Time Off (Part Two)

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  1. Time Off
    Part Two

    “I knew it.” Bobby concluded with a light laugh, gratifying himself with a sticky handful of his fries. A gooey trail of American cheese stretched from his fingers like a spider web and attached to the thigh of his jeans. He severed the string with his tounge and roped the rest into his mouth, but then he could only chuckle awkwardly when he met Loor’s disgusted stare.

    She scoffed and gracefully planted a last fry in her mouth. “Atrocious.”

    He shrugged and wiped the film from his mouth with the back of his hand, accepting her empty bag. He crumpled them both into a large ball and shot it into the faraway wastebasket with a flick of his wrist. It was a ritual that he and Mark always did when they were done; Mark would always miss the basket while Bobby would land it with just the right velocity.

    Refocusing her gaze from Bobby to the tall oak tree in front of her, Loor attempted a thin smile. “Second Earth can be beautiful.” She admitted truthfully.

    Bobby looked surprised at the outburst, but then he understood when he saw the rays of afternoon sunlight peeking through the vivid autumn leaves of the oak tree. It reminded him of when he would see sunlight illuminate glass mosaics of an old chapel.

    “Yeah…beautiful.” He replied thoughtfully. As she blinked admiringly at the plant that reminded her so much of her own flourishing homeland, Bobby warily scooted toward the far side of the bench. Just when he was inches away from her, the sixty-year old wood creeeaked like a ghoul under his weight. Loor gave Bobby a look, and he resumed scrutinizing the oak tree like it was the only one left in the world.

    A refreshing wind sailed by, rustling the trees of the park and momentarily causing focused rays of sunlight to waver on their faces. A ray glinted on something below Bobby’s vision, and his eyes met Loor’s placidly resting fingers hanging from the bench. Bobby’s features dimmed instantly. Although he’d made a very big display of putting his own ring in his pocket to assure her she was completely safe on Second Earth, Loor’s ring was still hooked on her finger.


    Loor glanced at the lead Traveler, who was staring contemplatively at her ring. She immediately felt a pang of guilt, but she had kept it on for a reason—an escape if Saint Dane decided to show up uninvited. She fought the urge to conceal her hands in her lap. “Someone has to be on their guard, Pendragon.”

    And I was never on it twenty-four-seven for the past two years, right?!” He erupted, instantly wishing he didn’t when he noticed the regretful look in Loor's eyes.
    He let out a deep, quiet sigh. “Look—you’re going to be okay. Trust me.” He held out an expectant palm.

    It was met with dull eyes.

    Trust me.”

    After a doubtful moment, Loor grudgingly planted her ring in his hand. His unwavering russet eyes remained locked on her as he slowly stuffed her ring into his pocket…and then he bolted towards the lake in the distance.

    Loor’s head spun after his fleeing figure, her eyes wide like saucers with bewilderment. Then, she gasped in horror at what she was witnessing and shot up from the bench in hot pursuit.

    Before she could wrestle his arm to the ground, a shiny object plipped six times across the glassy surface of the water. She could do nothing but watch as the ring bobbed dizzily in a fading, faraway ripple. His laughter behind her made her blood boil. Loor spun around and snatched him by his brown leather collar.

    “That was no ordinary rock in the desert!” She spouted. “That was my ring! My only ring! Has your mind been lost?!”

    “It was my ring,” Bobby replied calmly, still glowing with amusement.

    Your…why did you throw it?” She asked curiously, anger still present in her voice. Uncertainly, she let her hands slip from his collar and took a cautious step back in case he transformed into Saint Dane. Bobby couldn’t fight a giggle at that reaction as he bent down to the soil to search for a good stone. “Trust me—it’ll float. I’ll get it back later,” he said as if he were commenting the weather.

    He rubbed a potential stone between his fingers, listening for a squeak. Then, he wound his arm backwards and threw the stone with a sharp flick of his wrist. Loor watched as the rock skipped on the surface once, twice, three times, four times, five times, six times, seven times, and finally plunged with a dlop beneath the mirror of tangerine water. Bobby rested his hands on his hips and nodded slowly, apparently satisfied, but not quite satisfied.

    After some calculation he turned to the Traveler beside him with a can-you-beat-that smirk, but then his jaw dropped when he saw an even larger rock skip ten times across the water.

    It was Loor’s turn to bask in her own glory. All Bobby could do was blink in awe at the way her laugh shone like a bright crescent moon.

    “What is the matter?” Loor teased, walking past him exultantly. ”You should know by now that I learn quickly.” She turned tauntingly over her shoulder. “Or have you already forgotten of that?” Her boots continued in their march from the lake.

    Bobby finally came to and jogged up to her. “So I guess you have fun making me look bad in my own hometown.”

    “Yes, that is true.” Loor admitted after a moment, blinking elegantly with certainty.

    “I could have pushed you in. Who’d be laughing then, huh?”

    “I would be. Right before I make sure that you will not see another rising of the sun.”

    It took a few seconds for him to realize she wasn't being funny. He chuckled sportingly, but the sound was not relaxed at all.

    Changing the subject, Bobby crossed his arms aimlessly and took a few aimless steps across the bank. Loor followed close behind, not intending to get the tiniest bit lost in unfamiliar land.
    “Well,” he began uselessly. “It’s getting kind of late, anyway. Maybe we should...head back to the flume.”

    To his surprise, Loor didn’t nod right away. “Oh--yes…I…that is logical, Pendragon.”

    Bobby felt a smile tug on the corners of his lips. “You don’t wanna leave yet, do you?”

    “I said your suggestion was logical.”

    “Just admit it.”

    Loor stiffened. “Alright. I was expecting you to foolishly squander all your necessary time for such a pointless trek as this for longer than any Traveler could ever tolerate, even Press for that matter…why do you find this so amusing?”

    Pendragon finished his hearty chuckle and met her gaze with laughing, hazy auburn eyes. “I dunno. It's just that I don't want to leave yet either.”

    Before she could mask it, Loor's smile brightened, melting her icy stare and outshining the wattage of Bobby's grin.
    “What must we do next in your Territory?” She questioned with a newfound eagerness.

    "Hobey ho!" With that, Bobby led them to a nearby ice-cream stand.

    On the way, he reminded her she'd have to eat it quickly, or it would melt. Bobby seized that moment while they strolled towards the cart to hesitantly fold his fingers with hers.

    Just like he hoped, her fingers melted into his own hands.

    The End
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