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The Library, Book Three

The Oracle of Doom

The latest mystery from the Library hits close to home.  The next unfinished story that Marcus must complete is all about his two best friends–Theo and Lu.

A fortune telling machine at an old amusement park holds a mannequin known as The Oracle Baz.  For the cost of a quarter, Baz will predict your future.  It’s seems like a silly arcade game, until the fortunes start coming true.  And they aren’t all good.  Lu’s cousin had her fortune told, and now she’s missing. Theo’s fortune proved even more ominous.  He was told that life as he knows it will end on his fourteenth birthday.

Marcus knows where to look for help–the Library. In the book that contains the unfinished story of this odd machine, Marcus learns that the Oracle Baz was a real man, a fortune teller, who died long ago under mysterious circumstances.

Can a glimpse into the past change the future for Marcus’ friends?  There’s only one way to find out.  They must step into the pages of the story and meet the Oracle of Doom.