Pendragon Audio Pronunciation Guide

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120 Comments on “Pendragon Audio Pronunciation Guide”

  1. D.J. MacHale says:

    At some point we’re going to have to include The Soldiers of Halla to this guide.

  2. Fallon says:

    How do you pronounce ‘pronunciation’?

  3. Michael Thomas says:

    I think it is: pro-nun-see-a-shun

    Nice guide, I was doing perfect up until Grallion.

    It was Eelong that really got me though.

  4. Mike says:

    I lost it a Kagan! Darn it.

    Also, I pronounced klees as “kneels” a few times…


  5. Swiffy says:

    Err… love to find out what this is about.

    The only thing my computer shows is
    “Pendragon Audio Pronunciation Guide”.
    Then there’s a big white emptiness underneath…

    From other people’s comments, though it sounds fun!

  6. Michael Thomas says:

    It goes through every book and gives the correct audio pronunciation for the characters, creatures, terms, events, and locations of each of them. Most of us are commenting on how, after reading all 10 books and watching this video, we were surprised to hear some of them.

  7. Swiffy says:

    Oh, cool! It worked today!

    I missed most of the ones from Zadaa and Rayne, but got a lot of the others right.

    Xhaxhu was odd, and I pronounced Beedoowan like
    bee-DOO-won. It was pretty cool.

  8. Clark Donaldson says:

    I got all of them right except for surprisingly, Halla. I pronounced it h-ALL-a, not h-al-a. Does that make any sense?

  9. Nick says:

    Just a comment, the reader said that “The Never War” took place on the territory of Third Earth, which it doesn’t.

  10. DJ says:

    Yeah. The “reader” was me. I made a mistake.

  11. Swiffy says:

    Wow. I didn’t even catch that.

  12. Stephon-gcb says:

    I noticed that the voice over is off sinc with the video you say everything one slide late.

  13. Shelby says:

    I’m not going to lie, I failed miserably hahaha, although it’s nice to know that Xhaxhu will no longer remind me of the lion king hahaha.
    I’ll try to pronounce my favourite character -Aja Killian-‘s name correctly from now on 😛 Heaven knows she wouldn’t like to hear I’ve been saying it wrong all these years 😀
    Thank you so much for this beautiful series, and for being so involved with your fans. I still stay away from the blue jello! The series couldn’t have ended in a more beautiful way, thank you thank you thank you a thousand times over.

  14. Stephon-gcb says:

    It’s cool that your giving a prounoncination guide so we know how to pronounce the words

    THANKS D.J. !!!!!!!!!

  15. Feånor says:

    Thanks; it’s hard to believe that, after eight years, I was still pronouncing ‘Zadaa’ as ‘Zaada’.

  16. Kein says:

    Cool I always thought Zadaa was pronouncd zah- dee -uh

  17. laithe says:

    wow I did great I only missed xhaxhu, siry Remudi, and denduron.

  18. bob says:

    it doesnt work with me

  19. Matt says:

    You forgot to say Saint Daine!

  20. Mary says:

    I lost it at Aja. I thought her name was like “AU-JA”, with a long “a”. Too bad.

  21. Markus says:

    I failed alot. I failed in saying the following:
    Bedoowan/ (i said) Be-DOUGH-wan
    Milago/ Mill-i-go
    Mallos/ May-los
    Grallion/ Gray-LEE-ion (i still prononuce it that way, long story)
    Jinx Olsen/ All-si-lin
    Aja/ AH-ja
    Barbican/ Bar-bi-kin
    Zadaa/ Zay-Da
    Saangi/ San-GEE
    Xhaxhu/ Za-Zu(i saw the word then saw it on here, so it kinda doesn’t count)
    Pelle a zinj/ Pell-a-inja
    Quillan/ Quill-EE-an
    Ibara/ EE-bar-ah
    Siry/ Sigh-ry
    Loque/ Luke
    Telleo/ Tee-lee-oh
    Dimond/ DEE-mond
    Halla/ HALL-a
    Solara- So-Laura
    Im mostly shocked with the Halla one….

