Getting out of Trouble Town

Just turned in the latest draft of Morpheus Road:  The Black.  Yeah!  Ready for a little down-time.

Next month The Monster Princess publishes.  I know that most of you readers won’t be running out to get that because it’s a picture book, but if you know of some little ones…

We’ll be posting a book trailer on the site in a few weeks.

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132 Comments on “Getting out of Trouble Town”

  1. Marina says:

    Oh, ok. I’ll just try, like, Barnes and Noble or Borders or something.

  2. liv says:

    I saw it at barnes

  3. Evan says:

    yeah i got it there oh wait ours closed i got it at B.Daltens but they are going out of business too and now i only have one bookstore left and the library and the library doesnt have new books alot of the time

  4. Evan says:

    So far the book is very good and i can’t wait to read more!!

  5. liv says:

    I cant believe the travler from eelong died it was so sad i cryed why do so many good people have to die!!!!????!!!

  6. liv says:

    Oh p.s. that book does sound very interesting

  7. Evan says:

    Yea i was very surprised when that happened it through me for a loop like all the books in the series…

  8. liv says:

    Im on the 6th on now no one dies in it do they???!!???

  9. Evan says:

    I love that one what part are u at??

  10. Evan says:

    Just finsih morpheus road last night it was one of those times when u zone in and i finished at 3:30 i wasn’t even tired but the book was awesome but i’m not going to say anything more>!

  11. Marina says:

    Evan! What it scary?

  12. Marina says:

    Ooops! I meant to say “Was it scary?”

  13. liv says:

    im at the end right now it is really good so far

  14. Marina says:

    That’s cool! I might have to check it out.

  15. Evan says:

    well it’s kind of scary but it’s not too bad i mean it’s probably the most scary book i’ve read but i havent read very many books.. so i think you should be fine!

  16. Marina says:

    Ok, but I do most of my reading before bed so I don’t want to have nightmares at night. 🙂

  17. liv says:

    i dont think i will reading that scary books just arent my type

  18. Evan says:

    Well i don’t like scary stuff either and i was fine with this so…who knows?

  19. Marina says:

    Yeah, I think I’ll check it out.

  20. liv says:

    ok you convinsed me after i finish pendragon i will sooo have to read it

  21. Evan says:

    yep u should read it i start school tommorow so i won’t read as much but i will read as much as i can:)

  22. liv says:

    good luck with school what grade you in????!!!!???
    Im going into 8th but mine doesnt start until sep. 7th

  23. Evan says:

    I am in the 11th grade but i should be in 10th becuase there are people older than me in the grade below me

  24. Marina says:

    Not saying. Sorry. But good luck in school!

  25. liv says:

    kool yeah my mom says i should be going into 7th but i totally disagree. anyway i made up for my age with my awesome good grades
    m thanks

  26. Evan says:

    same here

  27. liv says:


  28. Nevva says:


    So the cover for The Black is going to be revealed soon! 😀 Woo-hoo! So exciting. And I just checked on Amazon.com, and it says the book’s going to be 560 pages. Much longer than The Light.

    I hope I can wait till April 19th. I’m re-reading The Light right now, to refresh my memory

  29. liv says:

    hmm i havent read the light yet but i think i might have to

  30. Evan says:

    That’s sounds awesome i can’t wait for the black to come out either and especially if it has 560 pages!

  31. liv says:

    yeah the more pages the better

  32. liv says:

    it makes the book last longer!!

  33. liv says:

    just finished book 8 it was awesome! and yet sad sometimes

  34. Marina says:

    Which one was book 8?

  35. liv says:

    opps i ment 7 the quillan games
    book 8 is the raven something i think i dont ill have to go check my book

  36. liv says:

    its the pilgrums of rayne im on the one right now but im debating to read the other book i have right now

  37. Marina says:

    Have any of you guys read the book “I Am Number Four”?

  38. liv says:

    no i dont like so at least not yet

  39. liv says:

    opps i ment i dont think so

  40. liv says:

    are any of yu guys good at art im ok but not very good

  41. Steve says:

    i did some research, and found out that Stony Brook is in New York, not Conneticut!

  42. Marina says:

    Well, I think you guys should read it. It just came out so it’s a New Release but it was so good! 😀

    I am not very good at art at all! But my friend, (her screen name is Kasha the KLEE) is VERY good! She only posts on the newer blogs so I don’t think she’s seen this.

  43. liv says:

    i can draw things almost perfect if im looking at them already

  44. liv says:

    and steve its a story it doesnt have to be perfect

  45. Steve says:

    i know, but for some reason i was searching up boarding schools, and found out that Stony Brook had a bording school!

  46. liv says:

    boarding schools why??? i go to public school but you never know i might be shipped off at anytime

  47. Steve says:

    i don’t know! i wanted to know where the private schools where going to be coming from at the state fair!

  48. Steve says:

    steve is not my real name.

  49. Steve says:

    i got to something close to a private school, but the people who work for the people where i live at get in free, but everyone else pays.

  50. Saint Dane is a dork says:

    read the name!

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