To honor being one month away from publication, we’ve put up a video trailer about Morpheus Road. This will be shown in some theaters in late May, but you can see it here first. Go to the video section of the djmachalebooks.com website. (And turn it up loud)

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114 Comments on “MORPHEUS ROAD – The Trailer”

  1. Ben says:

    This kinda got a little off topic but judging by the wings and all I’m saying that the guy could be Morpheus. You know the king of dreams. I hope so I love greek myths, I’m actually writing a book about them and I was just wondering if I could get some pointers from DJ about editing. If something seemed awesome when you first wrote it and then you went back and read it over it seemed a little stupid do you change it? It’s a pretty big plot element and I’m sort of afraid it could ruin the story.

  2. Spartan118 says:

    This is also off topic, but are we gonna get another forum like on thependragonadventure.com? Jus wondering.

  3. Mark Dimond says:

    Penultimate Pendragon! Has a ring to it, no?

  4. 4realTraveler says:

    love the Morpheus trailer!! i can’t WAIT 2 read the book! nice going Mr. MacHale!!

  5. LeBon says:

    Any one get the book yet?

  6. GraveDigger says:

    I bought the book. 100 pages into it. AMAZING! i got scared when gravedigger……….nevermind i don’t wanna spoil it

  7. Ryan says:

    Ya the book is really good..big cliffhanger at the end.

  8. King says:

    I think since marsh is from stony brook also d.j. should hint at bobby going missing but only a small blurb

  9. Darkness says:

    omg!!!!! i just watched the trailer and it was totally awesome!!! i can’t wait till i can get it from the library!!! but i have ONE question. You said it was coming in May, but it’s April and a lot of people have it already?

  10. Darkness says:

    how come nobody’s answered my questions?

  11. Darkness says:

    what does Morpheus mean? is it just a name or does it mean haunted or something?

  12. Darkness says:

    someone still needs to answer my questions.

  13. random person says hello says:

    um d.j. well the books bytes and beyond thing you need to take off. it’s been there since April 20th.

  14. Darkness says:

    someone STILL needs to answer my questions. please!!!!!

  15. Darkness says:

    i just looked at the thing random person……… mentioned. and i agree you DO need to take that thing off. it takes up space for other stuff. one question. when you take that thing off what would you put on it or would you make it so that we, all the young authors that is, could post the lastest thing on our stories to get other peoples’ advice to make our stories better. i know that i would looooooove that.

  16. i will be a Traveler says:

    wow. i just finished reading at what Darkness and random person says hello just said. now i just looked at the thing and you DO need to take it off. i agree with Darkness too that it would be cool if we could post the lastest thing on our stories on that part of the website. so PLEASE make it where we can. thanks.

  17. Markus says:

    I noticed that the narrator for the video is the narrator for the book on Auible, and stuff like that.

  18. Lead Traveler says:

    what’s Auible?

  19. Markus says:

    It’s the website where you can buy listening books.

  20. Lead Traveler says:

    why would you want to LISTEN to books? reading them is funner.

  21. Lead Traveler says:

    oh and d.j. please take off the books bytes and beyond thing. it’s been there for a while and when you do take it off could that spot become the place where we young authors could post the latest on our stories and get advice on what to do next. which reminds me. i quit on my story, the 1st one i was writing. it’s been sitting there for months without me thinking of anything. i can’t think of anything so i quit on it. please don’t get mad at me.

  22. Lead Traveler says:

    MR is awesome. i felt like saying that.

  23. Lead Traveler says:

    please take off the books bytes and beyond thing. it’s been there since april. and when you do take that thing off, dj, could you perhaps put in it’s place a spot where young authors can share the lastest things on our stories? i know i would like that very much. i would like it because as a young author i have had to quit on many stories that have never been finished, but i kept the papers to them, and i’ve had to quit on them due to the lack of advice on what i could do next and no reassurance that it was a good story. so i would like that very much. i <3 your books!

  24. Lead Traveler says:

    i wish there were keys for hearts, smily faces, etc. that would be easier. pressing one key instead of two or three.

  25. Markus says:

    thatd be cool.

  26. Lead Traveler says:

    it would be cool and much easier.

  27. Markus says:

    it would…

  28. Lead Traveler says:

    i know. : )

  29. Lead Traveler says:

    hehehehehe. have you read MR yet?

  30. Lead Traveler says:

    hey d.j!!!!!!!!!!! can you take that books, bytes, and beyond thing off? it’s been there since April and it’s almost the end of May!!!!!!!! and when you DO take it off eventually can you make it into somewhere young authors can go and post the latest on our stories. that way we can get advice and we can make our stories better and (this is hard for me) remember to actually work on it cause i sometimes forget about my stories(i have a bad memory, seriously) and i have to reread them again to start up again. it gets annoying and i get annoyed with myself. so PLEASE!!!!!!!

  31. Lead Traveler says:

    well, thanks for taking the books, bytes, and beyond thing off, but i wish you could’ve put what i suggested on.

  32. Random Corp. says:

    I made a sorta’ graphic novel based off this character (Gravedigger) my friend was like ‘man, i’m gonna’ email it to the author’! Do you all think it was a good idea??

  33. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    yep. that’s really cool.

  34. Markus says:

    ya, and tell him to put it on here.

  35. Lead Traveler says:

    yep yep YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Lead Traveler says:

    you still haven’t

  37. Lead Traveler says:

    did you send it yet?

  38. Lead Traveler says:

    who likes country music? and who have seen Clash of the Titans?

  39. Lead Traveler says:

    i’ll be waiting. >:[

  40. Lead Traveler says:


  41. britt says:

    i like some country music and ive never heard of clash of the titans.

  42. Lead Traveler says:

    Clash of the Titans is awesome. what artists to you like (country)?

  43. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    i’ve seen clash of the titans it was pretty cool and i don’t think i have a fav. country singer though i do love it.

  44. Lead Traveler says:

    my fav. singer is Toby Keith. i gotta go bye.

  45. Lead Traveler says:

    who else likes Toby Keith?!!!!!!!!!?

  46. i will be a Traveler says:

    i do.

  47. Lead Traveler says:

    that’s great!!!! what’s your fav. song?

  48. ilovependragon says:

    hey dj! is there a trailer for pendragon?

  49. random person says hello says:

    me thinks there is. this is just random person here. changed my name.

  50. bri says:

    i like toby keith. i think my fav. song has to be either i wanna talk about me, should’ve been a cowboy, or how do you like me now. i can’t decide. my sister hates his new song trailerhood it’s so funny. has anyone seen the music video The Call? i forgot who it’s by. i think someone like matt kennon or something.

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