SYLO – The paperback

Ahead of the publication of STORM, the paperback for SYLO is now available!

SYLO Final Final

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2 Comments on “SYLO – The paperback”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hello. I just wanted to comment on the Pendragon series. It is fantastic. I am reading the sixth book presently and can not wait to see the out come as I felt about all the previous ones. I very much look forward to the next books. I look forward to an ending that you have proven time and time again to not disappoint. I think this series would be amazing movies or even a series on TV. I would love to direct it actually. I have no education in that field but these books being so well writing would not require much directing. I believe with the genre of movies that are out today, Pendragon would be a wonderful addition. Thank you for these books and I have passed they to everyone I know. They equally enjoy these books. I look forward reading more of your books and series.

  2. Julia says:

    Gaahhh!!! I’ve been waiting for STORM for soooo long! Poor Quinn…I can’t wait to get STORM from the library!

    p.s. STRIKE cover is AWESOME!!! =)

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