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The guy on the Morpheus Road cover.

Hatty?  Nah.  But let’s have some fun.  What do you think this guy’s name really is?  He does have a name and it’s not something that I totally made up (like Saint Dane).  Think of it more as a title.  If somebody guesses it, I’ll let you know.  (If you’ve read the advance copy, don’t post the name, okay?  That’s cheating.)

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Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

One of the scenes in Morpheus Road: The Light was  easy to write because I based it on something that actually happened to me.  I won’t go into detail here until after the book comes out (you know, spoilers) but I will say it has something to do with Marsh Seaver being home alone playing music. . . and hearing some very strange sounds.  What I wrote about in the book is pretty much exactly what happened to me, and I was never able to explain what it was, other than to believe there was something truly other-wordly going on.

Has anybody else had something spooky happen to them?  Only real stories, please.  No fiction.

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