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Spoiler Blog…BEWARE

Anybody who has been reading the Pendragon story knows how much I hate spoilers.  They totally ruin the reading experience.  But I know that everybody wants to discuss books, and it’s hard to do that without writing things that would be considered spoilers.  So…one reader suggested that I make a blog that is all about spoilers.  If you’re going to post something about a plot twist or a surprise, this is the place to do it.  Of course, many readers LIKE spoilers and will scan this blog to find everything they can.  But that’s their choice.  Hopefully, if most spoilers end up here, then readers won’t accidentally stumble on them.  It’s an experiment.  Let’s see if it works.

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The guy on the Morpheus Road cover.

Hatty?  Nah.  But let’s have some fun.  What do you think this guy’s name really is?  He does have a name and it’s not something that I totally made up (like Saint Dane).  Think of it more as a title.  If somebody guesses it, I’ll let you know.  (If you’ve read the advance copy, don’t post the name, okay?  That’s cheating.)

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Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

One of the scenes in Morpheus Road: The Light was  easy to write because I based it on something that actually happened to me.  I won’t go into detail here until after the book comes out (you know, spoilers) but I will say it has something to do with Marsh Seaver being home alone playing music. . . and hearing some very strange sounds.  What I wrote about in the book is pretty much exactly what happened to me, and I was never able to explain what it was, other than to believe there was something truly other-wordly going on.

Has anybody else had something spooky happen to them?  Only real stories, please.  No fiction.

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What do you think of the new Pendragon covers?

The Merchant of Death was first published in 2002 . . . a lifetime ago.  So we thought it was time to spiff up the Pendragon series and create new covers.   Over the next year or so, all ten books will come out with the new design.  (Paperback only.  The hardcovers won’t change)

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Morpheus Road takes place in Stony Brook Connecticut

If you’ve read the excerpt from The Light, you’ll know that I’ve set the action of Morpheus Road in Bobby Pendragon’s hometown of Stony Brook.  Basically, I did it for fun.    Pendragon readers will (hopefully) remember many of the places that Marshall and his friends go to from Bobby’s story.  It was fun for me to re-visit that town, though technically it was re-re-visiting because I based Stony Brook on my hometown of Greenwich, CT.  (And yes, though the original Garden Poultry doesn’t exist anymore on “The Ave”, there is another one open in Old Greenwich so you can still get those great fries.)

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Welcome to the new site

Hi everybody.  Welcome to the brand new website.  Since I’ve got a couple of new book series about to start up, we figured it would be smart to make a one-stop-shop instead of creating a separate site for each new series so…here it is!  Most of the Pendragon content from the old site is here. (Check out the new covers)  Instead of the old forums there’s a blog where you can post thoughts and comments.  I’ll be checking that quite a bit and adding my own comments…as soon as I figure out how it works.  And of course you can still e-mail me, just like always.  Take a look around, and come back often for updates.

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Pendragon Audio Pronunciation Guide

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