Shannon has moved from the Morpheus Road to Pendragon…with Bobby through a flume.

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53 Comments on “Fluming”

  1. FilipsO says:

    New Pendragon? Serious?

  2. Batu Warrior says:

    This is awesome 🙂

  3. Nevva Winter says:

    Really?!new pendragon?!!

  4. D.J. MacHale says:

    Nope. No new Pendragon. Shannon just recently discovered the story. She was a Morpheus Road reader first.

  5. tidus says:

    to bad, here’s hoping for a pendragon movie (or several!)

  6. Shannon says:

    Can I jump in and make a small correction here? I’ve actually been a Pendragon fan since the 6th grade, but I felt a need for a refresher course and some Pendragon art since I’ve done a multitude of Morpheus Road arts ;D

  7. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    DJ, you’ve talked a lot about hopes for a pendreagon movie, but what about a morpheus road movie? I know its pretty early to talk about it, but have you at least givin it some thought? Please respond. Thank you. Goodnight

  8. SaintDane says:

    DJ, is there going to be any news about a movie in the near future? It’s been a year since you’ve given us a tiny bit of hope, and we’re going nuts waiting to hear anything!

  9. FilipsO says:

    DJ, what about pendragon film?

  10. FilipsO says:

    Or before before the war ;P

  11. D.J. MacHale says:

    I’m afraid that there is no Pendragon film in the works. I’ve hit nothing but brick walls.

  12. hellothere says:

    I’m relieved and distraught at the same time.

  13. Nevva Winter says:

    no pendragon movie?im really sad now! 🙁

  14. SaintDane says:

    Well take a sledge hammer and knock down the walls!

  15. Melissa chetwynde says:

    Pendragon movie would be great!
    Mr.machale please do something for the pendragon movie!

  16. Bulldog says:

    Just Finished the Blood, one word: AMAZING!!!!!

  17. tidus says:

    Good luck with the movie, I don’t understand why nobodies jumped on the idea yet. They manage to make dozens of terrible movies every year, you’d think that somebody would say, “hey, instead of sharkboy and lavagirl, why not make a movie adaption of a popular series that would be sure to sell well?”

  18. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    Who’s gonna watch Brickleberry?!

  19. Tanner says:

    gah! it would be SUCH a great movie, I agree with you Tidus, so many dumb movies are made when this brilliant book could be put to life. I wish more people knew about this book to get that movie going. but, whaduya do…. maybe theres a larger chance for the morpheus road books to get a movie, cuz pendragons getting old. i would LOVE to see either one of these, or both in these books put into a movie. it would be crazy.

  20. Tanner says:

    What is Brickleberry?

  21. It's not a man purse it's a satchel says:

    ITs a new animated show coming out on comedy central about camp counselers in the wilderness and Daniel Tosh plays the main character, this little talking bear

  22. Zaeon says:

    Any chance you’ll continue working towards a pendragon film though, Mr.MacHale? It really always felt like a series that could easily be converted to film properly,

  23. Flume of Doom says:

    I see why it would be a hard movie to make…
    But as the old saying goes…

    Maybe re-think the first few books in a way that there would be less material but the audience still gets the neccesary background… Maybe add a new plot in place of the first two or three… same basic idea… With the same charachters… But a new way to introduce them all.
    In my view the last four books are the best and would probably make the best movies. You just need a way to get there.

  24. tidus says:

    Tuthfully, i’d rather see Pendragon as a TV series/mini-series since there are so few good ones, and it would last longer. however, I doubt that could happen seeing as most TV shows have tight budgets and don’t make a lot of money.

  25. Pendrageek 1 says:

    Have you begun on a screen play? I am very curious, and I’m sure all the other Pendragon fans are as well!

  26. Darksword says:

    Well i’m sure you just read that DJ has not even done anything for a movie, not saying he hasn’t tried, it just hasn’t been done. Plus when we say it’s going to be a “sure” hit, we all have to realize that WE are the fans, not the people.

