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Planning the SYLO tour.

TOURING UPDATE – My new book SYLO will be published on July 2nd and I’ll be making a few store visits then.  However, I won’t be going on an official tour until September once schools are back in session.  (Normally I visit a few schools during the day and then hold an event at a store in that same town that evening)  Right now we’re putting together the list of possible cities and stores and festivals.  Naturally we’ll be looking real hard at the many wonderful stores who have put on great events in the past.

HOWEVER…I thought it might be fun to put it out there to you guys as well.  I always get requests from readers to come to their town, but it’s usually not possible unless it fits into existing tour plans.  Well, we’re making those plans now!   Maybe there’s a city I haven’t visited and a store that we haven’t thought of.  Who knows?  If we get enough requests, maybe we can put your local store on the schedule.  Of course there are no guarantees because putting together a tour is like piecing together a puzzle with moving parts, but you never know.  Suggest a store and tell me why we should put your town on the list.  It could be a place I’ve been to before, or not.

Every so often it’s worked out for me to visit a store based on a request.  I thought it would be fun to put it out there early this time and see what comes back.  You can either post here…or send me an e-mail.  Good luck!

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