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Forums to close

Hi all.

Back when the original Pendragon Forums existed, it was a very lively and exciting place for readers to hang out, talk books, share fan-fiction and art, and discuss whatever it was they felt like discussing.  They got so popular that it was not only a great place for  people to hang out, it also became a big job just to moderate and stop the flow of inappropriate material that some people felt the need to post.  (Gotta love the internet…NOT)  Perhaps some of you remember that.  The last straw came when the site was hacked and my publisher at the time asked that I take it down.

So I did, and then re-opened these forums a few years later…with a little better security.  But in the interim, social media exploded.  Now there are a multitude of places for people to hang out and communicate.  The need for a private little space like the Pendragon Forums is no longer needed.  So what I’ve seen is that there isn’t the same need and/or interest in posting on these forums.  Therefore, I’ve decided to shut them down.

Truth is, I don’t even spend much time there.  I’ve got so many other platforms around the web that I don’t have the time to check my own forums!  Anybody who wants to get in touch with me, can. Whether it be Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or by emailing me directly.

So to all the moderators, especially Geoff, I thank you for all the time and effort you’ve spent keeping the forums going.  (Geoff is also the guy who runs my website.  That site will remain running, of course)

IMPORTANT: To anyone who has posted fan-fiction or fan-art, if you don’t have your own copies I’ll leave the forums up until July 1st.  That should give you plenty of time to download anything you want to keep.

As I said, this website will remain alive and well.  I’ll always post info on new books and projects, as well as appearance information.  And this is the one place where anyone can find my email address. As anyone knows who has written to me, I’ll always write back. (Eventually)  And of course you can always find me elsewhere on the web.  I’m pretty good about checking my various sites…just not my own forums!

Any questions, feel free to write.  Thank you all again for those who have posted, become members, and especially to those who have moderated.  I’ll still be in touch…just elsewhere.


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