Pendragon Audio Pronunciation Guide

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120 Comments on “Pendragon Audio Pronunciation Guide”

  1. Markus says:

    Ill do it later, im on at my grandmas computer, and i don’t want to disturb my grandma. (she is taking a nap.)

  2. Lead Traveler says:

    can you do it today? soon?

  3. spinney says:

    Wow, I failed at the rivers of zadaa xD
    here’s how I pronounced it:
    xhaxhu- za zoo
    loor- lore
    saangi- san jee
    rokadodor- rock a door

    *IS SAD*

    I was fine up until aja

    I said a jha

  4. spinney says:

    I thought zadaa was za day a up until Gunny said “Tah-da or something like that” and Bobby said “Zadaa!” and then I pronounced it zaada xD
    Spader is AWESOME!
    so is Alder bu…

  5. Corwindle says:

    I totally though Aja was pronounced Ah jah! Argg!!!! And Ibara i thought was E-bah-rah… oops.

  6. today i went to the school i don't want to go to *sighs* says:

    i basically messed up on all the books, i’m sad. prononcing confusing names is not my strong point. but i’m proud to say that the most complex name that i got right was(well i think it’s the most complex one) Alexander Naymeer. i’m proud about that.

  7. yo yo wassup says:

    i failed on denduron. I pronounced it den-doo-ron. Failed on Bedoowan. Prounounced be-doo-won. Failed on Mallos. Pronounced it mah-llos. Failed on Aja Killian. Pronouced itSaangi. Pronounced it Saan-jee. Failed on Xhaxhu. Pronounced it Za-Zoo. Failed on Batu. Pronounced it bah-too. Failed on Pelle a Zinj. Pronounced it pay-ah-zinj. Failed on dados. Pronouced it dah-does. Failed on Ibara. Pronounced it Ee-Bah-rah. Failed on Remudi. Pronounced it Rem-yoo-dee. Failed on Drea. Pronounced it dree. Failed on Telleo. Pronounced it Tee-lee-oh. I am not so good a pronouncing.

  8. cats says:

    I got all of them right!

  9. Lead Traveler says:

    you are SOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. spinney says:

    ALL right? even xhaxhu? :O

  11. ALMOST SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    wowsers. you ARE really, kind of scary, lucky.

  12. second traveler says:

    *o* `O` ‘o’

  13. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    don’t know what that means. or what it is.

  14. Pendragon/Twilight Fan says:

    I really, really, REALLY screwed up! Who knew pendragon means ‘leader’? D.J. Is that why you chose Pendragon to be his last name? Ok, here is all the ones i missed and how I pronounced them:

    Alder (short a)
    Bedoowan (short a)
    Milago (short i)
    Kagan (short a’s: ka-GAN)
    HIndenbury (long i)
    Aja Killian (ajuh not asia)
    Barbican (barbi-shin)
    Zadaa (all long a’s: Zada)
    Saangi (sangie)
    Xha Xhu (in the book Bobby says it sounds like zha-zhu, i took that for za-zu, you know, that bird from the lion king?)

    Rokador (short o’s)
    Siry Remudi (stressed syllable: SI-ry)
    Loque (stressed syllable: LO-que and I pronounced que as cue)

    Genj (jenj)
    Mark Dimond (almost silent i : Dimund)
    Courtney Chetwynde (long Y: Chetwynd)
    Ravinia (first a i pronounced it as short a)

    I haven’t been able to see the one with the 10th book in it, but from other posts I have Solara and Halla right. You don’t know how hard it was for me to read the last book and have those pop up every other word. I know my list is long, it shouldn’t be because i have A’s in English and Reading. I loe the Pendragon books I kept on renting them from my library and I just bought books 1 and 2 yesterday with the new covers. Pendragon all the way!

  15. britt says:

    i only missed a couple cant remember wich.i know 2 were aja the other was quillan

  16. britt says:

    i meant few not couple.

  17. Lead Traveler says:

    my dog’s name is britt.

