I was asked a while ago to start a section of the website for fan fiction, like we had on the old Pen forums. I can’t do a separate section on the site, but I can start a blog. I’m glad that Flight 29 Downer posted a fan fiction because it reminded me to do this! So…here you go.

Just one request…be fair/constructive with your comments on the writing.

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  1. Hallaman10 says:

    @ Spinney-Doo

    Well if you want some interesting insights look through the Soldiers of Halla spoiler blog. It has alot of cool ideas and explanaions.

  2. Hallaman10 says:

    Events After Soldiers of Halla #2
    (I know I havnt done this in awhile but I really wanted to give it another shot)

    Bobby lokked into the face of the man who had begun his journey as a traveler. The man who took him from a normal life and a beautiful almost girlfriend and everything he thought to be normal. It was his Uncle Press, the first thing Bobby noticed was that he was wearing the exact same clothes he had on that very night. His signiture long brown coat that drag alittle on the ground, a flannel shirt and jeans. The only thing Bobby could say was “who you callin old man”. When he went over to see if he was actually seeing his Uncle, he noticed it wasnt a strain to stand up straight or walk, then he started to run and then jump.”What the heck is going on” he said when he finally got to Press. He didnt say anything he just waved his hand and next thing he knew there was a full length mirror next to him and what he saw in it was an absolute shock. Bobby didnt just feel young again he was, all his hair was there and it was back to its old dark brown color. His skin didnt have a rinkle or liver spot to be seen. Then he noticed that that Uncle Press had one of his trademark mischeivious smiles on. Uncle Press reached out and grab Bobby’s shoulder, It will all come back to ya Bobby just relax and let flow back into your mind.


  3. Watch Ghost Protocol says:

    As many others, this is my first time commenting here. I indead love this blog and read it quite often.

  4. bookreader2665@gmail.com says:

    Events After Soldiers of Halla #3

    Bobby layed back on the grassy plateau and let his mind go at ease. Then he felt all the happiness of his adventures return along with alot of the mental scars but he was happy non the less. Once he felt that he had reabsored most of his memories he got up and gave his uncle a hug so hard he thought he heard Press’s spine crack.”So I see you got your head on straight again Bobby”. “Ya and it feels great, so Uncle Press how have things worked out since we ended Saint Dane”.Press looked at Bobby, gave him a big smile and said “Why dont you ask them” he pointed over to the left, Bobby looked to where he pointed and couldnt believe his eyes. It was Mark Diamond his nerdy friend since early childhood was standing right in front of him wearing a plain black T-shirt and jeans he even had his old glasses. He looked about as young as he was now, he looked further and noticed behind him were some other familiar faces. First he saw Loor, she looked so much like her mother Osa but he new it was Loor becuase he’d know her eyes anywhere. Mark and her came up to him but Mark as the first one to talk.”Well man I look pretty good for a dead guy huh? Bobby couldnt help but laugh he was Mark alright. Loor then grabbed Bobby and did the least expected thing he thoght possible, she gave him a kiss that might have been better than Courtney and his’s first. Mark was giggling the whole time and Press gave another smug smile, it lasted an incredible 2 minutes after they finally unlocked she said,”thats what should have happened in the rain back on Zadda. Bobby thought he was going to pass out but he manage to stay conscious and say “wow”.


  5. Flume Surfer says:

    Hey, can I make a Pendragon story?

    Here goes nothin’…

    Can I just say I haven’t finished th Soldiers of Halla yet, so if I get facts wrong, well, oh well.

    Pendragon: Rebirth of Evil

    SETTING: Six years after the Soldiers of Halla
    Bobby Pendragon stared at the sky on Veelox. This is where he had explored the wonders of Lifelight and where he met Aja, a former Traveler. This was also where he lost the first territory to Saint Dane. Veego and LaBerge lived here before they were confronted by Saint Dane to go to Veelox and start the Quillian Games.
    “Ready to go?” a voice next to him asked. This voice was Loor’s. Bobby turned to her and replied, “Loor, this is where I lost for the first time. Saint Dane gave Dr. Zetlin the idea of Lifelight. He won before we had a chance.”
    Loor looked at Bobby and turned away. The memories of fighting Saint Dane on Zadaa dawned on her.
    “Pendragon, our work on Veelox is done. Gunny and Patrick are waiting for us on Third Earth.”
    “Hang on Loor. What’s that?”
    Loor pivoted her body to see what he was pointing at. She gasped in terror. Ahead was the Lifelight pyramid, but instead of it’s usual jet black surface, cracks of gray began spreading throughout the structure.
    “It’s falling apart!”

