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Terrific Interview/Review/Giveaway – The Blood

Check it out. A big thanks to Jean Vallesteros.

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Blog of the Blood

Here’s where you can discuss The Blood…and the overall story since it is has now all been published. But please…mark spoilers clearly. Don’t want to be giving away any surprises. In fact, if you haven’t read The Blood you should probably avoid this blog!


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Marsh or Cooper?

Who do you identify more with? They are such opposites who are caught up in the same dilemma.

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How Shannon drew Marshall Seaver

A very talented reader created an illustration of Marsh and I thought it would be fun to post it.  I think she’s great.

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Morpheus Road: The Light (Discussion)


Now that The Light has been out for a month, I figured it was okay to start a topic to discuss it.

For those who have read my Pendragon books, you know that I write stories that don’t always go where you think they’re going.  Morpheus Road is no different.  At the end of “The Light” there are some very big twists and story shifts . . . not the least of which is the reveal of what Gravedigger is all about.  Or not about.  Who thinks they know where the story is now headed?

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To honor being one month away from publication, we’ve put up a video trailer about Morpheus Road. This will be shown in some theaters in late May, but you can see it here first. Go to the video section of the website. (And turn it up loud)

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Irrational fears

We all have irrational fears, not to mention rational ones. Me? I don’t do well with snakes, but they pretty much fall into the rational variety. Anything that can sneak up on you and deliver a lethal bite is worthy of my terror. …Read More

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What was the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

I don’t know if this was the scariest movie ever made, but it scared me more than any other movie.  When I was about eight my sister took me to a Disney flick (Sword in the Stone).  No problem there.  But the second feature was a horror film called Black Sabbath.  …Read More

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Spoiler Blog…BEWARE

Anybody who has been reading the Pendragon story knows how much I hate spoilers.  They totally ruin the reading experience.  But I know that everybody wants to discuss books, and it’s hard to do that without writing things that would be considered spoilers.  So…one reader suggested that I make a blog that is all about spoilers.  If you’re going to post something about a plot twist or a surprise, this is the place to do it.  Of course, many readers LIKE spoilers and will scan this blog to find everything they can.  But that’s their choice.  Hopefully, if most spoilers end up here, then readers won’t accidentally stumble on them.  It’s an experiment.  Let’s see if it works.

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The guy on the Morpheus Road cover.

Hatty?  Nah.  But let’s have some fun.  What do you think this guy’s name really is?  He does have a name and it’s not something that I totally made up (like Saint Dane).  Think of it more as a title.  If somebody guesses it, I’ll let you know.  (If you’ve read the advance copy, don’t post the name, okay?  That’s cheating.)

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