  27. Darksword says:

    Because most movies were based upon previous books and considering we’re fans, we think it would be a success. But it’s a weird concept if you think about it, I mean, a boy flying through magical flumes to distant lands can sound good in a book, but in a movie, it could be cheesy.

  28. Flume of Doom says:

    Real cheesy…
    I mean CAPITAL C H E E S Y that’s how cheesy it COULD be…
    But if done Right…
    (something tells me to take out the smooching scene…)

  29. Quig Pig says:

    Then again… They could make it cheesy on purpose…
    The Populus will get a few good laffs and the fans will get their movie!
    Like every time Saint Dane shows up there could be a distant Wilhelm Scream…
    Every time Bobby goes into the flume he could DO the Wilhelm Scream,,,
    And when the guy jumps in front of the speeding train of DOOM…
    Make that three or four just to stay on the safe side, cause it could have taken a while for that train to kill him.

  30. Vo Spader says:

    I REALLY think there should be a Pendragon movie, but if there is it would probably end up like The Hunger Games where nobody knows what’s happening except the people who read the books.

  31. connor fraser says:

    do you have a fb page?\

  32. Vo Spader says:

    No, not really

  33. Vo Spader says:

    There really is nothing to correct, this is high quality art, sorry but your out on your own unless your Vincent Van Gogh Grandchild.

  34. Hobey Ho says:

    Mr.machale please think about the pendragon movie.it would be great!please make the movie!

  35. blacksword says:

    You do know it wouldn’t be “really” professionally done, it wouldn’t be what you would expect.

  36. Ashley says:

    Mr.machale is there any hope of making a movie for pendragon?it would be the best movie ever!please!

  37. fourth earth traveler says:

    I want a Morpheus Road movie. Making pendragon movies for every book would take at least 10 years, but a Morpheus road one would only take 3-5 years. Plus, it might not be as cheesy and in my opinion Morpheus road is just as good as pendragon.

  38. EmmaH says:

    Please make a Pendragon movie! Everyone will love it!

  39. Danny Di says:

    I am 22 years old, never picked up a book except for the first Pendragon book at the rough age of 15. Now i have the full set hard cover and paper back ( even the collectors book of The Quillan Games, where it said that the eighth book would be called ‘Pendragon The Great’ instead of ‘The Pilgrims Of Rayne’).
    So please….. make a movie of these books, they surely deserve it. and trust e there is alot of fans to make the production a success, and if done right it will gain many new fans
    Danny Di

  40. Zeren 11th traveler says:

    I’m neutral on whether I want a Pendragon move. Because sometimes movies based on books can be good, but other times (*cough* Percy Jackson *cough*) it can be Horrible.

    Happy thanksgiving D.J!

  41. Zeren 11th traveler says:

    D.J, whenever I hit the contact D.J button it shows a Microsoft Outlook 2010 Start-up. What’s with that? Please Help!

  42. Anthony says:


    what the hecks up with that???????????????????????

  43. Quigkiller says:

    Zeren… guy, Pendragon will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be made into a movie by Disney ’cause they suck. S-U-C-K. So DJ, don’t sell Pendragon to be made into a movie to Disney! Give it to someone that actually would succeed, like Warner Bros (great harry Potter by the way guys *pionts at Warner Bros people*)

  44. michael dehart says:

    I been with pendragon for 7 years I have read each book about 4 times. I spent about 5 hours a day reading them there better then most books I read the story line is perfect I thank there should be a vote from the readers if a movie should be made if not a movie I at lets thank there should be more books

  45. Michael says:

    THIS IS THE BEST BOOKS I EVER READ!!!!!! There should be a movie for it and not a bad one but a really good one like star wars or matrix. It may take ALOT of money but it will be so worth it!!!! If u need money just do a website were people can send u money. And if u need ideas many people got them, are minds are full of ideas and we’re willing to help!!!!!

  46. kh14 says:

    I’d like a pendragon movie but sometimes it annoys because of the tiny changes they make to movies. Also, people tend to make the movies better or worse. I’m hoping a pendragon movie would be better.

  47. Justin says:

    No pendragon movies

  48. Cindel says:

    It’s like you’re on a miisson to save me time and money!

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