The Never "Wardrobe": Bobby

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What outfit would Bobby look great in from "The Never War " era? (I've got artist block.)

  1. Zoot Suit

  2. Bellhop

  3. Depression clothing

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  4. Other: (Ideas below)

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  2. CloranTraveler

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    Love it Courage! Great as always :)
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  3. I'm still working on the other Bobby drawing. I thought I would be finished earlier, but I needed more time.
  4. My scanner is broken, too.
  5. So I won't be able to upload art at this time. I'm trying to get it fixed.
  6. Oh my gosh, I feel so bad that I let time slip by on this. Don't worry, the scanner is fixed now, so I should post the line art by sometime soon. I really plan to do this.
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  7. Posted the bellhop, working on the zoot suit. ;)
  8. CloranTraveler

    CloranTraveler Active Member

    Love the bellhop! Awesome ;)
  9. I'm SUCH a know what, I'm going to just work on inking Bobby in the bellhop suit tonight. I can't believe I put it off this long... :(
  10. Y' some fanart...I wanna see more stuff.

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