    Gunny sensed something was wrong. After he moved the last piece of rubble, a small light shone in his eye. Patrick noticed it too and checked his.
    “It’s time,” Gunny thought in his head.
    “Pendragon needs our help,” he gasped as he observed that the symbol of Veelox on his ring was a faint sky blue. He made a move to travel to Veelox…but Gunny was gone.

    Loor and Bobby ran as hard as they could to get to safety.
    “Something’s not right,” he managed to breathe as they ducked inside of an abandoned building. All of the people were on Rayne, safe. Nobody else was on the main-land except for him and Loor. He made sure of it.
    “What-” Loor started but a giant cloud of dust swept through Rubric City. Bobby barely managed to send a message to the other Travelers.

    John Pendragon was intrigued by the light glowing on his ring. The ring was a Christmas present from his uncle. He treasured it with all of his heart because he loved his uncle Bobby. But he was always gone.
    “Mom, check this out,” he said as he approached his mom.
    Shannon Pendragon gasped.
    “What is it mom?”
    “When did that happen?” she asked him brusquely.
    “Just now, why?”
    Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. John quickly ran to open it but stopped. His ring grew brighter.
    “Open up shorty, it’s me!”
    Over the years, John’s uncle Bobby brought to John’s home many friends. They seemed close to his uncle, and John liked them too. Those were Patrick, Spader, Aja, Loor, Siry, Alder, and Gunny. John liked Alder, Gunny, and Spader most.
    There was another thing that John liked. He noticed all of these people had the same ring as him and he felt included somehow.
    John opened the door to see Gunny Van Dyke standing in the doorway. But he seemed grim.
    “Hey Johnny boy, how are you?”
    Fourteen year old John could easily tell that Gunny had forced his smile. The question was why? John had an insinct feeling in his gut that from his mother’s reaction, Gunny’s appearance, and his ring that something wasn’t right.
    Gunny suddenly became very serious. He looked at John, put a hand on his shoulder, and said, “John, your uncle Bobby needs you right now.”
    Shannon stood behind John and nodded to Gunny.
    “What happened to Bobby?” John asked Gunny.
    Gunny had grown old. Really old. His days of being a Traveler helped him act young, but physically, his body aged, fast. His eyes looked tired, sad, and desperate. But, that changed instantly to hope, courage, and confidence when he stated his last eight words, “You are the next Traveler of First Earth-”
    The former Traveler collapsed onto the floor in front of John. Standing there was a raven, the size of a Bald Eagle.

    John’s ring exploded with illuminating blue light. The force sent John backwards into the living room. When he looked up, he saw his mother leaning over Gunny’s body. She whispered the words, “His spirit will rest in Solara.”
    The raven was gone, and, as John noticed, he felt power. This wasn’t like super strength or laser vision (as he had seen on TV), this was like feeling better after a fever. Freedom and ability.
    “Go to Veelox, Bobby needs help!” his mom shouted.
    Uncle Bobby had told him stories of warriors called the Batu, Lifelight, Dados, and Tang. Hauler, Happy, no, Halla! That’s what it was all called. But to him, those were only stories.
    “Shannon, what’s going on in here?” asked a new face in the doorway. John had never met this woman yet.
    “Elli, tell Bobby that Saint Dane is back!” his mother said to the woman standing in the open doorway of the Pendragon residents on First Earth.

    To be continued.
    By Flume Surfer
    Chapter 3 comes by request…

  6. Flume Surfer says:

    I can’t help it!!!!!!!! I’ll continue this story I guess.

