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Morpheus Road: The Light (Discussion)


Now that The Light has been out for a month, I figured it was okay to start a topic to discuss it.

For those who have read my Pendragon books, you know that I write stories that don’t always go where you think they’re going.  Morpheus Road is no different.  At the end of “The Light” there are some very big twists and story shifts . . . not the least of which is the reveal of what Gravedigger is all about.  Or not about.  Who thinks they know where the story is now headed?

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Favorite Pendragon Book

While visiting so many schools and bookstores, many of the same questions pop up.  One of them is about what my favorite Pendragon book is.  Since it’s been asked so many times, I thought I’d answer that here.

Looking at it one way, I don’t have a favorite because they all seem like different chapters in one big story.  But I can come up with a few that stand out for different reasons.  The book that was the most fun to write was “The Never War” because I loved going back into real history and doing the research about a time and place that fascinate me.   The book that was the most difficult to write was  “The Quillan Games”.  Coming up with all of those wild games, creating the rules, and then having Bobby play them was grueling.  I certainly don’t have a LEAST favorite book, though I can say that my least favorite cover was the one I call:  “Bobby the Blue-Eyed Reindeer”.   Yeesh.

But favorite book?  Now that they’re all complete and I can look back on the whole story, I guess maybe there is one that stands out.  I think I like it because it had a little bit of all the books in it and it tied up the whole story in a way that I had always planned on, but was never sure that it would actually work.  The fact that it did work is very satisfying.  There were a few scenes in that book (I won’t mention them here because I don’t want to write spoilers) that actually get me choked up.  More than a few scenes.  It was an incredibly rewarding experience to tie together all the loose ends, answer all the questions, and complete an epic story.  So under pressure, I would have to say that my favorite Pendragon book is The Soldiers of Halla.

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