Theory (Assume Spoilers from all 15 D.J. Books)

Discussion in 'STORM' started by Dropkick, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Dropkick

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    I was thinking.
    In continuing the tradition of linking the books, is it possible the "gates to hell" are flumes? And the Retros are from Third Earth or Quillan or Veelox after the collapse of Lifelight? And the Second Earth they're on takes place after the Bronx Massacre and the battle with Damon but before the Third Earth where they fought in Soldiers of Halla. I thought Granger was incredibly Saint Dane-like after SYLO. But after STORM, Feit seems more like it. Like the mysterious shadow that flew out of the big plane at the end. Hmmmmm. And that comment about "You could say that" at Fenway when Tucker asks if he's from a different world made me think Third Earth. And it would explain the Ruby. There are ten territories it could have come from. Probably one of the advanced ones. Maybe the Ruby even came from the Blood and that's where the Retros are from.
    Fun to think about, at least.
  2. Shannon

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    Just to go along with this,
    I'm about 99% sure that the black rods are from Quillan :)
  3. djmachale

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    I LIKE this!
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  4. Veelox Incident

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    I was thinking about the flumes and the "gates" but that's as far as I got with parallels. And does it seem to anyone that Mr. Feit could be a very young Uncle Press??
  5. Shannon

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  6. Dado

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    I really, really hope this ends up being real.

    I read DJ's books waiting for a traveler to stop by, or for a flume to make an appearance.
    Needless to say, Morpheus Road made me very happy.
  7. djmachale

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    I don't usually post spoilers, but I've made mention of this in several places so I feel okay with saying it here. There is no connection between SYLO and the Pendragon story. I only say that because I don't want you reading, hoping that it's going to happen and then be disappointed when it doesn't.

    But it's fun to speculate. I guess you can find parallels between stories of all authors. But in this case, there's no Pendragon link up.

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  8. Dropkick

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    Thanks for the heads up, DJ. Haha.
  9. Ruilin96

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    Hi DJ just a theory I've got when I was reading Strike. HIGHTLIGHT FOR SPOILERS:

    At the beginning of the the book Strike, when Tucker was near death and found himself back on the beach on Pemberwick Island and saw his best friend Quinn. I thought that since Tucker was near death he may have wondered into "The Black" and what he saw would be in his vision of The Black. Especially when Quinn said I hope you will find yourself back here some day (somehwere along that line) may hinted that it isn't Tucker's time to be in The Black yet and Quinn said he would be there waiting for him when he returns.

    This is just just a thought, and it would actually connect the myth of all three series together again.

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