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Here’s where you can discuss The Blood…and the overall story since it is has now all been published. But please…mark spoilers clearly. Don’t want to be giving away any surprises. In fact, if you haven’t read The Blood you should probably avoid this blog!


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105 Comments on “Blog of the Blood”

  1. IWannaMarryMarsh888 says:

    Oh did anybody else catch the,”He sat in a chair with his boots in the desk, flipping a basketball back and forth, looking every bit like somebody’s youthful dad… or uncle.” At that point I knew for sure that my predictions about Press coming back were absolutely correct, even though it hadn’t been stated yet.

  2. Fizzy says:

    @ IWannaMarryMarsh88 No one cares about what you have to say.

  3. Fizzy says:

    What the heck?? Who stole my name? Sorry IWannaMarryMarsh88 it wasn’t me who wrote that.

    I had the same feeling at that point in The Blood, btw 🙂

  4. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    The Light came out exactly two years ago today. Happy second birthday The Light

  5. Cooperisbadass says:

    I just finished it, and I cried at the end.
    I love Cooper so much, he is definitely my favorite character, his puns are the best thing that happened to anything.

    *******SPOILERS DO NOT READ*********

    I was freaking out when I realized Press was Uncle Press. I love book crossovers!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved how he used Solara too.
    I think the woman that was with Press is Osa. Anyone else???
    Does anyone else think that the Watchers are Travelers?

  6. Cooperisbadass says:

    ********PENDRAGON SPOILER*********

    Anyone think the way Saint Dane’s spirit was destroyed is similar to the way a spirit is destroyed by the black swords?

  7. IWannaMarryMarsh888 says:

    @Cooperisbadass yeah I’m pretty sure it was Osa… I mean if she isn’t a higher-level being then who is?

    Also, I don’t really understand what you mean about the Saint Dane thing.

  8. IWannaMarryMarsh888 says:

    … Cooper is pretty bad ass…

  9. IWannaMarryMarsh888 says:

    @DJ… just saw a video in which you were talking about how hour books appealed to boys … while, I a DEFINITELY a girl. Not even a tomboy sort of thing.. so now I’m wondering…

  10. Hallaman10 says:

    Just got the blood and im gettin ready to read it now, JUST CANT WAIT!

  11. Lead Traveler says:

    D.J., in my book, you have vaulted from being an incredible writer to a legendary one. The ability that you possess to allow the worlds you create to mesh together is something that I have never encountered in a novel in the scale that you presented it, and your writing is as always flawless and suspenseful. As a huge fan of Pendragon, I loved seeing Press return, and the novel as a whole helped answer many of the questions that some of us still had at the end of The Soldiers of Halla. The book as a whole was absolutely stupendous and I am looking forward more than ever to your new series. Thank you for writing works of unspeakable brilliance.

  12. DJ says:

    I’m loving the comments. And thanks Lead Traveler.

  13. Hallaman10 says:

    Half way through the blood and i swear this story has captured my imagination in ways beyond my understanding, Great job as always DJ.

  14. Sallinger says:

    Hi dj I just had a question after finishing the blood. Is the solara in the blood the same one from the pendragon series and by extension does the black and the light then exist within the pendragon universe and was never mentioned to the travelers cause they were obviously already destined to go straight to solara?

  15. D.J. MacHale says:

    Sallinger: Yup. But remember, the spirits that became the Travelers were originally FROM Solara. They were given life to battle Saint Dane and were just going back.

  16. Alexis says:

    Will you ever come to Canada???

  17. Bobby Seaver says:

    D.j I’ve read many books and yours by far have been the best. You take the story on one direction and you just flip it at the end. Make more please? I am also a book writer and if want I could send you my first part of my book. I love your books never stop writting and have fun with morpheus road and hope you end up in solara!

  18. Vlad the blogger says:

    How dose the blood link with pendragon

  19. Hallaman10 says:

    Alright just finished the blood, i swear DJ is some sort of entity like the watchers becuase its hard for me to imagine someone who has basically maped out the span of life and death and not have some sort of inside info of the process. So DJ all im sayin is that u did an incredible job and the pendragon link was so well thought out, keep writing Dj and while your at it try and push that Pendragon movie through.

  20. Hallaman10 says:

    @ vlad the blogger

    Well first off press and possibly osa make an apearence in the blood. They also confirm that Solara is the final stop for all the positive spirits on the Morpheus Road.

