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Podcast (and interview) Potpourri

I’ve done several podcasts and interviews that are scattered all over the internet.  I thought it would be a smart idea to make a blog post that has them all in one place.  I’ll add new links as they come up.


• ENTER THE NERDOM – A far-ranging audio interview I did with these guys that covers much of my work with TV and books, with an emphasis on Are You Afraid of the Dark?  I believe it’s on a few platforms but this link goes to Spotify.

   • HORROR4KIDS / BLOODY DISGUSTING – An extensive video interview I did about Are You Afraid of the Dark? as well as my book of supernatural short stores titled BEYOND MIDNIGHT – Seven Peculiar Tales of Mystery and Suspense.

  • NOSTALGIA TALK – An interview with James Nobes that covers lots of my various shows and books.  Pretty thorough!

    • YOU, ME & YTV – A lengthy talk with Ryan about all things Dark, and even quite a bit about Ghostwriter. It’s a fun, far-ranging discussion.

        • THE TRUEXACT SHOW – A fun podcast with video about the origins of AYAOTD, the art of scaring kids (and adults) and some challenging lightning-round questions.

       • WOTTAREAD  A quickie, short-answer interview about a variety of things.

  • UNGER THE RADAR / NOSTALGIA TIME  An AYAOTD mini-reunion hosted by Randy Under and Matt Haberman. Joining the video panel are Richard M. Dumont who played Sardo. (“No mister, accent on the doh”) and Jason Alisharon who played Frank in the Midnight Society for five seasons.  And me.  Lots of BTS kind of stuff of the making of the show.

  • MONSTERS, MADNESS AND MAGIC.  An interview I did for this terrific Podcast about writing all things spooky.

  • THE HIDDEN STATION – WITH CONOR DOWLING  An AYAOTD talk with Conor from the UK. This was fun because I got the chance to discuss the writing process of the show.

  • BEYOND THE MOUSE – TOWER OF TERROR  A fun interview with the Front Row Network/NPR Illinois about the making of the Disney movie. (Video version available on their FB page)

  • UP ALL NIGHT WITH COURTLAND AND BRANDON. An Are You Afraid of the Dark? talk where I discussed a few things about the show that I don’t normally get the chance to.

  • WTD WITH AL & TOM (USUK Podcasting Network):  These guys have a unique show: one lives in the U.S., the other in the U.K. (Hence USUK) We had a fun chat about Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Tom was a super-fan)

  • MEDIA MIKES – Great website that covers all forms of media. I did a Zoom chat with Mike Gencarelli about Dark?, Pendragon, and other shows.  View it here:

  • ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?  INTERVIEW – A Q&A with Troy and Erin at about diversity on the show.

  • ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE PODCAST? – Jeremy and Sara Goeckner produce an ongoing podcast that is all about Dark?  They have lots of fun discussing episodes at great length.  I sat down with Jeremy to talk about the show and to re-live some memorable moments.

  • THE WITCH HAUNT – I was interviewed by a witch!  Fly over to Gaby Triana’s site for all sorts of spooky fun.

  • JEANBOOKNERD – Such a great site for book lovers!  I had a wide-ranging conversation with Mark about my various writing endeavors from TV to books.

  • THE BIG ORANGE COUCH – Andrew, Joey and their team do a once-weekly podcast focusing on all aspects of 90’s Nickelodeon.

  • DIZNEY COAST TO COAST – Jeff discusses all things Disney and in this case, the Tower of Terror movie.

  • WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER SHOW – I talk with Mike and Cam about all things Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  • FIRST DRAFT WITH SARAH ENNI – Sarah has produced some wonderful podcasts with authors to discuss the writing process and their works.  And I was one of them!!  We talk about books and TV.

  • SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE – More Dark? discussion with Mike, Wendy and my good buddy Scott.


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The Equinox Curiosity Shop

I am thrilled that this book has finally been born.

It’s a story that’s been near and dear to me for a very long time. I first wrote it many years ago before I had published a single book, and when I was just starting out in TV.  I had no idea of what to do with it then so I did nothing.  It sat dormant for long stretches of time, patiently waiting for me to get my act together to make it a reality.  Every so often I’d take it out, remember how much I loved the story, and do another re-write.  Then it would sit again.

A few years back I thought it would finally get published, but the rug got pulled out and it went back into the drawer.  At that point I truly thought it would never happen.

Then about a year ago I took it out and once again was seduced by the story and became determined, once again, to make it happen.  I have to thank the good folks at Audible, most notably Heather Alexander, for seeing what I always saw and for wanting to make this an original audio book.

Of course I then went back in to re-work it yet again. And now, finally, it has become the story it will remain forever.

When I speak at schools, one of my messages to young writers (and anyone else who loves to create) is that you can never give up. If you believe in what you’re doing, and your vision, you can’t let the negative voices win. You must have faith in yourself and your talent. It isn’t easy, but you must persevere.  The Equinox Curiosity Shop is proof of that.

I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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Book Giveaway Contest Winners.

These are the four books that were requested by the winners of the football pic/book giveaway contest.  I’m glad I had them all, and in hardcover no less!  Thank you to everybody for entering.  I already know what the next book giveaway is going to be.  Watch out for details coming soon.

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BOOK GIVEAWAY 1st Round Winners

Here’s the contest picture:

The correct answer is:

Congrats to the 44 1st round winners.  Final drawing TBD…soon.

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Publication Day!

The Library is open for a new adventure.


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The Library #2 – Black Moon Rising

The Library will re-open with the second tale on October 3rd…just in time for the Haloween season!  (Which is fitting since this is a story that takes place on Halloween)

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The Library #1 in Paperback

On September 19th the paperback edition of The Library #1 will be published.

Just to confuse everyone, we made some changes.  The hardcover edition will always be called:  “Curse of the Boggin” with the original cover.  But the paperback edition of #1, and ALL future editions of The Library (including hardcovers) will have a new look.  And there will also be a title change for #1.  The new title is:  Surrender The Key.

Why are we doing this?  Good question.  The publisher felt that the original cover/title didn’t adequately represent the book series.  So we’re making this sea-change.  (Something similar happened with Morpheus Road, if anybody remembers)  So if you’ve read Curse of the Boggin, no need to go for Surrender The Key because it’s the exact same book…between the covers.  (That is, unless you like the new cover so much that you want the updated version.  Or you’re collecting all the titles and want them to look alike.  Far be it for me to tell anybody NOT to purchase a book!)

And then next month…#2 will finally publish!


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The Pendragon Complete – Giveaway!

I’m giving away three volumes of The Pendragon Complete…all ten books in the Pendragon saga.  Go to my Facebook page (D.J. MacHale) to enter.  Entry begins on December 1st and goes to December 9th after which I’ll do a random drawing.

And of course, I’ll sign them.  Good luck!

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I’m very happy to announce that the U.S. publisher of the Pendragon adventure has published a ten book boxed set of the entire series, in paperback.  I never thought they would do this, seeing as there are so many books.  But I guess it helps that paperbacks are light!  I’m hoping this will introduce a whole new generation of Travelers into the world of Halla.  Hobey ho!

Here’s the link on Amazon:


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Manhattan Beach, CA / Manhattan Beach Public Library

I’m looking forward to paying a visit to the (still pretty) brand new library in Manhattan Beach.

Here’s the link:

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