Planning the SYLO tour.

TOURING UPDATE – My new book SYLO will be published on July 2nd and I’ll be making a few store visits then.  However, I won’t be going on an official tour until September once schools are back in session.  (Normally I visit a few schools during the day and then hold an event at a store in that same town that evening)  Right now we’re putting together the list of possible cities and stores and festivals.  Naturally we’ll be looking real hard at the many wonderful stores who have put on great events in the past.

HOWEVER…I thought it might be fun to put it out there to you guys as well.  I always get requests from readers to come to their town, but it’s usually not possible unless it fits into existing tour plans.  Well, we’re making those plans now!   Maybe there’s a city I haven’t visited and a store that we haven’t thought of.  Who knows?  If we get enough requests, maybe we can put your local store on the schedule.  Of course there are no guarantees because putting together a tour is like piecing together a puzzle with moving parts, but you never know.  Suggest a store and tell me why we should put your town on the list.  It could be a place I’ve been to before, or not.

Every so often it’s worked out for me to visit a store based on a request.  I thought it would be fun to put it out there early this time and see what comes back.  You can either post here…or send me an e-mail.  Good luck!

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21 Comments on “Planning the SYLO tour.”

  1. Chad says:

    Grand Rapids, MI

    I saw that you went to Kent Library in Grandville (suburb of Grand Rapids) and I missed it. I am always checking the tour page on here, and you just happened to come to town when I didn’t look at your tour page.

  2. Emma says:

    Please come to Raleigh, NC!

  3. Jakob says:

    Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville Illinois Please!!!

  4. AmeliaFromCloral says:

    You might already have this on your tour, but if you don’t, a bookstore in Los Angeles please!

  5. Anna says:

    Come to Pittsburgh! Home of the Steelers and the Penguins and Heinz Ketchup! There’s no place better. 🙂

  6. Josephine says:

    Please, can you come to Salt Lake City, Utah?

  7. Someone says:

    DESTINY USA IN SYRACUSE!!!!!!! there’s a bookstore somewhere in there… and it’s a flipping city so just choose a random school, or possibly Central Square High School in Central Square, which is a 30 minute drive away!

  8. Someone says:

    by the way, that’s in New York, where the state fair is held… just thought you should know that!

  9. Kevin says:

    Please come to River Edge, New Jersey or Glenrock New Jersey

  10. Kayla Nicole Tenney says:

    I second Salt Lake City, Utah (or Orem/Provo)! The library in SLC is beautiful and would be a great venue. The only book stores I know are Barnes & Noble, FYE, Seagull Book, and Deseret Book. The Deseret Book in City Creek Mall might be a good place. http://www.shopcitycreekcenter.com/directory/deseret_book is the website.

  11. Shannon says:

    I’d be seconding Anderson’s – I love it there, and it’s awesome – BUT I’m going to be moving to a college campus in Greenville this fall, so I’m suggesting Saint Louis =3

  12. DJ says:

    I hear that Anderson’s is running some sort of festival that I may be attending. So Anderson’s is a definite possibility.

  13. Anthony says:

    whats up with every body obsessing about where they want you to go.

    I just want to know what the books about.

  14. Someone says:

    Yeah, SYLO is coming out this summer, and we still haven’t seen any advertisement or even a summery of the books upon the website.

  15. Fizzy says:

    Barnes & Noble in Fresno, CA!!!! Or the Woodward Park Library they have a bunch of events there!

  16. Leah says:

    I can’t wait till Sylo comes out. Yippee! c:

  17. Jennifer Layne-Eastman says:

    Please, please, please come to the Mt. Washington Valley! The foliage in NH is breathtaking in the autumn, especially in the White Mountains. White Birch Books in North Conway, NH is an independent bookstore owned by local Laura Lucy, who goes all out for author events. Loyal patrons turn out in great numbers, especially if there’s food involved. 😉
    On a side note, you are the 2nd favorite author of my two homeschooled, teenage sons and me. (Sorry…Tolkien beat you…he’s hard to top…and trust me, we all love HP!) We read the Pendragon books in record time and have random discussions about them quite frequently. They are the first book series we recommend to our friends, both teen and adult. Admittedly, Morpheus Road gave me the creeps, not as badly as a Stephen King novel, but close.
    Thanks for your consideration!

  18. Courtney Chetwynde says:

    depending when in july the tour is exactly is will depend where i am because i am moving. If its the beginnning of July then definitly buffalo because there are a lot of people here who are fans of all your books and i really want to be able to meed you considering ive been following you since the beginning and i was the one that put together project apreciation for you. If you are going at the end of july then portland because i know you have a fan base there and im moving there and that we would be an awesome first thing to do there and i would be able to meet people that way.

    and to everyone else. im back sorry i havent been on in forever yes this is the original Courtney Chetwynde i hope nobodys used that name since ive left.
    Hobey Ho

  19. Tiffany says:

    Hi Mr. MacHale!

    I don’t know if there’s going to be any book feestival or celebrations, but if you’re going to tour in September, can you please consider going to Ithaca, New York? 😀 Even though I’ll be starting college in the area, I’m still really a huge fan of your novels 🙂


  20. Ashley says:

    I would be really psyched if you would come to Charlotte, North Carolina!

  21. someone says:

    please come dallas tx

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