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The Pendragon games on this site have been down for a long time. We’ve been looking in to why this has happened but we haven’t yet been able to figure it out.

However, you can still play all the games on the Yahoo site. Just go here:


And click on the “Pendragon” link. All the games are there!

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135 Comments on “Pendragon Games”

  1. And so we go10 says:

    I LOVE and ENJOYED reading the Pendragon books. So far. I just finished book 7, The Quillan Games, amazing . I’m so excited to read the rest of the series!


  2. Jackson says:

    Yo, has anyone else noticed that the games aren’t on yahoo any more? Well, I’m not Sylvester Stallone before that’s suggested.
    Jackson, Earth.

  3. Matthew says:

    Alder Spader and Loor rock. Dj I wish u could make a movie. Saying that I know how hard it is on u. And to pendragon fans 2 play the games u have to go to kids.yahoo/games.
    /:-) that was my saint Dane face.

  4. Emily says:

    Hi dj! Done with series for months and wanting the games. Their not on yahoo. HELP YOUR BIGGEST FAN, PLEEEEEAAAAASE!!!!

  5. Emily says:

    Dj please come to my school. I live in scotch plains, new jersey and will go to Terrill middle school! Thanks:() ( my Courtney kissing face )

  6. connor fraser says:

    i love the books i have finished allof them in 1 and a half weeks

  7. Pendragon Fan says:

    DJ please come to my school. It is Creekside Elementary. In Kaysville on Mutton Hollow Rd. In Davis County. Utah, US.

  8. Arman Naim says:

    D.J I am 11 years old live in FL my 21 year old brother Imran has finished 7 books when he was my age and past down his books I am on book 5 and almost done i cried when seegen the traeler died i cant wait to see what happens in the end of the book after pendragon ima read morpheous road *Makes Marks mountain dew face*

  9. Arman Naim says:

    by the way 2more things are you a traveler, and my school is emerald cove middle school in FL

  10. saripto3 says:

    These books are great! I hope your reading this DJ, because I want to let you know how much I like them. Almost done with the series. I’m on book 9. I wish I could travel to denduron and cloral and all the other territories. My shool is millbrook middle school. Please come and visit!

  11. anonymous says:

    good book.Its epic. Is there only going to be ten books?

  12. bookmaster/writerintraining says:

    I’m a very experienced reader, I’ve read countless series and I have a passion for fantasy. I’ve always found realistic fiction unsatisfying. I find the pendragon series to be really fresh and the only criticisms that comes to mind are:A the main character is a jock(a little bit hard for a book-nerd to connect with), B I find Courtney REALLY REALLY dis-likable and I’m one of the people who thinks it’s a good thing she got taken down a notch in high school(she has way too much ‘tude going on), C the klees’ physiology evolutionarily speaking they should have tails for extra balance for when they’re on two legs and their fur should have been coloured to match their environment (camouflage) D why couldn’t the acolytes also leave weapons for travelers entering new territories? E while I understand you can’t write an infinite number of books the idea of having only ten territories doesn’t add up to me given the whole “the universe is infinite” vibe I was getting and F I just finished book five but pendragon has already been to 8 worlds I thought it was supposed to go one world at a time, what’s up with that?. so anyways i was thinking (suggestion incoming) you could maybe make a pendragon card RPG (online card game) where you choose what kind of deck you have by choosing a combination of two worlds (cloral-eelong) as for the types of cards: plot cards(double back, place trap), item cards(cloral antidote, eelong gig, weapons) luck cards (lucky shot, retreat:forces enemy to cancel attack) and character cards (pendragon et cetera) and the characters have abilities and bonuses (e.g pendragon has”Teamwork: plus 1 to all stats for each other character on the field) and as I mentioned in the brackets: stats: Luck, Health PointsHP, Body(physical prowess), Mind(intellect, cunning), Spirit(bravery will: gives teammates and self bonuses) most of my ideas for this either came while I was writing or from an online card game you can find by going to http://www.ytv.com and going to shows(just click all shows when you mouse-over) scroll down a little, clicking jkl ,selecting league of super evil, clicking on the “play card game of doom” ad in the center of the screen, clicking play the game, and since you most likely don’t have an account click training mode and give the game a quick try when you have some spare time. ( I am a boy(Canadian) the email included is my mom’s)

  13. bookmaster/writerintraining says:

    sorry didn’t realize the message was so long

  14. junkyarddog-618 says:

    you should make a movie I love these books my brother told me to read one and I got in to it

  15. joseph says:

    These books are so great! I can not wait to finish the series.

