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As I’ve done with many of my other books, I’m doing the cliche’ writer thing and spending a week in the mountains, with my dog, to concentrate on finishing the first draft of SYLO III.  It’s kind of magical.  I’m totally secluded with nothing to do but focus on the story and the words.  It’s amazing how that helps the flow of ideas and general creativity, not to mention productivity.

Many readers have asked me how to get over writer’s block.  My theory is that writer’s block isn’t about not being able to come up with ideas, it’s when you have too many ideas and thoughts competing for valuable brain-time and that keeps you from focusing on your story.  Normally at home, when I get stuck I go for a run.  It’s remarkable how doing a simple physical exercise washes away all the extraneous thoughts.   I often come up with incredible ideas while running, or solve a problem I’ve been wrestling with for days.

That’s what it’s like getting away to the mountains, alone (except for the dog) where all thoughts are focused on only one thing.  The story.  It’s been an incredible week and right now I’m writing the climax to not only SYLO III, but The SYLO Chronicles.

Not that I want to be a tease, but I’m getting all goose-bumpy while I write.  That’s a good sign.

And BTW…I’ve come up with a title too.  But I’m not telling anybody yet.  Not even my publisher.  I don’t want it showing up on Amazon next week.

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STORM and stuff

Just finished going through the proof of STORM.  It’s amazing how many little things slip through the cracks at each step.  After doing untold drafts and being scrutinized by several editors, wacky things still pop up…like the exact same phrase used two paragraphs apart.  Or my calling the island Chinicook in one chapter, and Chillicott in another.  Yeesh.  Even after so many eyes are on it, I’ll inevitably get an e-mail from a reader who points out a type-o somewhere.  Ahhhhh!  But we’re trying.  Honest, we’re trying.

I’m also now getting close to finishing a first draft of SYLO III.  In my head, the story is coming to a close, so it’s going to be weird going on tour next month and only able to talk about SYLO I!  I’m going to have to be on my toes not to be giving away spoilers because believe me, to say that things hit the fan with this story is an understatement.

We’re finalizing the stops for the tour.  Check out the latest dates/places on the “Appearance” page.  If I’m not getting anywhere near you on this tour, sorry.  We won’t be adding any more stops.  However, I’ll be going on the road again when STORM comes out in March, so hopefully I can get to some of the requested spots that we missed this time around.

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