenney Fanfiction Mod Staff Member Moderator

    Sorry for the hiatus. I do that some times. The Index has been updated, just so you know.
  8. Orpha Peck

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    roger that! :p
  9. That was actually four years ago, I don't think she meant updated for recent stories, Orpha Peck
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    I love to watch or read fiction stories
  11. charlene0128

    charlene0128 Tebter Property

    thank you so much for the update!
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