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VYOU video clips

I’ve been having a great time answering the questions that have been coming in on the VYou site. It’s really fun to record these answers because I can speak off the top of my head as opposed to typing them out. That’s way easier.

I haven’t answered every question because, well, there are a lot of them. But also I only pick the questions that I think I have a somewhat interesting answer to give. So if I don’t answer your question it’s not because it isn’t a good question, it’s because I don’t necessarily have an interesting answer!

Here’s the address of the site. Stop on by and ask a question.

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Check this site out…

You can ask me questions and I’ll check in every so often to post video responses. That should be really fun when I’m on tour…I think. Haven’t tried it yet. Hope it works.

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Lala the rugabee interview

Cork and Fuzz, characters from the books by Dori Chaconas interview Lala the rugabee.

Rather than explain, follow the link above.

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The Hunger Games

Just finished Suzanne Collins’ brilliant “Hunger Games” trilogy. What a gripping story. It’s a great example of an adventure that is all about character where the protagonist must battle earth-shattering global conflict while trying to balance deeply personal dilemmas. If you haven’t read them yet, give the first one a try. You won’t regret it. Well done Suzanne!

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