  18. Lead Traveler says:

    except with one t.

  19. Vo Spader says:

    I screwed up saying all the names but mostly Aja and Xhu Xhu

  20. britt says:

    wow i have the same name as a dog or the dog has the same name as me.anyways…i just watched the guide again and wow i missed pronouced alot more then i had thought….

  21. Mozartghost says:

    I said Quillan like Kwill-yun.

  22. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    i screwed up everything really.

  23. Lead Traveler says:

    i did too. but i got some right. only like the simple ones.

  24. I SEE THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!! says:

    i don’t think i said any of them right except for maybe Mark, Courtney and Bobby. possible Naymeer.

  25. Lead Traveler says:

    Naymeer was the toughest one that i said right.

  26. i will be a Traveler says:

    i don’t know the toughest one that i said right.

  27. Random Guy says:

    The video says Third Earth instead of First Earth.

  28. i will be a Traveler says:

    yeah. dj already knows that. he says he’s sorry.

  29. Ultimate fan 101 says:

    Who makes a pronunciation guide for there own book? Book’s are supposed to be you, your imagination, and your own ways of saying the territories, and travelers!

  30. random person says:

    what do you mean by that? i don’t understand.

  31. Ultimate fan 101 says:

    Do not get me wrong. The Pendragon Series is incredible! Absolutely! What I mean is, when you read a book, say Harry Potter for example, I know that most people probably pronounce some of the other characters different then others! How would you like it if you got through half of a WHOLE Harry Potter series and all of a sudden the J.K. Rowling said to pronounce Dumbledore that way, and Madam Pomfrey another!

  32. Ultimate fan 101 says:

    All you people who just say, “I really screwed up!” You didn’t, you are just following someone else’s opinion of saying those names.

  33. random person says:

    well, ultimate fan 101, dj is the one who made it and he is the one who made the books, so he should be able to tell us how to say different words that are hard to understand. he’s the one who made the books so he should be able to decide how to say things. so don’t complain.

  34. Ultimate fan 101 says:

    Oh, boo who! Random person!!! What are you talking about!! THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING SOMEONE HAS EVER SAID, and trust me, it was sad!! What are you, a dado. Programmed to do what ever the owner says. Your following one person as if you were in Ravinia!!! I bet you millions of dollars, that you, yes you, have read many names the ways you think they should be, don’t deny, you probably even say Harry Potter wrong hahahahah!

  35. Ultimate fan 101 says:

    Oh, and, work on your grammar random person, what are you, five?

  36. Ultimate fan 101 says:

    Your practically saying D.J. is Saint Dane, cause he made Ravinia and is trying to make it his way!

  37. Ultimate fan 101 says:

    Sorry Random Person, we all have opinions about things.

  38. bri says:

    i’m not getting this. and it’s kind of hard not to say Harry Potter wrong.

  39. Ultimate fan 101 says:

    No really! I thought it would be way hard to pronounce that!!! PSYCH!!!
    That was just an expression!

  40. bri says:

    hahaha. why am i not laughing?

  41. Ultimate fan 101 says:

    Thank you- for adding that, it made it so much easier for me to explain to you, bri.

  42. Ulitimate fan 101 says:

    Sorry, didn’t mean that.

  43. Nevva says:

    This is kind of a random question here, but it’s about the Pendragon books. D.J., I know there’s a box set out right now for the first five books, but do you know if there will ever be a box set for all ten books? Because I’d love to have a box set for the whole collection and it’s been on a mind for a while. That’d be great 🙂

  44. bri says:

    no idea.

  45. SWEETDEVIL says:

    oh darn been pronounceing loor and xhauxhau like lor and za-hoo za hoo
    omygosh i feel dumb
    and quillian as quil-ee-an
    and courtney her last name has been chet winde
    im so stupid

  46. Bobby Pendragon says:

    You are so smart, DJ!! I would have never thought to do that!! It’s really helpful!!!!

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