    Pendragon: Rebirth of Evil

    Elli Winter brought John Pendragon to Second Earth. This was John’s future, as he learned, and he lived on First Earth. John was amazed of everything he saw. But the trips were quick. The Traveler of Quillian had a challenge on her. She had to show John Halla and help Bobby at the same time.
    Elli learned that John pretty much new these things from his uncle, he just had to get over the fact that they’re real. This disturbed Elli. Bobby wasn’t supposed to reveal Halla to John yet until the time came to where he would be a Traveler.
    “Just wanted his Traveler life easier than mine, that’s all,” Bobby had told her and the others. They too didn’t like what he was already telling John.
    In Bobby’s stories, he told of the Travelers and their importance to Halla. Bobby explained nearly everything there is to know to John, but left out things hinting that one day, John would become a Traveler. That didn’t come into John’s mind, not once.
    After showing John the territories, one remained.
    “It’s time to go to Veelox,” Elli told John. John’s worries have been lost as he traveled to each territories. One question instantly came into mind, “Will we go into Lifelght?”
    To Elli, John’s learning of Halla seemed like a trip to an amusement park. There was no serious attitude and John needs to realize that he has to help protect these territories. When John asked about Lifelight, Elli decided to tell John something that was included in learning of Halla.
    “Your uncle Bobby and the Travelers fought a war with Saint Dane,”
    John thought of the raven in his doorway.
    “It was a battle for each territory. Saint Dane is an evil, murderous, dangerous being. Veelox was the first territory that Saint Dane won. Eventually, Lifelight was destroyed, and now, the pyramid has collapsed. John, The Travellers won the first war. A second one is about to begin, and you are included to fight in the war.”
    “But it’s happening so fast,” John replied. Elli looked up at the sky of Zadaa. Suddenly, she noticed houses holding up red flags with stars on them.
    “I know. Too fast.”

  7. SilverMisty says:

    So…this is a story that I made up when I was bored…

    Cheesy Lazy Bum -__- (supposed to be written by a character named Gwen:)

    Today I don’t really feel like writing…sometimes I feel like it and I end up writing someting pretty awesome.
    And sometimes…well, I don’t.
    It’s like those computer programs:
    if (feelsLikeWriting()) {
    System.out.println (“Get ready…you’re in for an EPIC adventure!”);
    else {
    System.out.println (“OK. You know what? Forget it. The only thing that’s epic is that it’s an EPIC FAIL.”);
    (it’s actually part of a computer program)

    jsyk: writing = writing a story. About characters. Not me.
    I wish I was sort of like Bruno Mars. He was so frustrated that he couldn’t compose a good song. So he wrote a song about it, ehich became an instant hit—“The Lazy Song”. Now that’s genius. If only I could do that…

    The host announces, “And please give it up for…Gwen Lane and her rendition of ‘The Lazy Song’ ! ”
    The audience cheers. I play my guitar and start singing.
    “Today I don’t feel like writing anything,
    Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo.
    I don’t know what I’m going to do.
    Don’t feel like picking up my pen,
    so leave it on the desk right there.
    ‘Cuz today I don’t feel like writing anything,
    nothing at— ”
    Here some kid wearing an orange-and-white striped shirt and blue shorts interrupts me.
    “Mommy,” he asks out loud. “Why doesn’t that girl know what she’s going to do today?”
    “Gee thanks, kid.” I think to myself. “Not everyone can be as awesome as Phineas and Ferb are. Believe me, I wish I was.”
    Anyways, back to my song…
    Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-oo-oo-oo.
    NOTHING at ALL!”

    The audience politely applauds, trying to refrain from throwing rotten tomatoes. But some are unable to resist getting some good shots at me and yell, “Encore, encore!”
    I walk offstage, thankful that I’m not on American Idol.
    So, what do you think?
    I’m pretty sure that I’ve made my point clear: if there’s nothing up my sleeve and nothing in my thinking cap, then there’s no magic.
    Sorry guys, but I’m no genie—I can’t grant wishes anytime I want to (not even my own…because I would already be awesome like Phineas and Ferb, duh.)
    And that’s really all there is to it.
    All’s well that ends well, right?

    hope you guys had a laugh 🙂

  8. GOCLROAL says:

    This is the first time I’ve posted on here. So here go’s nothing.

