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Book Giveaway – Pendragon: The Pilgrims of Rayne

In honor of the publication of my new book “The Equinox Curiosity Shop”; I’m giving away an old book.  When the paperback of Pendragon: The Pilgrims of Rayne was published, the publisher sent me my entire allotment of courtesy copies…which was way more than I could ever use.  (Normally they just send a few copies when I request them, but wires got crossed somehow and they backed a truck up to my office) So I’ve been holding on to all these copies for several years and figure it’s time that they found a new home. I’ve donated some, given some as gifts…and STILL have a boat load.  Therefore, if you would like one to fill out your collection, or if it’s your favorite Pendragon story, or you just like the look of the “Bobby the Blue-Eyed Reindeer” cover, you can have one…for the price of postage.  Signed and personalized too!  Here’s what you do:


1.  Mail me a self-addressed envelope big enough for the book and with the correct postage to get it back to you. (I usually send books in a lightweight padded envelope)


2.  The weight of the book plus a lightweight padded envelope is 14 ounces. So depending on where you are, and the way you want it sent, you’ll have to include enough postage to get 14 ounces from me back to you.



3.  I usually mail books through USPS Media Mail. It’s the least expensive and still pretty quick but you can select any service you’d like.



4.  Include a note that tells me how you would like me to inscribe it.  (i.e. Signature only or personalized)



5.  As soon as I get it I’ll sign a copy, turn it around and send it back.




6.  Easy as that.



I’ll keep doing this as long as copies last, but I can’t imagine I’ll get so many requests that I’ll run out. Here’s my address:



D.J. MacHale / Manhattan Beach Studios / 1600 Rosecrans Avenue / Media Center – Suite 400 / Manhattan Beach, CA  90266



There you go.  Hobey ho!

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Book Giveaway Contest Winners.

These are the four books that were requested by the winners of the football pic/book giveaway contest.  I’m glad I had them all, and in hardcover no less!  Thank you to everybody for entering.  I already know what the next book giveaway is going to be.  Watch out for details coming soon.

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BOOK GIVEAWAY 1st Round Winners

Here’s the contest picture:

The correct answer is:

Congrats to the 44 1st round winners.  Final drawing TBD…soon.

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Publication Day!

The Library is open for a new adventure.


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The Library #2 – Black Moon Rising

The Library will re-open with the second tale on October 3rd…just in time for the Haloween season!  (Which is fitting since this is a story that takes place on Halloween)

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The Library #1 in Paperback

On September 19th the paperback edition of The Library #1 will be published.

Just to confuse everyone, we made some changes.  The hardcover edition will always be called:  “Curse of the Boggin” with the original cover.  But the paperback edition of #1, and ALL future editions of The Library (including hardcovers) will have a new look.  And there will also be a title change for #1.  The new title is:  Surrender The Key.

Why are we doing this?  Good question.  The publisher felt that the original cover/title didn’t adequately represent the book series.  So we’re making this sea-change.  (Something similar happened with Morpheus Road, if anybody remembers)  So if you’ve read Curse of the Boggin, no need to go for Surrender The Key because it’s the exact same book…between the covers.  (That is, unless you like the new cover so much that you want the updated version.  Or you’re collecting all the titles and want them to look alike.  Far be it for me to tell anybody NOT to purchase a book!)

And then next month…#2 will finally publish!


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The Pendragon Complete – Giveaway!

I’m giving away three volumes of The Pendragon Complete…all ten books in the Pendragon saga.  Go to my Facebook page (D.J. MacHale) to enter.  Entry begins on December 1st and goes to December 9th after which I’ll do a random drawing.

And of course, I’ll sign them.  Good luck!

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I’m very happy to announce that the U.S. publisher of the Pendragon adventure has published a ten book boxed set of the entire series, in paperback.  I never thought they would do this, seeing as there are so many books.  But I guess it helps that paperbacks are light!  I’m hoping this will introduce a whole new generation of Travelers into the world of Halla.  Hobey ho!

Here’s the link on Amazon:


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Manhattan Beach, CA / Manhattan Beach Public Library

I’m looking forward to paying a visit to the (still pretty) brand new library in Manhattan Beach.

Here’s the link:

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Richmond, VA – BBGB Books

Not sure what the time of the store event is yet.  I’ll update when I get it.  Here’s the link:

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