  21. Sallinger says:

    So then dj as a follow up question did you ever consider having bobby return as well? Or did it feel like you would’ve been turning to the series into a pendragon book? Cause I guess the readers would’ve been more interested then in reading about bobby again… Well I’m rambling. Long story short, had you considered the possibility of having bobby make a cameo?

    Thanks for the response and both pendragon and Morpheus road have become my number one book series’s!

  22. arpad07 says:


    DJ, really big fan here. I remember reading the Merchant of Death in first grade. I grew up with Pendragon and I loved Morpheus Road. Major props to your ability to weave the universes of Pendragon and Morpheus Road together.

    Quick question. What was the difference between Brennus’ attack on Solara and Saint Dane’s plans that caused the Watchers (or Solara spirits) to intervene? Was it because Saint Dane was a single spirit that was changing the path of mankind, while Brennus represented the overall viewpoint of all of the Blood spirits?

  23. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Five minutes ago, I finished Morpheus Road: The Blood. It was one of the greatest books I’ve ever read ever. D.J. MacHale, you’re probably not gonna read this, but you are the greatest author of all time, and I thank you for creating the Morpheus Road. It has a sad yet happy ending. I can’t wait to see what you bring us next.

  24. DJ says:

    Never considered having Bobby re-appear…he’s from an entirely different storyline, where Press is more representative of the mythology. Frankly, I wasn’t planning on having Press re-appear either until I started planning out the overall reveal of the Morpheus Road. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense…so I did it!

  25. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    I bet Cooper is really sexy

  26. metrowest says:

    Just finished reading The Blood and must say the ending was brilliantly perfect. Thanks DJ 🙂

  27. SpaderB13 says:

    Just finished reading The Blood about ten minutes ago. It was absolutely incredible. After finishing Pendragon I never thought I would get behind another character like I did Bobby but Marshall and Cooper are really in a league of their own. Having Uncle Press make an appearance was a real tear jerker. The dark skinned lady with Press at the end is most definitely Osa. It makes perfect sense to me. And having Solara play such a huge roll really made it that much more interesting. When Brennus brought up Solara my first thought was “oh boy, this is not going to make sense… AT ALL.” But at the end of the book I thought about it and the Pendragon world and Morpheus Road world can co-exist in a way that makes so much sense. It even gives the Pendragon story some depth. I was very impressed with this series. I’ve been reading since the Merchant of Death and have been following your work since “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” when I was just a little kid. I’m a devoted DJ fan and you’ll always be my favorite writer. I just know this isn’t good-bye and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  28. IWannaMarryMarsh888 says:

    Is it bad that when I sit here, next to my friend who hasn’t even gotten to the good part yet, I read this blog that says “CONTAINS SPOILERS?”

    She hasn’t gotten to the Marsh-giving-Damon-the-poleax thing.

  29. Samantha says:

    This story was awesome. Penpointing the Pendragon references was fun. I loved the adventures. You’re an awesome writer Dj. I remember like it was yesterday when Are you Afraid of the Dark came out or Flight 29 Down. I love going on these journeys. Can’t wait for the next journey to begin.

  30. DJ says:

    The next journey is coming up! Check the news about the new trilogy.

  31. Royal says:

    I finished The Blood the day it was published at about 11:30pm. It was amazing. I couldn’t put it down. Congrats, DJ, for blowing my mind yet again. It was great meeting you at the book signing the next day!

  32. Hey Hey Hey says:

    So um what series (D.J.) will you be writing next? Will it be another crossover? And you remember the Grave Digger cover for the light Will you the same kind of cover as an alternate cover for the black and the blood. And One More Thingg THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING MORPHEUS ROAD!


    When The Watcher said Press I realized that He Was uncle press but other than that What series will you write next?

  33. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    D.J. do you agree that Rocky IV is the greatest movie of all time?

  34. Fan says:

    Excuse me Mr. MacHale, I LOVED the series but I have one question.
    Was Saint Dane’s dark version of Solara the Blood? I know Saint Dane created it himself, but it would make more sense that he was using evil spirit from the Blood. Maybe this isn’t the case because all spirits of Solara reflect the nature of mankind, but I’m not too sure. The Blood sounds like his “dark Solara,” that he was getting his power from (even though he wouldn’t have faded if he was taking his power from the blood). Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for doing what you do.

