Encyclopedia Brown

Sorry to hear about the passing of Donald J. Sobol who wrote the Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective books.  They are awesome early-reader books with great mysteries that challenge you to solve them.  The first TV series I wrote was based on those characters.  I never met Mr. Sobol, unfortunately.  Readers and mystery-lovers everywhere owe him a debt of gratitude.

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2 Comments on “Encyclopedia Brown”

  1. Batu Warrior says:

    Aww 🙁 that’s sad. I’m pretty sure I remember reading some of those when I was younger, and books like that are what got me to love reading. RIP Mr. Sobol.

  2. empire_c2 says:

    Aww man. I loved reading his books as a kid. I remember being so puzzled on each of the mysteries before it was revealed then seeing if my older siblings could figure them out. Of course they managed to, but I would continue reading them and got me into reading mystery stories. RIP.

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