    Chapter Four

    “What’s going on Bobby?” asked Ellie.
    “Lifelight pyramid just collapsed. I’m either paranoid, or right, but I have a feeling Saint Dane is involved.” Bobby replied.
    “Uncle Bobby, what the hell is going on?”
    “Ah, a new generation of Travelers. This will be quite interesting. So Pendragon, how was your summer?” asked the newcomer.
    They all turned to face the newcomer.
    “Cut the crap Saint Dane, now tell me what the hell is going on. I thought we finished you off years ago.”
    “Ah, that’s what you thought Pendragon” Saint Dane said. His lips forming into a wicked smile. “The very same thought I had of you. Pity that things didn’t turn out the way they were meant to be, am I right?”
    John turns to Saint Dane, “Your pretty damn ugly.”
    Saint Dane turns to John and screams, “Boy, that’s not the point! I’m about to take over Halla and make it mine!”
    “Again?” John asks, “Looks to me that you already failed at that. Maybe you should try winning in golf!”
    John looks at Saint Dane and sizes him up. “Uncle Bobby, you had trouble… with this guy?”
    Saint Dane just sneers.
    “Um, you see John, this guy, well, yeah.” Bobby replies while giving John that says, “Hey, you’re making me look like an idiot!!!!”
    John looks up to Bobby with an innocent look, “What?” he asks “I’m only saying the truth, is all.”
    Bobby looks to John and says, “I think it’s best if you shut up and let me do the talking.”
    “No, no, let the boy talk.”
    “Okay,” John says, “ Well, you’re too tall, your bald head looks weird and your blue eyes are funny.”
    “Hey, don’t you insult my awesome powers or else-”
    “Or else what? You’re going to try and destroy Halla again? Good luck with that!”
    At that comment Saint Dane’s face went beet red, “You keep your mouth shut or I’ll do it for you.” He snaps back.
    “Oh dear, what a big, bald head you have!” John says in Red-Riding Hood’s voice, “I can see you veins from here!”
    Bobby looks straight ahead, trying to keep a straight face, but can’t any longer. He doubles over and starts cracking up.
    “Don’t forget who you’re dealing with, boy,” Saint Dane growls. “I may have lost once, but now I’m back and better than ever!”
    Isn’t that some sort of cheesy pick up line? Did you really expect me to fall for that? Remember that my uncle kicked your ass once and I’ll kick it again!”
    By now everyone but Saint Dane was laughing. Instead he let out a horrific scream and charged at John.

    This is chapter 4 to Flume Surfers book.

  9. GOCLORAL says:

    A sequel to Cloral.

    “Hobey oh, Pendragon. It’s nice to have you back. Believe it or not, but I found myself in another tum tigger.” Said Spader.
    “I believe you mate. Now what’s the problem?” Asked Bobby.
    ” Well, I woke up this morning and it was like no one know one knows who I am. I went to work, and Yenza said that she didn’t know any Spaders.
    ” So I left there and went to Grolo’s. Everything seemed normal at first, but when I told Grolo to put it on my tab, he said that I don’t have a tab and that he doesn’t know who I am either.”
    “Okay. That’s definently a problem.”

    That’s just chapter 1.

  10. Hallaman10 says:


    What the hell man you just cut and pasted one of my stories you A$$%*LE, and thats pretty close to my email address to so if got the balls tell me whats up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hallaman10 says:

    Sorry about that its just that my facebook acount got hacked so Im super paranoid about identity theft so please excuse my harsh language.

  12. DADOSLAYER says:

    Here goes sumthin!!!:
    Saint Dane was angry.Everything was a failure. Nothing worked.All because of that wretched Bobby Pendragon. A twisted desperate plan formed in his head. It was slightly childish. Yet…………………… If he could teleport a large enough thing from enough territories would it put enogh strain on Solara in one fell swoop. First he would need some dados.


  13. DADOSLAYER says:

    o ya and

  14. IWannaMarryMarsh888 says:

    Can I do a Morpheus-Traveler FanFic?

  15. Hallaman10 says:

    Dont see a problem with that and it sounds cool.

  16. Boon the Klee says:

    Pendragon: The REAL book 9 ( Sorry I couldn’t do journals it was too hard for me to do it in Bobby’s point of view and sorry the Ibara part was rushed and not very good)
    Bobby Pendragon was sitting down with Telleo when a swarm of quig bees came.
    “Ahh! Quigs!- Oops, I mean bees!” yelled Telleo
    “Saint Dane!” said Bobby
    “No, i’m Nevva!”
    ( Like I said, the Ibara part is terrible and also it will be very short)
    A moment later she just dissappeared. Then another woman appeared.
    It was Veego.
    “Hello, Pendragon. I bet you want to leave this place and get back in the battle for halla. Saint Dane isn’t here anymore, you know. I can get you out of here if you compete in the Quillan games again. I would love to have someone else instead of someone like you, but all the challengers are dead except 3.”
    Bobby had a plan. It may not work, but if it did, he could gostop Sain Dane, who apparently got off Ibara.
    “Ok” said Bobby.
    A second later Bobby found himself at the flume of quillan. He quickly yelled “Eelong”, which was the first territory he could think of. The flume picked him up and he was on his way to Eelong.
    In the flume, Bobby realized something that didn’t make sense. The flume on Eelong was destroyed. Before he could think much, he found himself in the middle of Black Water. Not near any flume. “Hey! Pendragon! How did you get here? We’re in a tum-tigger right now!
    It was Spader. TO BE CONTINUED……………………………..

  17. Boon the Klee says:

    Pendragon: the Real book 9 continued
    Spader took a knife and killed bobby.

