What do you think of the new Pendragon covers?

The Merchant of Death was first published in 2002 . . . a lifetime ago.  So we thought it was time to spiff up the Pendragon series and create new covers.   Over the next year or so, all ten books will come out with the new design.  (Paperback only.  The hardcovers won’t change)

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364 Comments on “What do you think of the new Pendragon covers?”

  1. emma says:

    I like the new covers but with a book i think it is what is in the book that counts not the outside.

  2. Markisme says:

    I like the old covers better. I think they look better and they show Bobby.

  3. Traveler says:

    I like both covers, the new covers are like the more “new” and popular book cover types that catch peoples eyes. The old, however, show Bobby on each you can watch him age, which is not in most books, and the background hints along with the title about what the book will be about.
    The books are amazing though I wish there where more… *cough* *cough* movie *cough*

  4. Traveler says:

    Why is it that Bobby has blue eyes in the “Pilgrims of Ryane” cover and brown in the rest? He got powers from being a traveler now so now they match the powerful Saint Dane. Is there a connection or a typo?
    The books are incredibly well written amazing intriguing adventures!

  5. ClaireBee says:

    I love the new covers. I think they are eye-catching and have a great, updated feel to them. The old covers were fine, but they felt a little off somehow. I think the new covers will catch the eye of new readers who might have overlooked the books otherwise. Either way, the books are fabulous. I started reading them in the 7th grade, and I’m now a college graduate, and still reread them frequently. I just started the whole series over again (right in the middle of nursing school midterms!), so that should tell you something about the enduring nature of Bobby’s adventures.

  6. JAmes says:

    I like both. Personally I like the new ones better, but I do enjoy, as said before, the ability to see Bobby age as the story moves. They both have pros and no real cons.

  7. Blah says:

    I love the old covers

  8. Jackson says:

    Oh come on… the old covers were way better! we could feel free to imagine our own beautiful characters. now you’ve given the face of Bobby which is ugly. i liked to imagine him in my own ways. The older style was better.

  9. Robyn says:

    I like both covers just about equal.

  10. Taylor says:

    So is the traveler ring on the new MoD cover considered canon? I’ve always wanted to know what the symbols for the territories were, I originally thought it was the pictures next to the name of the territory at the start of a new segment in the books (like the yin-yang next to Second Earth), until I realized in book 5 Cloral and Eelong both had the same symbols next to their names. If these symbols are in fact cannon which ones belong to what territories? I’ve been a fan for about 13 years now (not quite since day one haha) and I’m dying to know

  11. Anonyme says:

    J’ai lu toute la saga des Pendragons que j’ai adorée.
    Ces livres sont remplis à la fois de suspense, d’imprévus et de rebondissements !
    J’avoue avoir été surprise par la fin de la série car je ne m’attendais pas à ce que le livre s’arrête quand Bobby et les autres soient vieux. C’est tout de même une très belle fin ! On suppose que Bobby va rejoindre les autres voyageurs ainsi que l’oncle Press sur Solara…
    Bravo et encore félicitations pour cette superbe série !!!

  12. Aj says:

    Pendragon was my favorite series growing up. I quit reading in Gr.11 to focus on other things and currently am in law school. Due to nostalgia, I began rereading the series and to my surprise they are still amazing. I’ve found it hard to get back into reading like I used to, what with Netflix and mass media on the rampage, but these books I can’t put down.

    The author should consider a short prequel series, maybe of 5 books or so centered on the adventures of Osa, Press and how Saint Dane came to be.

  13. Dakota says:

    I like the new ones way better. They’re cooler, sleeker, and look more mature. The drawings of Bobby really aren’t consistent with their styles or portrayals of Bobby, some of which make him look weird or older than the books say he is.

  14. Purpleperson says:

    I have pendragon book 5 litteraly in my lap right now- i got excited when i learned there was a blog – and its a hard Cover. That means this is the old Cover. I wanted to reply to Traveler that this eyes are blue in this version. So this eyes are blue by book 5. And AJ- that is an amazing idea ! I was wondering who ST. Dain was toó. D. J. MacHue, come over and read that comment!

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