The guy on the Morpheus Road cover.

Hatty?  Nah.  But let’s have some fun.  What do you think this guy’s name really is?  He does have a name and it’s not something that I totally made up (like Saint Dane).  Think of it more as a title.  If somebody guesses it, I’ll let you know.  (If you’ve read the advance copy, don’t post the name, okay?  That’s cheating.)

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276 Comments on “The guy on the Morpheus Road cover.”

  1. Lead Traveler says:


  2. Lead Traveler says:

    hah! at my library i’ll be the first one to read The Black! muahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lead Traveler says:

    sorry. just had to get that out.

  4. cesar tena jr says:

    wow this is a good book!
    make more u got that!

  5. cesar tena jr says:


  6. st dain needs 2 die says:

    st dain needs 2 die n demi lavoto n taco luver r da same person
    i could NOT MAKE UP MY MIND

  7. tacoluver says:

    is his name bob
    how bout shaquifa
    ermaybe philup
    wat about mohomed
    rashondala …im guessing

  8. i will be a Traveler says:

    i love the black!!!!! it’s totally amazing!!!!!!!!

  9. Aja Killian Luva says:

    Is the name Gravedigger?

  10. Aja Killian Luva says:

    oh, and I also love the Black! very good book!

  11. John says:

    yea it was a great book scared me when i read it alone at night. want to read the 2nd one very badly.

  12. jamil says:


  13. Nathan Gevao says:

    i think it will be some kind of crasy gravedigging hermit that sleeps in crypts

  14. biggist fan in the word says:

    i just love morpheus road but i think its preety simple to figure out whos on the cover i see some people said gravedigger HA! it cant possibly be gravedigger any normal fan wouhld have know that gravediiger was a illsouin and was destored by damon in the light its so easy to guess who he is did you even read the book

  15. Jysta says:

    Mark Dimond?

  16. Jysta says:

    or Cooper.

  17. Bailey says:

    The first one scared the pee out of me O_O

  18. sean says:

    maybe like gravedarkness
    grave raper, gravedigger one of those three

  19. sean says:

    jkjk i know it was Gravedigger i read it but he was just an illusion 🙁 🙁 no more of him but i really want to read Morphues Road Black 🙂 🙂

  20. Flame says:

    love the book of course
    I have a question im doing a sort of a book report thing where i have to get people interisted in reading the book i choose (i pick Morpheus road)
    so i sorta need help with it. i have to do a criticism on it and i need some info about D.J. so i will be really helpful if anyone replies
    Email me at mhskull@aol.com
    Thank you^^

  21. jasmine says:

    ok i think it is damon because he is the one marsh doesn’t know about in the beginning of the book and i have read the pendragon series as well as the morpheus road series and for those who hasn’t read the Blood you nare all in for a loop and the only part in the light that scared me was the face in the window but i would love to meet D.J. Machale because he is a great writer

  22. natasha says:

    Well, he looks like a skeleton, which means he dug himself out of a grave. I’m not sure, but is it something like Graveman, Gravelton, Gravedigger.?

  23. Jonah says:

    I think you should make a light creature, like a light version of the guy on the cover (Gravedigger)

  24. Jonah says:

    This book scared the crap out of me. I made the mistake of reading it at night

  25. Press says:

    It can’t be gravedigger, because the same guy is on the other books after gravedigger… Whatever happened to him.

    Is it a watcher? Press, maybe?

    I really have no clue.

    So excited for STRIKE!!!

  26. RagonCHRIS says:

    Is it Damon or something like that? I’m new to the series… even though it’s like 2016 XD

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