Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

One of the scenes in Morpheus Road: The Light was  easy to write because I based it on something that actually happened to me.  I won’t go into detail here until after the book comes out (you know, spoilers) but I will say it has something to do with Marsh Seaver being home alone playing music. . . and hearing some very strange sounds.  What I wrote about in the book is pretty much exactly what happened to me, and I was never able to explain what it was, other than to believe there was something truly other-wordly going on.

Has anybody else had something spooky happen to them?  Only real stories, please.  No fiction.

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  1. EminemismyHero says:

    So ya the place is creepy sorry havnt been on in no while scuse ma grammar my house is scary I watched a preview 4 American horor story it scared sh…….it out of me!!! My bed creaked a lot an it make da bed sound lik summ thin or SOME1!!!!!!!!, is unda ma bed= it really scares me I whanna move

  2. EminemismyHero says:

    My mean creaks this stupid auto correct is turned on on my IPad

  3. respect my authoritah! says:

    I stayed in a haunted hotel in Estes Park, Colorado once. In the 1970’s Stephen King spent the night there after the hotel was about to close. The owner said they were closing for the holidays but that they could stay there and pretty much run the place since they were almost snowed in. He and his wife went to the bar for a while then his wife said she was tired so she was going upstairs to their room. Stephen stayed at the bar for a while then went back upstairs after about an hour. They had already taken their luggage to their room but hadn’t unpacked anything yet. When Stephen went in the room, all of their clothes were neatly put away. so he asked his wife if she put the clothes away, but she thought HE put them away. but he hadn’t been in the room long enough to have put them away. the room they stayed in was the presidential suite (room 217), where apparently a hotel maid died sometime in the 1920’s. Stephen and his wife were the only two (living) who where left people in the hotel. This inspired Stephen to write one D.J. MacHale’s favorite stories…THE SHINING.

  4. respect my authoritah! says:

    Oops… I meant the only two (living) people who were left in the hotel.

  5. EminemismyHero says:

    My dad used 2 live in a haunted house. They had this old doll and they would set it on the bed and run out then run back in and the doll would be way across the room and nobody moved it!!!! This house was in tenasse

  6. Chris says:

    I went to a hotel in japan.

    When I tried to sleep, something yanked the blanket.

    Then, there was a bunch of knocking sound everywhere.
    I’m not aking it up!

  7. Patrick's Acolyte says:

    once, I was reading Morpheus road and I heard a thumping coming from the other sound of my wall. When I opened the door gravedigger was standing right there!!!! I started to scream but then Marshall came to my aid and everything turned out ok. Later, i found out it was actually a dream and it never happened. 🙁

  8. Patrick's Acolyte says:

    Once I also thought that a car was chacing me like in the rivers of zadaa when courtney is being chased but then I found out it was just turning a corner and I was in it’s way.

  9. Patrick's Acolyte says:

    I spelled chasing wrong

  10. Patrick's Acolyte says:


  11. Patrick's Acolyte says:

    Why is no one responding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. respect my authoritah! says:

    I’m responding. You’re welcome.

  13. Patrick's Acolyte says:

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! Your my new favourite commenter!!!!

  14. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    There are skittles in my man purse

  15. Patrick's Acolyte says:

    i thought it was a satchel

  16. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    You’re a satchel!

  17. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    By the way, this one time i got murdered.

  18. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    But I’m OK now.

  19. respect my authoritah! says:

    Doesn’t anyone care about what happened to Stephen King?!

  20. Patrick's Acolyte says:

    woah dude no need to get angry

  21. DADOSLAYER says:

    I changed my name from emenem is my hereo to dado slayer. I cant wait 2 read the blood.

  22. DADOSLAYER says:

    so my house is feeling less creepy lately. by the way if any of you have playstation network or xbox live tell me ur gamer tag and i will friend u.

  23. DADOSLAYER says:

    o ya at my house wait il will tell ya later its dinner time. fried chicken here i come!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. respect my authoritah! says:

    @Patrick’s Acolyte. I’m not angry. I’m angry and questioning. Didn’t you see the exclamation point and the question mark?

  25. Tribbun and Ribbon says:

    Sorry dude.

  26. DADOSLAYER says:

    O. My. Gooooooosh!!!!im home by myself. Its 11 o clock at night and im hearing voices downstairs!! What do i do??!!! I hear dors slaming and people pacing i think thier is a evil spirit in my house heelp!! This is NOT a spoof!!

  27. DADOSLAYER says:

    Not true i was lying ha ha ha!!!

