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In honor of the upcoming NFL playoffs (but really just for fun) I’m doing a giveaway of three signed books. Three books, three winners, any one of my books that you’d like. (Assuming I have a copy, that is. If not, winners will have to pick one that I have) Here’s how it will work:

1) Go to my Facebook page. (D.J. MacHale)  Attached there is a picture of the seniors from my high school football team before our very last game. I won’t embarrass myself to say what year it was, but it was definitely in the last century. To enter the contest, you have to guess which one is me.  (In case you can’t get to Facebook, I’ll insert the photo below)
2) You get two guesses (because unfortunately, it’s not obvious)
3) Post your two guesses on the FB post by jersey #. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can email me your guesses at:  djmac@djmachalebooks.com

4) On Super Bowl Sunday I’ll reveal the correct answer. The next day I’ll take all the correct guesses (hopefully there will be at least 3) and do a random drawing.
5) I’ll contact the 3 winners through FB and we’ll figure out which of my books you’d like. Then I’ll sign ’em and send ’em out.
6) Those who guessed correctly but aren’t drawn would win the “Indiana Jones Archeological Sleuth Award”…if there was one. There isn’t.
7) IMPORTANT: Anybody who knew me back then cannot play. Sorry! That wouldn’t be fair. And PLEASE don’t post anything that might give a clue as to which one is me. That would blow up the whole thing.

That’s it! Good luck!


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