The Hunger Games

Just finished Suzanne Collins’ brilliant “Hunger Games” trilogy. What a gripping story. It’s a great example of an adventure that is all about character where the protagonist must battle earth-shattering global conflict while trying to balance deeply personal dilemmas. If you haven’t read them yet, give the first one a try. You won’t regret it. Well done Suzanne!

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28 Comments on “The Hunger Games”

  1. Dana says:

    Brilliant trilogy indeed.

  2. Kay says:

    oh yeah! all oof my friends are RAVING about that! cant wait to read it

  3. Christine says:

    Those books are FANTASTIC! I really developed an emotional attachment to each of the characters…something that is hard to find in a lot of books. A must read!

  4. Eva Graalman says:

    It’s on my “to read” list. Just haven’t gotten around to it.

  5. Bookmeister says:

    Such a brilliant idea and written so well! I started it when it first came out and loved it ’til the end. Now they’re making a movie version and I’m half dreading, half excited for the result. Not all authors can be screenwriters too!

  6. sekhmet son says:

    Yah I own all three

  7. (name deleted) says:

    ok, i have not read it yet, and until i got my laptop (two years ago) i haven’t even heard of the series. Now that i know the author (thank you, DJ) i’m going to see if we have it at my school.

    Ok, lately, i’ve been doing something that i normally wouldn’t do… reread a series that the first book turned into a movie.That is very unlike me, if you knew me. I’m now ubsessed with the book, and for Character day at school (second spirit week this school year), i might even dress up like one of the character. I loved the subject before i even knew about the series. In case your wondering, it’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians… and i don’t know why, but it’s impossible to stop reading it!

    I would probably say the same thing about your books, DJ, but it isn’t a movie… and i just want it to become a movie!

    I’m going to stop talking now… or as i say “stop-stop-talky”

  8. denduron!!! says:

    Even though I do want to read the Hunger Games series, I have been too busy reading other great books like Maximum Ride and Daniel X. Both are great series, and I would reccomend to anyone who likes a good action/ adventure series. Of course, Pendragon is great too!

  9. connor says:

    Same here denduron still reading books by james patterson.not as good a D.J. Machale but still good.

  10. Bobby Pendragon says:

    I didn’t get to read it yet but I definitely will read it!

  11. Marina says:

    OMG! I read the Hunger Games… love them! 😀 I also just finished Angel (the most recent book in Maximum Ride) and I am obsessed! It is one of my favorite series (next to Pendragon, of course). Can’t wait for the next one to come out.

  12. denduron!!! says:

    I read that the next Maximum Ride book will be the final one… so disappointing. I wish that series would never end!

  13. connor says:

    I so wish it could continue

  14. denduron!!! says:

    Yeah. That series is so good!

  15. Bobby Pendragon says:

    I didn’t get to reading it yet but I will! My teacher said that the books are amazing and he recomends them!!!

  16. ~ says:

    I finished these books at about the same time as you. Weird O.o

  17. Lead Traveler says:

    btw. suzanne collins has another series called “Gregor the Overlander”. that’s the first book. and there is five. they’re really good. i recomend them a thousand times over! try ’em!

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  19. Quillan says:

    I gotta say that I did like that series, but the entire time I was reading them in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “This kinda reminds me of The Quillan Games from Pendragon” Is it just me or did anyone else feel the same way…

  20. Quillan says:

    well a mixture of The Quillan Games and Denduron…

  21. Zadaa Ghee says:

    Yeah, it reminded me about The Quillan Games, too. I thought it was a decent story, but I noticed a couple things (SPOILER ALERT!!) like them both getting 12s which made them a target weren’t ever followed through with.

  22. Lily Snow says:

    I still have to read. i wonder what happens???

  23. Claire says:

    i LOVED the first two books. the plot was fast and intersting. the third book was not as great. it made me upset when i read it.

  24. katie says:

    Those books are spectacular! gripping, a little romantic, but ten times more action packed! I either got the chills, boiling blood, or an adrenaline rush just by reading them! some of the best books I have ever read! Besides the brilliant and amazing territories of Halla, of course.

  25. katie says:

    I’ve read daniel X, maximum ride, Percy Jackson, Eragon, Warriors, Artemis Fowl,Witch and Wizard, Kane, Charlie Bone, Incarceron, and the Hunger Games.(and Pendragon!) Pendragon, Eragon, and Hunger Games were the three best!

  26. Flume of Doom says:

    Anyone read the “Gone” series? They are intense, graphic, and … BRUTAL!

  27. DADOSLAYER says:

    they r ok I guess. i dont see what the big deal about them is. I mean they not BAD buttheir not what people say. Im just tired about hearing people going on and on about the frigging things!!!

  28. IWannaMarryMarsh888 says:

    The trilogy pales in comparison to Morpheus Road.

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