  18. Boon the Klee says:

    sorry that was a terrible story.

    its not a man purse its a satchel FAIL NAME

  19. Boon the Klee says:

    jest oops i mean just kidding thats an ok name. also, 3

  20. Boon the Klee says:

    Damon plus SD equals Saint Damon

  21. Batu Warrior says:

    Well this page is interesting….

  22. EmmaH says:

    Okay, here’s a try… this fills in the gap from when Bobby left for Solara for the last time and what happened to Courtney and Mark. WARNING!!! SPOILER!!!

    “Truth is, I don’t know.” Bobby said. “But I can guess, and my guess is that I won’t be here much longer.”
    I couldn’t believe it. Bobby? Gone? He gave Mark and I another hug, then began to walk back to where his Uncle Press and the other travelers were standing, in a circle.
    “But.. I…” I tried to say. Instead, I started crying.
    “It’s okay, Courtney.” Mark said. He held my hand and gave me a small smile, but I could tell he had tears in his eyes too. We watched as one by one, each of the travelers disappeared, Bobby last. Uncle Press stayed behind, with a worried look on his face.
    “Mark. Courtney. Come here.” He called to us. We came. “I was thinking about what Bobby said. Would you like to… come with us?”
    “Where? I thought all of you just disappeared, like Saint Dane did.” Mark asked.
    “It’s a special place. You can see Bobby again.” He told us. Press looked right at me, and said, “He loves you, Courtney.”
    I felt myself blush. “Are you sure? He always seemed to like Loor. Maybe it would be better if we-”
    I didn’t get to finish my sentence before I realized, we weren’t on Third Earth anymore. It looked like Earth, except before Ravina took over. It was a grassy green field, with flowers of every color popping out of the ground. Uncle Press was there. Mark was there too, looking as surprised as I felt.
    “Welcome to Solara.”
    “Bobby!” I shouted. Bobby was off in the distance, but turned around when he saw us. He shook his head, as if it wasn’t real.
    “Courtney? Mark?” He asked from across the meadow. Mark took off in a sprint towards him. I followed close behind.
    “You guys can’t be here.” Bobby said.
    “Well, we are, aren’t we?” I said. “And, I think we’re here to stay.” Press nodded his head, confirming my thoughts. We were here to stay.
    This was what Bobby wanted?
    I leaned forward, ready to give Bobby a kiss. He held me tight and kissed me. We spend a minute like that, locked in each other’s arms. I’m sure that both Mark and Press behind us were feeling very awkward.
    “Hey! What do you know. Things worked out fine.” Mark said. He chuckled. “We’re all here, right? I mean, where are we?”
    “Solara.” Bobby and his Uncle said simultaneously. “It’s like, um, the heart of Halla.” Bobby said.
    “So, everything’s perfect here?” I asked him. Bobby nodded. It sure felt like everything was perfect.

    Thanks for reading my story, thank you thank you. I feel a little upset that Bobby is always talking about how much he loves Loor, and completely forgot about Courtney. Ugh. Boys are such idiots sometimes. 😉

  23. fourth earth traveler says:


    SETTING: second earth-the Light
    TIME: between rivers of zadaa and quillan games, between the light/black and the blood

    Pendragon book 7 and Morpheus road book 3 conbined

    PART 1

    Mark Dimond walked into a trophy shop he used to work at. He was thinking about getting his job back. He saw somebody doing his old job. “Who are you?” the person asked. “My name is Mark Dimond. I used to have your job, and I wanted to get my job back, but I see you took my place.” Mark said. “Mark Dimond? My boss told me about you. My name is Marsh Seaver. You can
    Have your job back. I don’t even really want it anymore.” Said Marsh.

    The next day, the two met at garden poultry. “Hi Marsh, I didn’t expect to see you here” said mark. The two sat down at a table together. “So, do you like the job at the trophy shop?” Asked mark “not really, I just do it for the money.” Said marsh. ” yeah, me too” said mark. “Garden poultry is amazing. I used to come here all the time with my best friend bobby” said mark. He saw a tear in Marshs eyes. “What’s wrong? Asked mark. ” I used to come here with my best friend, cooper. But then he died, and I’ll never see him again. And he was my only friend besides his sister, Sydney.” “Well, I don’t bobby much any more because he travels a lot, and my only other friend, Courtney, Is in the hospital.


  24. Wondering says:

    This site is really filled with a lot of interesting stories and ideas. I am re-reading the Pendragon series. Its because I don’t remember some of the details. But after I am done reading, I will be happy to share a finishing story.

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