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The Pendragon Adventure – Finally complete!

When the hardback of The Soldiers of Halla was first published in 2009, it was with the classic cover design. At the same time, the U.S. publisher created a new cover design for all of the paperbacks. That meant, in 2010 when the paperback for TSoH was published, it was with the new design only. Since then I’ve gotten lots of angry mail from readers saying that they had the first nine paperbacks of the Pendragon story in the classic design, but could not complete the collection. After hearing that, a lot, I asked the publisher if they would do a limited run of the paperback with the classic design…and they agreed! So here we are, only 4 years late, the Pendragon collection is now officially complete. Today, October 7th, the paperback of The Soldiers of Halla is being published..the way it was meant to be.

Hobey ho!

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