  28. Phader 11 says:

    once, on a ghost tour in gettysburg, i saw a translucent figure run past me and into some bushes

  29. DADOSLAYER says:

    Happy valentines day

  30. ThatRandomGuyDude says:

    Well it didnt happen to me but my aunt had her stereo on when she was home alone and she went to take a shower and when she came back to check and see what happened it turned out that the stereo got paused some how. Then there was this other thing (probably a coincidence) where I went to a dance with my girlfriend( backgroud knowledge. My dead grandpa’s favourite song was “Silver Wings” and he supposedly haunts my family) and on out first dance Silver Wings came on. Plus sometimes my mom hears our front door opening and closing when it isn’t moving.

  31. ThatRandomGuyDude says:

    And one time my cousin was sleeping when a little girl came in her room( this is what my cousin said) so she went to ask my aunt if My mom, my little sister and I had come over and my aunt said :No why?” and my cousin said “Because I saw a little girl walk into my room.” Creepy huh? My family has had a lot of odd experiences wherever we go.

  32. Emily says:

    Ooh, don’t I know how that feels, though honestly I wish I didn’t.
    Basically two summers ago my family rented out a house in northern Michigan so that a bunch of us could stay there for a couple of weeks, since the price was really cheap (which, looking back, should have told us something since the price was Way too cheap for the house). Anyways, right when we got there, my sisters and I raced to pick out our rooms before anyone else but as we rounded a corner in the house we came face-to-face with an elderly man, who I have no clue got into the house since all of the doors were locked, and made us stop dead in our tracks. He talked with us and our parents about some of the house’s history of being a church for a while before leaving. The whole scene and creeped the crap out of all of us, but the rest of the week was far worse. Locked doors would open and close, lights would randomly turn on and off at night, things would break or fall off the counter and everyone was scared to be alone. On the last day, it was just my family in the house, and that night my little sister got really sick out of nowhere. So to keep it from spreading, we put her in a room downstairs next to my parent’s room. While she was sleeping, my mom and I went down to check on her but when we went downstairs we saw a huge thing flash across the hall and into the room next to the one my sister was in. At first I thought I was seeing things but my mom saw it as well and we all decided to sleep upstairs in the same room that night. I don’t have a clue of what it was but it scared the absolute crap out of us. I swear we would’ve packed up right there and left that instant if it wasn’t midnight and our grandparents lived closer.
    It was probably the worst vacation I’ve ever had, and I could tell everyone was happy to leave. Of course it was only until the day that we left that we learned from the neighbors that the place was indeed a church and summer camp place in the past, but before that it was a funeral home. I don’t think I’d go back even if someone paid me to.

  33. Shannon says:

    The capitol building in Springfield, IL. The old one. I’m pretty sure it’s haunted. I was there with my class on the annual 8th grade field trip, and it was a super hot day. As in, I was in shorts and a t-shirt but I was still sweating buckets. Anyway, some rooms were hotter than others, and our class had entered this super hot room and our guide was feeding us a bit of information about it – I don’t remember exactly what the room was, but I’m pretty sure that it was where they would take a vote on new laws and such. As he was talking, I felt my elbows grow super cold for a sudden moment, and then they just weren’t. I told some of my friends what had happened a little later. One of them told me I had probably been touched by a ghost. I’d been a skeptic up to that point, but I’m pretty sure ghosts DO exist now!

  34. Halla333 says:

    ive had a BUNCH of them, but the weirdest one was when I was asleep and suddenly, in my sleep, i was looking down at a bowl of noodle soup, and the noodles were all floating in a star shape. And the next night, we went to a Thai resturant, and i was looking down at my bowl of soup, and… well, u can probably guess what happened. That was one of many.

  35. DADOSLAYER says:

    Hmmmm so today i was in my bathroom and i heard a baby crying and heard wispers creeeepy!!!!

  36. B. Pendragon says:

    Last year i was home alone and i have no pets and i heard a few piano notes being played! and another time i was home alone and there was a creepy doll in my room and then i left my room and when i came back i found it in my brothers room…..

  37. jasmine says:

    one time i was at my house alone and i heard a guitar we don’t even own a guitar and then someone whispered my name

  38. Bobby Pendragon says:

    i once was sleeping in my house at night time. I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and was seeing what woke me up….. then all of a sudden a shadowy whitish type girl ghost came out of the wall and was staring at me for a long time. I tried to scream but for some reason my voice did not come out. I panicked and tried to ignore it but it stayed there for 1 hour ( i have a clock in my room) and then it went away trough my bedroom balcony and flew away. At morning i told my parents and my sister about this then they started laughing at me and told me that I watch too much horror movies and then i started to doubt was it a dream. That night again I heard a sound again and when i saw there, nobody was there then I believed it must have been a dream but still today also I think it could have been a real girl ghost….Who knows.

  39. Bobby Pendragon says:

    im not sure still today but i can never forget this story in my life!!!

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