  22. bri (bree) says:

    uh, i did pretty good. i messed up on the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th books but what i was wondering was: why isn’t there a guide on how to say Halla and Solara. because on mine there isn’t one for the 10th book so i’m confused on how to say it because i pronouce Halla/ hall-a and Solara/ so-lar-a. so i’m wondering if i’m wrong or not cause considering my luck i am and Halla will be pronounced hal-la and Solara/sol-ar-a. so please help me

  23. erik says:

    i missed 1

  24. Yuki says:

    Believe it or not, I always thought Pendragon was Pen-druh-gon (like an octagon or pentagon) instead of Pen-dragon. It never occurred to me that it was dragon. o.o

  25. Markus says:

    That’s how my girlfriend pronounces it. I keep on telling her, it’s DRAGON. *rolls eyes*

  26. Darkness says:

    How do you pronounce Solara and Halla? because considering my luck it will be something soo different that i will never get used to it. and wow! Yuki, how could it never occur to you that it was pen-dragon!? it’s spelled exactly how it sounds. pen-druh-gon just sounds wierd(no offense please).

  27. Darkness says:

    and i meant wasn’t

  28. Chelsea says:

    gah! Aja Killian got me! how do you pronounce courtney’s last name Chetwynde?

  29. Darkness says:

    don’t remember. just felt like saying that. and i pronounce it chet-wind-e. it’s probably wrong. how do you pronounce Solara? you owe me you know. you better tell me.

  30. erik says:

    Darn i missed dunduron

  31. Rosii664 says:

    Wow I can’t believe I got Aja Killian right! My brother pronounced it Ah-Juh. The others I got pretty close to too, except for Saangi, which of course i pronounce Sane-Gee. Oops. Now I’m in the habit and can’t correct myself. Oh well. I’m only getting towards the end of Quillan though, so I stopped watching the video after Quillan so it wouldn’t spoil anything. The book’s getting so good and exciting I’m about to explode. P.S. Spader is the BEST!!!!

  32. Katie D. says:

    My Review: This mind-bending, soul-grabbing, heart-racing, nail-biting thriller of an adventure exceeds the highest imagination expectations and always keeps you guessing. It’s just impossible to put down.

  33. random person says hello says:

    i agree with you Katie D.
    well, Rossii664, i suggest that you DO watch the rest cause in the 8th one there are some confusing names that will get you bad unless you already know how to say them. which i doubt you do. i think 3 of the main characters names’ are confusing. well to me they were.

  34. Markus says:

    i learned that pendragon means “leader”, very suitable….

  35. mags says:

    i love the pendragon series this pronunciation thing helps alot i was really messed up un a lot of the words now I’m nearly done with book nine so having it for the tenth too would be nice 🙂

  36. Lead Traveler says:

    please put the tenth book on here d.j!!!!!

  37. Markus says:

    He did.

  38. Lead Traveler says:

    no he didn’t. i just checked. it ended with book 9. so what are you talking about?

  39. Markus says:

    I am talking about the video. It has book ten. If it doesn’t work on here, try Simon & Schuster’s page for D.J., it will have the updated one there.

  40. Lead Traveler says:

    ok. i’ll look.

  41. Lead Traveler says:

    it was the same as this one. so can you just tell me? please?

  42. Markus says:

    Tell you what?

  43. Louis says:

    Hey, mine is like, really off. Like when DJ says: “This is an audio pronunciation guide” it is already showing book one stuff. and then he continues on to book ten, when the video ends at book nine. HELP!!!!!!!!

  44. Lead Traveler says:

    mine doesn’t even show book 10. : (

  45. Lead Traveler says:

    its not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Lead Traveler says:

    how to pronounce the stuff in book 10.

  47. Lead Traveler says:

    that was meant for YOU MARKUS. the person who is so lazy not to look above to find out what we were talking about weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!! jk!!!!!!!! (just kidding.)

  48. Lead Traveler says:

    just to let you know dj, you were, like, two or one slides off throughout the whole thing.

  49. Lead Traveler says:

    yeah. mine doesn’t have the 10th book. i just checked. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Lead Traveler says:

    somebody tell me what the 10th book’s thing is!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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