Getting out of Trouble Town

Just turned in the latest draft of Morpheus Road:  The Black.  Yeah!  Ready for a little down-time.

Next month The Monster Princess publishes.  I know that most of you readers won’t be running out to get that because it’s a picture book, but if you know of some little ones…

We’ll be posting a book trailer on the site in a few weeks.

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132 Comments on “Getting out of Trouble Town”

  1. britt says:

    hey kool i started a new page!!

  2. Steve says:

    so… did you like my little joke?

  3. britt says:

    lol that was you who did the saint dane is a dork.

  4. Steve says:

    yeah, it was seconds after i wrote the one before that

  5. Steve says:

    so… you do your posts at a normal time and I do mine either late at night or early in the morning…creepy

  6. liv says:

    and thats not strange at all!

  7. Steve says:

    well, did you ever get a dictionary and search up acolyte?

  8. liv says:

    nope but i have checked up supercalifagalisticspealidous

  9. Steve says:

    and it is a real word, or not… i need to know!

  10. LoorRocks101 says:


    Woah. You are like he first person I have met that can spell that word Impressive!

  11. Marina says:

    Well, I guess that since it’s a make-believe word anyway there are plenty of ways to spell it.

  12. liv says:

    no steve i have a dictoinary with that word in it haha and thanks loor

  13. LoorRocks101 says:


    Oh my gosh, you seriously have a dictionary? That is sooooo cool!

  14. Marina says:

    No way! Which brand is the dictionary?

  15. liv says:

    um i dont know ill have to go dig it up i got it in thrid grade when the dictionary people came to our school

  16. LoorRocks101 says:


    Oh ya! The dictionary people came to our skewl too. They gave us dictionaries too. I wonder if it is the same brand? Do you think it is Marina?

  17. Steve says:

    no way! when i was in third grade, i got a dictionary too (but i lost it) and hwen i was in fifth grade, i accidnetly kept one until after the school year.

  18. Marina says:

    OMG! That was kind of weird. They told us that they had a surprise for us and then we get all excited. When we get out of the classroom, they have dictionaries! 🙁

  19. liv says:

    dictionarys are boring and some even have some pretty bad words in them no clue if its the same i think it was webster but dont know its lost some where in my house

  20. LoorRocks101 says:


    I know!!!! What third grader wants a dictionary for a present???!!!!

  21. liv says:

    well i dont it was kinda kool to see what it said for supercalifagalisticspealidous

  22. Marina says:

    What did it say? Do you remember?

  23. Steve says:

    well, i just checked, and supercalifagalisticspealidous was NOT in the Websters II dictionary.

  24. liv says:

    um no i dont remember i was only 8 when i was in third grade and then i guess it wasnt that dictionary

  25. Steve says:

    yeah, i got a webster, not the second adition webster!

  26. liv says:

    im not sure what adition i have to find that book

  27. Steve says:

    ok… you do that…

  28. liv says:

    i will if i have time and i give up i will never find that supid thing oh well…

  29. Spader is hot says:


  30. Lead Traveler says:

    hi there. there are some pretty wierd conversations going on on this here website.

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