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The Library #1 in Paperback

On September 19th the paperback edition of The Library #1 will be published.

Just to confuse everyone, we made some changes.  The hardcover edition will always be called:  “Curse of the Boggin” with the original cover.  But the paperback edition of #1, and ALL future editions of The Library (including hardcovers) will have a new look.  And there will also be a title change for #1.  The new title is:  Surrender The Key.

Why are we doing this?  Good question.  The publisher felt that the original cover/title didn’t adequately represent the book series.  So we’re making this sea-change.  (Something similar happened with Morpheus Road, if anybody remembers)  So if you’ve read Curse of the Boggin, no need to go for Surrender The Key because it’s the exact same book…between the covers.  (That is, unless you like the new cover so much that you want the updated version.  Or you’re collecting all the titles and want them to look alike.  Far be it for me to tell anybody NOT to purchase a book!)

And then next month…#2 will finally publish!


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