  35. Nameless says:

    Fan, I also was under the impression that The Blood was Saint Dane’s dark Solara. I would have to reread Pendragon 10 again though.

    Another awesome book, Mr. MacHale. I was all grins when I saw the sentence describing Press. “Or an uncle.”

  36. Black Water says:

    Or an uncle…. yeah. I could not stop smiling!

  37. Tanner says:

    Oh my. just finished the blood. it was crazy. I want to see a movie come out of this but we can only hope, i’m so excited for the new series. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET INFORMATION ON THE NEW SERIES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  38. Tanner says:

    oh and if ive read pendragon and morpheus road and loved them, what should i read while i wait for djs new series?

  39. Eric says:

    Haha I loved the last few words at the end of the book, where Marsh wrote a book called the Morpheus Road. He took your credit D.J.! Also, do people age in the Black, because then once Marsh enters the Black, he would be all old and Cooper would still be the same if they didn’t age. Are Marsh and Sydney still together at the end of the book?

  40. Jarod says:

    No. Just freaking no. Are you seriously going to sit their and tell me this has all been something of an extension of Pendragon? D.J… you’re incredible. I had long ago accepted that Pendragon was my favorite series, and you my favorite author, but you’ve really escalated yourself to new heights in my book. I just finished with Press saying who he was, and I closed the book and said “Nope, can’t handle it right now. Too much to process.” out loud, and now I have to take a break before I explode. Your story-telling ability inspires me, and as a writer who has a great grasp on grammar, language, and detail, but a weakness with weaving a story together, I very much appreciate your talent. Thank you sir, for creating stories that generations of readers both young and old can enjoy for many years to come.

  41. B. Pendragon says:

    I hope that Pendragon is also tied into the new series! Even something as little as when mark was mentioned in the The Light would be great

  42. johnathan says:

    I love how uncle press is in the blood and the weapon is simular to wat loor used in the pendragon searies so DJ my hat off to you for making a really compelling book it is amazing

  43. Helen says:

    “…and the overall story since it is has now all been published…”

  44. Marsh Foley says:

    I must ask, Dj MacHale or anyone else
    what do you think happened to Sydney and Marsh after the Blood? There friendship/relationship isn’t really mentioned after Marsh enters the Blood…What happens after they save the Threshold??
    btw Dj MacHale big fan here, it’d be cool if you answered!! 😀

  45. Laura says:

    My word, D.J. I LOVE how u say that Mark Diamond works at that shop where Marsh works!!! And that the live in Stonybrook!!

  46. Anna Rrei says:

    Though I love Bobby and all the other characters from the Pendragon series, could you please have a book where Spader appears and says his favorite line(s): “Hobey ho” and “Let’s get dangerous.” That would be awesome. By the way love your books. You’re my inspiration so please keep those books coming. Thanks and God bless.

  47. Bill Kuhr says:

    Omg, when I first decided to read, I was doubtful that D.J. would be able to write a series that would ever be as good as Pendragon………man was I wrong………I tip my hat to you D.J.

  48. Paul says:

    I really liked how you made a crossover between the Pendragon series and the Morpheus Road Trilogy, in the next journey, will you be creating another crossover? That would be really great if you did.

  49. MarkDimondrocks says:

    I just finished The Blood literally like five minutes ago. I feel… content in a sense? Not from getting a clue as to what can happen after death but just the way it was tied with Pendragon, how all questions are answered, and how it concluded. My favorite thing to read when I get a book by DJ is the foreward. It gets me excited and pumped to read the book (not that I don’t already) and then his conclusions give me a feeling of finish. I honestly can’t think of a time I ever was disappointed reading Pendragon or Morpheus Road. I think DJ is an amazing writer and I love his twists and turns. I can’t wait to read Sylo 😀

  50. RalphandBuck says:

    Hi! Quick question: When they said that the watcher had been in the Blood(the place) for centuries for Brennus, but Marsh mentioned Mark working at the same place in the Light(the book) so are they in the same timeline or a different one? And unless this a spoiler for the Pendragon books which I just started, does Press get that stick from Bobby or from someone in Solara? Though as I read Pendragon and finish Morpheus Road I must say you are one of the best writers I have ever read DJ!

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