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The Equinox Curiosity Shop

Sam Calico is an 11-year-old boy who loves to thrill people with exciting tales of derring-do.  Trouble is, he insists that his stories are all true and that he’s an actual adventurer. Nobody believes him, of course. Except for a strange creature named Skooch who comes from a mysterious land called Equinox Valley. 
Equinox Valley is in trouble.  A war is brewing. Skooch left his home in search of someone to help him end the battle before it can begin. Once he heard Sam’s stories, he felt certain Sam would be the perfect person to step in and challenge the evil forces that are threatening to destroy his home. But is Sam truly the hero Skooch needs him to be?
This kicks off Sam’s adventure where he’ll journey to a remarkable land that exists for an important purpose: to ensure that the world continues to turn. It’s nothing less than the birthplace of all imagination and if that isn’t incredible enough, it’s run entirely by intelligent toys. 
There’s only one way to get there: You must enter The Equinox Curiosity Shop.
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