The Soldiers of Halla

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    Patrick's mentor was his student, Em Stickler.

    I don't know which moment pulled at my heart strings more: Bobby reuniting with everyone at the end of Raven Rise, or everyone saying their goodbyes to each other at the end of Soldiers of Halla......I can't choose!
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    It's a toss up for me, too. The best thing for me about the moment in Raven Rise was that I had planned that from the very beginning. So I was happy to finally see it play out.
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    I liked how the journals played a part in the end. I'll admit, first time I read this book, I felt iffy about the big truth and the ending. Probably because I didn't undertsand it entirely. After going a few years of maturing and picking up the series again, I love it now. The positive spirits of the exiles is ultimately what saved all of Halla and could be seen as a way to help our own real world.

    My only question is what became of the exiles on Cloral? Did they just stay there after everything? I forget what became of the massive group at the moment and don't have my book yet to recall, but I do remember reading the ending and was voicing that question out loud.
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    Fantastic series, it was a thriller from start to finish and I am glad to be part of the journey! After reading this series, I also went on to read both the Morpheus Road and Sylo Triologies and they were all fantastic. DJ is one of the very few authors that could really throw surprises and twists in his plot that is so unexpected!
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  5. It was really something. I was glad to be a part of it.

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