The Soldiers of Halla

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    Patrick's mentor was his student, Em Stickler.

    I don't know which moment pulled at my heart strings more: Bobby reuniting with everyone at the end of Raven Rise, or everyone saying their goodbyes to each other at the end of Soldiers of Halla......I can't choose!
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    It's a toss up for me, too. The best thing for me about the moment in Raven Rise was that I had planned that from the very beginning. So I was happy to finally see it play out.
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    I liked how the journals played a part in the end. I'll admit, first time I read this book, I felt iffy about the big truth and the ending. Probably because I didn't undertsand it entirely. After going a few years of maturing and picking up the series again, I love it now. The positive spirits of the exiles is ultimately what saved all of Halla and could be seen as a way to help our own real world.

    My only question is what became of the exiles on Cloral? Did they just stay there after everything? I forget what became of the massive group at the moment and don't have my book yet to recall, but I do remember reading the ending and was voicing that question out loud.
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    Fantastic series, it was a thriller from start to finish and I am glad to be part of the journey! After reading this series, I also went on to read both the Morpheus Road and Sylo Triologies and they were all fantastic. DJ is one of the very few authors that could really throw surprises and twists in his plot that is so unexpected!
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  5. It was really something. I was glad to be a part of it.
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    2018 and I have finally finished reading the amazing adventure of Bobby Pendragon. You may think, "hey, it's 2018, what have you been doing this whole time?!". Well some backstory is much needed : I discovered The Merchant of Death maybe around 2008, yeah, quite late and the thing is it was totally random. A friend had gifted be the book for my birthday without knowing if it was any good. I had a try and completely fell in love with the story and the characters. And as soon as I had finished the first one I couldn't wait to know if there was a sequel. And lucky for me, there was, and not just one book. I tried to find the books, never could. Why? Well, I'm French and at the time I was maybe 12 years old, i didn't know much about english so I had to read them in French, which, I couldn’t because they weren’t translated right away, I had to wait years for each book. So at some point, when I was old enough to read in English, maybe 16, (and honestly, every book is better in its original language) I chose to purchase every last one of them online. And all I can say is that it was worth the wait.

    Every book, every adventure had me feeling all the emotions. And what I loved the most was how credible the story was. I am well aware that it is fiction but the issues of the world, religion, societies, wars, opinions, they were there and made sense. How two different people could want the same thing but with different means and purpose is real and is really well illustrated by the discussion Saint Dane and Bobby have in Raven Rise I think (one of my favorite parts of the series). The Soldiers of Halla is hands down the best one of them even if I had some trouble accepting the epilogue. I didn’t get what it meant and how it was possible. It felt like there was no real link between the end of Bobby’s journal and the epilogue. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, so I had a theory that made me accept and actually liked how the book ends.

    The way I understand it is so: obviously, Bobby’s journal ends with Press and him discussing how unfair it was for them to not have been able to live their lives as if they were humans, as if any of it had happened. And then we see Bobby and Courtney, in the hospital, reminiscing of the life they had, when out of nowhere, a man comes in with Bobby’s journal (obviously, the man is Press Tilton). Bobby seems to recognize him but doesn’t really know from where, and him and Courtney start reading the journals. At this point I was confused, like, really confused. Was it all a dream? Had Saint Dane actually existed? Was Solara, Halla and the Travelers real? Did the battle ever happened? With some thinking, I came to one (more or less satisfying, ‘depends) conclusion: Press granted the travelers their wish to have a normal life as if nothing had happened, for them to be happy (Gunny and Elli did live a long life before becoming travelers so that could happen). But when life ended, as usual, Bobby had to go back to being a spirit of Solara, and he and Courtney had to be remembered who they were, what they had gone through and what they had done to save Halla. Press came with the journals for them to remember, before it was all over.

    (sidenote: I was rooting for Loor and Bobby, that may be why I was a bit disappointed with the end at first haha)

    That was a long post, to say the least. But before wrapping up, I wanted to say a huge thank you to the author, DJ Machale, (if he ever sees this) who never ceased to amaze me with the storylines. It was never just a fiction for me, it is also a reminder of who people are, what they can do together, and that fighting for what’s right is always the best choice, whatever the outcome. Because everything happens the way it’s supposed to be, the way it was meant to be.

    From France, with love and much appreciation

    And so we go...
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