  16. kameron says:

    his books are great my favrite is pendragon

  17. johnson says:

    your books are the best i hope you can make more pendragons please they are the best books you have. and bobby he is the best to even though he is a character in the book. and saint dane to i love him i have seen what he looks like he looks cool thank you bye

  18. Owen Whaley says:

    To everybody asking for him to make it a movie, HE can’t. HE does not have the power to make it a movie. He needs to wait for somebody from a movie company—say Warner Bros, for example—to make him a deal. But since PENDRAGON hasn’t exactly exploded into the next Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, the odds of them noticing the book are slim.

  19. ajaxx99 says:

    Dj, Please come to my school, In Charlottesville VA, sutherland middle school.

  20. Morgan says:

    I really love the Pendragon books. I am reading the last one right now. I think that a movie would be good, but I’m also afraid that it would ruin the magic of the books. I really like all of the characters, but I think my favorite is Loor. She is what I want to be. She’s cool, composed, and pretty. She is a great role model. I really like the books and it would be great if D.J. could come to my school.

  21. Pendragon lover says:

    I am in love with the pendragon books and I have reached till book 8: the pilgrims of rayne. But I cannot see any pendragon games

  22. Pendragon lover again says:

    Please!!!! I want to play Pendragon games but for some reason when I copy the URL and paste it then yahoo.com comes out of nowhere……. I don’t know why!!!!!!!!!…………

  23. Pendragon lover again says:

    Please!!!! I want to play games of pendragon but for some reason when I copy the URL and paste it then yahoo.com comes out of nowhere……. I don’t know why!!!!!!!!!…………

  24. Jerry says:

    This game is really cool

  25. Anonymous says:

    I love you books so much! You are such an amazing writer! I am reading your books for the second time! I am so obsessed with your books and I told my friend about them and now she is obsessed too. I also wish the URL for the pendragon games work because I think they would be really fun. Could you update it?
    Anonymous, Cloral

  26. Mother of Saint Dane says:

    Saint Dane is my boy. I am so disappointed in him, but that’s okay, because he’s dead now. Props to Bobby Pendragon, who is very impressive. Wait ’til he finds out that I was really the one who created Solara, and Halla………bread. I am also disappointed that you made my son seem so evil. He is a good guy.

    Saint Dane’s Mom, Solara

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Laticia says:

    This is just the peefrct answer for all of us

  29. Cody says:

    Hello D.J. i read all your books just like everyone else it was an amazing experience. I wouldn’t have ask for any better outcome. it was great reading your books it has turn my creative side on. since i finished the last book of your series it made me wanna write my own book. haha i’ll try anyway but i thank you for writing these books for all to see. have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my comment.

  30. csgo strong says:

    Edel McCartinSeptember 28, 2012Jane, I’m really enjoying your blog. Like you, I have read On Raven’s Wing and Lion of Ireland. Now you have inspired me to look up these other titles. Loved your dinner party recipe from last week. I will definitely be using that one(Mental note, do not serve this to Jane and Adrian when they come!!)

  31. Saint Dane says:

    I am Saint Dane, turns out I am alive. It turns out I am well enough to join the party again, and make a new Utopia, who wants to help me make a better world. (Saint Dane would not really say this but: NOT)

  32. Hi says:

    Please come to my school in East Rockaway Centre Avenue Elementry NY

  33. progressive direct auto quote says:

    Hey Mimi – I did try the ice cream but I don’t think I went to a very good place. Now I’ll put Cigdem Pastanesi on my list for my next visit to Istanbul and I have no doubt that my experience will be much different!And I can’t wait to read your post about Gulluoglu…I hope it’s a positive post

  34. Richard says:

    Where is the Pendragon link?

  35. David says:

    I know that all the pendragon books is done BUT if you can could you make more pretty please and could you try to come to my school its holder hawks im going to 5th grade in 2019 you dont have to because i will understand your and i finish all the books also i dont under stand the book 10 the last part earth part did Robert pendragon got more time if is wow that was like 24 years anyway i love your books

    to DJ MacHALE

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