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    Is there a turn-based thing going on, then? I assume it would be confusing if everyone tried to post at once.
  2. CloranTraveler

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    Hobey ho! Welcome to the site guys. Always exciting to meet other fans ^_^
    I try to pop on as much as I can. I've been pretty busy lately with working and whatnot, but I always put aside some time to hop on here and chat with everyone. I've been a big Pendragon fan for about 8 years now and getting to chat with other fans about the books is great (and D.J.'s other works too!)
  3. I had to put SYLO on hiatus. I just wasn't feeling it. The same thing happened with Morpheus Road for me. It may be different for others, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish them. And I felt bad because McHale is one of my favorite authors.
  4. Are all of those books YOURS? :eek:
  5. CloranTraveler

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    Were you referring to my Pendragon shelf? If so, yes they are mine. The ones on the right are the Pendragon audiobooks :)
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    Other new faces within a month. Awesome. I was a junkie for Pendragon and blew through them back in 2012ish and since then they've taken the throne as my favorite series of all time, trumping all from LOTR to HP. Unfortunately I cannot find my books, so until my box set arrives my memories will be a little fuzzy :(
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    Hello friends! My name is Orpha and just wanted to say hi as I'm really glad to be here
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  8. Audio books on Youtube.
  9. Hi! Welcome to the party.
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    Hello, everyone, Newbie is here. I am Jamce William.
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    Welcome to the Forums!!
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    Hello, new here! Read all of Pendragons, Morpheus Road and Sylo! Would get my hands on The Library once I am able to get a copy of it :)
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