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Pendragon Games

The Pendragon games on this site have been down for a long time. We’ve been looking in to why this has happened but we haven’t yet been able to figure it out.

However, you can still play all the games on the Yahoo site. Just go here:

And click on the “Pendragon” link. All the games are there!

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That’s a heck of a title. Yikes.

Link to an article:

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The website was down for a while and it was all my fault.

I went to the admin page to do some maintenance and saw a “pop-up” that said something like:  “Upgrade to newest version of software” for the website.   So, I hit the button to upgrade…and the place blew up.  Luckily it was an easy fix and guys smarter than me got it all back on track.  Guess I won’t be hitting any buttons anymore.

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